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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: CBRN Respirators8

  • NIOSH CBRN Respirator Certification Activities

Terrence K. Cloonan Physical Scientist
NIOSH, NPPTL Pittsburgh, PA September 15, 2015
ISRP Americas Section Annual General
Meeting Morgantown, West Virginia
Mapping of 8
  • History
  • Regulatory authority
  • Standards publications
  • Notifications
  • Re-test phase
  • Restoration phase
  • National inventory
  • 2015 and beyond

Previous photography is courtesy of U.S. Army
Edgewood Chemical Biological Center and NIOSH.
Above drawing was created by Terrence K. Cloonan,
NIOSH, and Mr. Marion Molchem, KI, LLC, with
technical input from John Kuhn, MSA, The Safety
  • Tokyo, Japan, 1995
  • NIOSH 1999 workshop
  • NIOSH NPPTL 2001
  • September 11, 2001
  • NPPTL and ECBC 2001
  • NIOSH and NFPA 2001-2007, 2012-2015
  • NPPTL, NIST, and ECBC 2013-2015
  • NIOSH and ECBC 2015/16 update to IAA

Images courtesy of Terrence K. Cloonan, NIOSH,
and NFPA.
Regulatory Authority
  • Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970
  • Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977
  • OSHA 29 CFR 1910.132-138
  • NIOSH invoked policy making authority for CBRN,
    per 42 CFR Part 84, 84.63 (c) (d) H-84.70,
    I-84.110, L-84.190
  • Since CY 2007, informal rulemaking or consensus
    standards organizations

Standards Developed
  • CBRN SCBA upgrade (retrofit) kit
  • CBRN PAPR-Tight
  • CBRN PAPR-Loose

Photograph courtesy of Terrence K. Cloonan,
NIOSH, Allegheny County Fire Academy, PA, and
MSA. Re-touch courtesy of Marion Molchem, KI, LLC.
  • NIOSH Pub No. 2011-183 Whats special about
    CBRN SCBA? http//www.cdc.gov/niosh/docs/2011-183/
  • NIOSH Pub No. 2013-157 Whats special about
    CBRN APR? http//www.cdc.gov/niosh/docs/2013-157/
  • NIOSH Pub No. 2013-156 Whats special about
    CBRN PAPR? http//www.cdc.gov/niosh/docs/2013-156/

Photograph courtesy of Terrence K. Cloonan,
  • November 18, 2013
  • Test concentrations were less than required
  • All discrepancies were self-identified
  • Impact period July, 2012 to October
  • Root cause analysis conducted
  • 5 approval holders notified on 11/21/2015

SMARTMAN mounted with SCBA for HD droplet
application. Drops 1-25 identified for test and
certification purposes. Photograph courtesy of
U.S. Army ECBC, APG, MD Terrence K. Cloonan,
Re-test Phase
  • November 19, 2013 NIOSH met with ECBC to
    define a path forward
  • ECBC corrective action plan developed, 12/2013
  • ECBC corrective action reports created
  • With NIOSH oversight, ECBC conducted vetted
    re-testing from January to April, 2014
  • ECBC found to be conforming in June, 2014

Benchmark test configuration from October 2001.
Foundation test method. Photograph courtesy of
U.S. Army ECBC, APG, MD, Terrence K. Cloonan
NIOSH, Interspiro, http//www.interspiro.com/
Restoration Phase
  • NIOSH issues a respirator user notice on July 31,
    2014, lifting use restrictions http//www.cdc.gov/
  • NIOSH increases oversight of 5 ECBC unique areas
  • Formal system to handle test method
  • Work instruction review
  • Observe ISO 17025 debriefs
  • NIOSH QA audits scheduled
  • NIOSH randomly audits ECBC technicians conducting
    NIOSH CBRN live-agent testing (LAT)

Photograph of a pristine SMARTMAN headform
is courtesy of U.S. Army Edgewood
Chemical Biological Center, Protective Equipment
Team Branch (PETB) and Terrence K. Cloonan, U.S.
Back to Normal? No.Back to the Future!
  • In parallel, next generation test methods and
    equipment are being assessed, procured,
    integrated, vetted, and validated for the future
  • Lab relocation in November
  • Lab renovation in December
  • Fume hoods and walk-ins
  • A U.S. Army defined form, the DD Form 1222, is
    the lynchpin for requesting tests
  • Simultaneously, alternative labs are being

Photograph of a research and development SMARTMAN
headform configuration in a non-contaminated
exposure chamber is courtesy of U.S. Army ECBC,
APG, MD, and Terrence K. Cloonan, NIOSH, NPPTL
Pittsburgh. PA
National Inventory of Respirators - CBRN
  • NIOSH Certified Equipment List (CEL) Approval
    holders continue to add to the United States
    national inventory of NIOSH-approved CBRN
  • Since January 7, 2014
    over 45 requests for test issued to ECBC
  • accounting for 141 individual
    respirator systems
  • As of September 11, 2015
  • 33 candidate CBRN SCBA, 1 PAPR, 5 APR, and
    1 APER are in LAT queue
  • Out of all the NIOSH approvals,
    204 are active CBRN records in the NIOSH CEL 167
    SCBA, 15 APR, 7 APER, 15 PAPR

Photographs courtesy of Scott Safety, MSA, ILC
Dover. U.S. Army ECBC, and NIOSH NPPTL.
2015 and Beyond
  • NFPA 1981 2013 edition SCBAs are commercially
    available for purchase
  • NIOSH acknowledges the contributions of ECBC,
    NFPA, SEI, the DHS/FEMA Assistance to
    Firefighter Grant Program and the affected
    approval holders
  • NIOSH is working with ECBC to enhance the IAA for
  • 5 areas of additional oversight
  • CASARM grade or equivalent agent
  • NIOSH specification for LAT CWA-TBD
  • Alternative laboratory initiatives continue in
    the U.S. and abroad

Going on-air photograph courtesy of Terrence
K. Cloonan, NIOSH, and Director
Al Wickline, Allegheny County
Fire Academy, PA
Quality Partnerships Enhance Worker Safety
Visit Us at http//www.cdc.gov/niosh/npptl
Disclaimer The findings and conclusions in this
presentation have not been formally disseminated
by the National Institute for Occupational Safety
and Health and should not be construed to
represent any agency determination or policy.
Re-Stated Abstract
  • Since 2001, NIOSH has developed chemical,
    biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN)
    respirator standards to evaluate devices meant to
    provide such protection. Through its research,
    standards development, certification programs,
    post-market evaluations and collaborative
    relationships with the Armys Edgewood Chemical
    Biological Center (ECBC) Edgewood, as well as
    the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA),
    and other partners, NIOSH continues to identify
    opportunities to improve existing standards and
    enhance operational laboratory efficiencies. In
    2013, while conducting respirator evaluations
    under an interagency agreement, Edgewood
    self-identified technical errors with toxic
    agent challenge concentrations. NIOSH was
    notified and a plan was formulated to increase
    oversight, conduct re-tests, recommence
    certification support, and begin work on next
    generation capabilities. Simultaneously, NIOSH is
    determining the feasibility of using alternative
    laboratories and their capacity to perform NIOSH
    special CBRN GB and HD tests. The Army plan is
    expected to result in repeatable performances
    that verify Edgewoods laboratory capacity and
    sustainability. In 2015, NIOSH seeks a renewed
    Edgewood capacity to generate sustainable
    challenge agent concentrations over time, while
    improving current methods and designing new
    methods needed to move toxic agent wet chemistry
    protocols into the year 2020 and beyond. NIOSH
    expects to work collaboratively with interested
    parties to create conformity assessment
    infrastructure improvements in data sensitive
    areas such as test methods and reports that rely
    on the use of SiMulant Agent Resistant Test
    MANikin (SMARTMAN) headforms and equivalent torso
    or full body articulated technologies.
    All of this is done in parallel with NIOSH
    sustaining cooperation with appropriate standards
    development organizations such as the NFPA and
    interested private and public stakeholders. TKC,
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