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Digital change with Digital Assurance. Got a plan?


This PPT discusses the significance of Digital Assurance and Testing for ensuring enhanced customer experience along with some good practices. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Digital change with Digital Assurance. Got a plan?


Digital change with Digital
Assurance. Got a plan?
Digital change with Digital Assurance. Got a
Going by the recent news update, Googles next
version of Android finally has a name Pie.
Its rolling out right now and is packed with new
features, from extended battery life to new
gesture navigation. The version has a collection
of new animations and features that automate
various functions. On similar lines, devices and
application development teams are rapidly working
towards enhancing their digital goals. Major
brands and tech firms are leveraging new
technologies and digital platforms to transform
their brand strategy for better consumer
outreach. Social Media and digital technologies
such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality
(VR) Augmented Reality (AR) are increasingly
influencing the branding strategy for many
enterprises. For instance, international brands
like IKEA are leveraging VR/AR to generate brand
awareness in new markets. Digital Experimentation
is a trending area that many brands are exploring
and are also finding a great deal of value. A
report by MarketsAndMarkets states, The digital
transformation market is projected to grow from
USD 205.99 Billion in 2017 to USD 493.39 Billion
by 2022, at a CAGR of 19.1 from 2017 to 2022.
The market is primarily driven by innovation in
businesses, changing customer preferences, the
proliferation of mobile devices apps,
increasing penetration of IoT, and rising
adoption of the cloud platform. Digital is the
change that happens from within When it comes
to applications and the related updates, most of
these updates are offered freely and the
solutions related to.
Digital change with Digital Assurance. Got a
the updates are delivered on a real-time basis.
This could be a Catch-22 situation for many, as
on one hand they are supposed to be quick, but on
another front, they must ensure flawlessness in
ensuring customer satisfaction. A MITSLOAN
article aptly mentions, Creating a culture in
which risk-taking is acceptable and giving
employees a wide berth to learn from failure (and
success) can be difficult challenges for leaders
managing change. If the following behaviors
arent part of your leadership repertoire, you
may not be ready to lead a digital
transformation. A methodology or a technology
can make the change possible for you, but it has
to get triggered from within the system. Only
then, the change will be holistic in
nature. Enterprises are inculcating the values
of agility and innovation within the workforce to
make this change more acceptable and holistic.
These 2 values will help teams to gear up for
anything and everything that could happen in the
consumer scenario. Concepts such as BYOD and
flexible workspaces are making the digital dream
come true for many. Crux of the story, there is
tremendous scope for growth in the digital era.
But if any resistance or apprehension comes from
within, the entire equation can go for a toss,
resulting in chaos. In this entire scenario there
is a lot of focus that is pushed on quality
assurance, as it will ensure stability for
enterprise-level as well as consumer-level
applications and software. Digital Assurance and
Testing becomes integral for enterprises with an
extensive digital outlook for their business. It
has been enabling enterprises to enhance customer
value and achieve tangible business outcomes from
their digital campaigns. At the same time, it
also helps them to sustain their IT systems and
continue to deliver consistent value.
Digital change with Digital Assurance. Got a

Your plan to deal with the Digital storm If
you have definite business objectives, you must
have a clear plan to deal with the challenges in
the digital space. Unless you have a robust plan,
you cannot expect to deliver flawless experience.
Gartner predicts that by 2020, 25 billion
things will be connected to the Internet a
phenomenon that could make the business and
social implications of the Industrial Revolution
pale in comparison. Due to this explosion of
devices, ensuring the compatibility of
applications across the plethora of networks,
devices and interfaces is imperative for digital
businesses to deliver a rich and meaningful user
experience. These upcoming challenges are
pushing companies to stretch their QA plans and
accommodate methodologies such as Agile
development, DevOps, and bring Testing at the
forefront. The idea is to not only speed up the
development process, but also ensure quality in
the age of constant digital innovation. Read
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