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Tender Writing done Right – How to write a strong tender


Red Tape Busters is a leading tender writing company in Australia. We have Specialized Tender Writers assisting businesses and non-profit organizations in understanding the key concept involved in tender writing. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tender Writing done Right – How to write a strong tender

Modern PowerPoint Presentation
Tender writing
Tender writing involves a simple concept the
concept of buying and selling. Just as shop
offer various items for sale, a tenderer has
something of value to sell whether this be a
particular job that needs doing, a contract for
ongoing employment or equipment to sell. In
return the tenderee is able to buy the item for
sale by offering a solution such as how they will
complete the job, how they can provide ongoing
employment or what price they will pay to buy the
equipment that is for sale. In a buy / sell
relationship both parties receive a benefit but
ultimately it is the seller that has the final
say on what they want for the item or service
they are offering.
Give this information it should be no surprise
that tender writers needs to present the best
possible solution to the tenderer. But how does a
tender writer do this? What should a tender
writer focus on to win over the sale and buy the
contract? Here are some ideas to help you in your
tender writing journey.
Tender writing
1. Showcase the organisations understanding of
the tender and its ability to meet the
3. Showcase the organisations skills and talents
2. Showcase the organisations products and
4. Showcase the organisations capabilities
including an ability to be flexible
5. Showcase the organisations ability to read and
answer questions
Showcase the Organisations Understanding of the
Tender and its ability to meet the Requirements
  • A tender writer must thoroughly read each tender
    offer individually and make an assessment as to
    whether the organisation can meet the
    requirements of the tender. To do this a tender
    writer must ensure that
  • The organisation can deliver on what is being
    asked of it by the tenderer
  • The organisation has the equipment and resources
    required to do what is being asked

  • The organisation strategically aligns with the
    tenderer including business ethics, services,
    size, resources and location. There is no point
    applying for a tender that requires construction
    equipment if your sell stationary nor applying
    for a tender that requires you to be in Brisbane
    when your business is in Sydney.
  • Tthe tender will provide the organisation with
    some benefit. More often than not this is a
    financial benefit. If the opportunity does not
    provide the organisation with a benefit then say
    no! But remember to do this politely and
    respectfully because you can never be too sure
    when another opportunity may arise.

Showcase the Organisations Products and Services
  • All organisations have products and/or services
    that they sell. Tender writing involves picking
    out the items that you have on offer that will
    best fit the sellers needs. Once you have done
    this a tender writers job is to showcase these
    products and /or services by
  • Explaining clearly how and why these products and
    / or services are the best fit for the job

  • Showing attention to detail. What is it exactly
    about this product and / or service that will
    cover the tenderers needs. Are there other
    services and / or products that could do the job
    and why is yours better?
  • Explaining the latest. Many people assume that
    the latest and the more up to date modern
    equipment and / or service is the best quality.
    So if you have something that is new to the
    market or offers a technological advantage take
    the time to showcase this in your tender writing

Showcase the Organisations Skills and Talents
As a tender writer it is important to showcase
the skills and talents of the staff who will be
involved in the operations of the organisation if
the tender is won. Ask yourself questions such as
who will be undertaking the service?, and what
skills do they have? It is important that prior
to applying for the tender an organisation
undertake a project management plan to ensure
that they have the right staff (including the
right skill sets) available to complete the
tender requirements.
Showcase the Organisations Capabilities including
an Ability to be Flexible
Tender writers need to be able to creatively
showcase the capabilities of the organisation and
include information on how they cope with sudden
changes. Emphasise the ability to be flexible
within the organisation and how you will adjust
resources and staff accordingly.
Showcase the Organisations Ability to Read and
Answer Questions
This should be a simple one but more often than
not tender writers miss the mark when answering
questions on a tender application. Read the
question thoroughly and ensure that you are
providing the right information. If you are
unsure there are always people you can contact to
assist you along the way.
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