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Read This Before You Get Massage Therapy


1. Importance of Massage Therapy. 2. Top 5 Reasons to Get Massage Therapy. 3. Different Styles of Massage Therapy and its Benefits Explained! 4. Prepare Yourself For Acupuncture. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Read This Before You Get Massage Therapy

Read This Before You Get Massage Therapy
  • re-live the healthy you!
  1. Importance of Massage Therapy
  2. Top 5 Reasons to Get Massage Therapy
  3. Different Styles of Massage Therapy and its
    Benefits Explained!
  4. Prepare Yourself For Acupuncture

Importance of Massage Therapy
  • Helps Reduce Your Stress
  • Spending a peaceful day at your Massage Therapy
    can be a great way for you to de-stress and
    unwind. In fact, the effects of the therapy help
    clients feel at ease and relaxed for days after
    their appointment.
  • Improves Your Blood Circulation
  • Loosening tendons and muscles allow better blood
    circulation all over your body. Improving your
    blood flow can lead to numerous positive effects
    on all parts of your body, such as reduced pain
    and feeling less fatigue.
  • Reduces Body Pain
  • Massage Therapy is a great way for you to work
    out all your problem areas such as chronic
    stiffness and lower back pain. With the help of a
    professional massage therapist who will precisely
    massage those areas that are the source of your
    discomfort and pain. After your therapy, you will
    feel like a different person.
  • Eliminate Toxins From Your Body
  • Stimulating and massaging the soft tissues in
    your body helps release the toxins through your
    lymphatic systems. A professional massage
    therapist knows exactly the way and technique to
    massage so the toxins are easily eliminated from
    the blood.

Importance of Massage Therapy
  • Improves Your Flexibility
  • After a stimulating massage treatment, you will
    start to feel your muscles loosening. Doing so,
    your muscles become relaxed thus helping your
    body attain its full movement potential.
  • Improves Your Sleep
  • After a soothing and relaxing day spent in the
    clinic for a massage treatment, you will find
    yourself getting the best sleep you ever got in
    your life. With all your muscles loosened and
    relaxed, you will have a more restful sleep. When
    you wake up in the morning, you will feel less
    tired and weary than you usually do in the
  • Enhances Your Immunity
  • Stimulating and massaging the lymph nodes plays a
    role in re-charging the natural defence system of
    the body. Massaging helps boost the count of
    white blood cells, which play a major part in
    helping the body defend from diseases.
  • Helps Mitigate Headaches
  • With just one session of massage treatment, you
    can immediately feel the headache and pain
    elevate, leaving you to feel energized, happy,
    and at ease. Frequent massage therapy helps
    decrease the frequency as well as the severity of
    your tension headaches.

Top 5 Reasons to Get Massage Therapy
  • Helps Your Body Relax
  • One of the biggest benefits of getting a massage
    is that it relaxes your body. One of the best
    ways to relax after a hard day of work is to go
    to a reputable massage spa and get a treatment.
    When the body becomes stressed and tense, it
    naturally produces a stress hormone called
  • Helps in Muscle Relaxation
  • Massage therapy is used to target the pain source
    in the body by reducing muscle tension. It
    increases flexibility and provides comfort and
    relaxation to the affected painful muscles in the
    body. If you are suffering from edema, a painful
    inflammation of the muscles, then getting a
    massage therapy will reduce the symptoms and
    pain. Massaging produces endorphins, a pain
    relief hormone which will reduce muscle pain in a
    few minutes by releasing other hormones including
    serotonin and dopamine. These hormones are useful
    for the body to relax and calm the stressed
    nerves in the body.

Top 5 Reasons to Get Massage Therapy
  • Massage Help Balance Blood Pressure
  • Regular massage therapy guarantees to reduce
    blood pressure if taken consistently. Taking a
    massage regularly can help reduce upper number or
    systolic and diastolic or lower number blood
    pressure. It helps reduce the cortisol levels in
    your body causing a decrease in choric pain.
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • One of the benefits of getting a massage is
    improving blood circulation in the body. When the
    blood circulation is improved, it helps speed up
    cell repair, reduces muscle stiffness and
    improves the blood supply to help the body heal.
    Massage is very effective in reducing the lactic
    acid levels from the body. it helps increase
    metabolism by getting rid of waste products from
    internal organs and muscles.
  • Improves the Immune System
  • Massage therapy is effective in improving the
    immune system. Regular massage can boost the
    bodys ability to deliver nourishment to all
    cells and tissues in the body. This leads to
    increasing cytotoxic ability of the immune

Different Styles of Massage Therapy and its
Benefits Explained!
  • Neuromuscular Therapy
  • If you suffer from chronic pain then
    neuromuscular therapy is the best form of soft
    tissue stimulation that helps treat different
    types of pain. The deep tissue massage therapy is
    effective in providing relief from different
    forms of muscular pain. It works directly on the
    pain trigger points the massage improves
    circulation and corrects postural problems.
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • The hot stone massage is one of the most popular
    massage therapies. In this massage treatment, the
    massage therapist places warmed stones on
    different acupressure points on the body. The
    stones can be used as a massage tool or they can
    be temporarily left on the pressure point if
    needed. The hot stones on the body are soothing
    and relaxing because they transmit heat deep into
    the body and the affected muscles.

Different Styles of Massage Therapy and its
Benefits Explained!
  • Sports Massage Therapy
  • Athletes rely on sports massage therapy this
    type of massage is useful in providing relief
    from pain and injuries during sports. This
    therapy is constantly provided to athletes during
    training sessions. During various sports like
    baseball, soccer, or lacrosse, the players can
    suffer injuries that can put the entire team in
    danger of losing. A quick sports massage by a
    physiotherapist will ease up the tight injured
    muscles if the injury is minor.
  • Deep Tissue Massage Therapy
  • The deep tissue massage therapy is the best
    treatment option for those looking for
    particularly painful spots in your body. The deep
    tissue massage is given by using deliberate,
    gentle and slow strokes to focus on applying
    pressure on different layers of muscles, tendons
    and other tissues nestled deep within the skin.
  • Japanese Massage Therapy
  • Japanese massage technique is also known as the
    shiatsu massage. The massage therapist uses
    pressure applied by fingers on the affected parts
    of the body. The rhythmic pressure on different
    points on the body helps in reducing inflammation
    and pain. This massage relies on using
    acupressure point on the body to help locate
    muscle tension and stress.

Prepare Yourself For Acupuncture
  • Your practitioner will ask you about your medical
    history, to know your condition and severity
    depending upon the examination he will determine
    the type of acupuncture treatment and procedure.
    He may also inquire about your lifestyle and
    behaviours to know more about you.
  • The acupuncturist may also examine
  • Coating and shape of the tongue
  • The painful parts of the body
  • The rhythm and strength of the pulse in the wrist
  • The colour of the face
  • Your first visit will be a detail examination
    stage, it will take around an hour for initial
    evaluation. Following appointments will not take
    much time just half an hour will do well. One or
    two treatments in a week are required to treat a
    single complaint with common procedure. The
    treatments may be more than this depending on the
    patients condition to be treated and its
    severity. Usually, complete eight treatments are
    required to treat a condition.

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