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Cloud Computing Webinar: Architecture Insights for Microsoft Azure


Cloud Computing Webinar: Architecture Insights for Microsoft Azure To watch the full recorded version of the webinar please click here and register:  – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Cloud Computing Webinar: Architecture Insights for Microsoft Azure

Architecture Insights for Microsoft Azure
Richard Oertle NetCom Learning
(888) 563 8266
  • Agenda
  • Azure Architecture Insights
  • Design by anticipating cost structure
  • Azure Service Fabric
  • Patterns Practices on GitHub
  • Azure Architecture Center
  • Azure Resource Manager Templates
  • Azure Building Blocks
  • On-Premises Lift and Shift
  • Web Apps
  • Azure Storage Accounts
(888) 563 8266
Azure Architecture Insights
  • Cost awareness
  • Design for savings
  • Utilize available services
  • Change the way you think about computing
  • Learn to use the built in tools
(888) 563 8266
  • Costs
  • Egress
  • Storage
  • Connectivity
  • I/O on unmanaged vs managed disks.
  • Savings
  • Identity management
  • Everything is incrementally priced based on usage
  • Basic services are easy to get into and
    additional functionality adds up.
  • Use Patterns and Practices guides.
  • Use built in Azure load balancers
  • Change the way you think about computers.
  • Think in terms of resource3s not metal boxes.
  • Learn Azure PowerShell and Azure AD PowerShell
  • IaaS is a transition method, not a end goal
  • Design for fault tolerance, as Azure plans for
    failure, not just MTBF uptime.
  • Consider using standard VMS (IaaS), and then
    special VMs for short term usage , such as data
(888) 563 8266
Design by anticipating cost structure
  • Ingress not Egress
  • Storage costs in the cloud are different than on
  • Optimize bandwidth, think of the cloud as a WAN
    to help visualize
  • Anticipate I/O throttling on unmanaged disks in a
    storage account
  • Basic services are easy to get into and
    additional functionality adds up.
(888) 563 8266
Azure Service Fabric
  • Distributed systems platform to package, deploy
    and manage microservices and containers
  • Avoids complex infrastructure problems
  • High density microservice applications running on
    a shared cluster of machines
  • Container deployment and orchestration
  • Stateless and stateful services
(888) 563 8266
Patterns Practices on GitHub
Microsoft Patterns Practices shares much of
their documentation, projects and findings today
on GitHub https// For
example, the Microservices Reference
Implementation shares best practices when
designing a microservices solution running on
Azure using Kubernetes https//
microservices-reference- implementation
(888) 563 8266
Azure Architecture Center
Landing page for reference architectures,
patterns and guidance for solutions on the Azure
(888) 563 8266
Azure Resource Manager Templates
Provide a scalable, repeatable method for
deploying Azure resources All resources in the
ARM model are built using JSON
templates https//
(888) 563 8266
Deploying Resources
  • PowerShell
  • Cross Platform Command-Line Interface
  • Client Libraries
  • Visual Studio
  • Portal template deployment
  • All use the REST API The REST API is available
  • here https//
(888) 563 8266
Azure Building Blocks
Designed to simplify deployment of Azure
resources Provides a command line tool and set
of Azure Resource Manager templates https//gith
(888) 563 8266
Supported Resources
  • Building Blocks support the following resource
  • Virtual Networks
  • Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Machine Extensions
  • Load Balancers
  • Route Tables
  • Network Security Groups
  • Virtual Network Gateways
  • Virtual Network Connection
(888) 563 8266
Azure Service Fabric
(888) 563 8266
On-Premises Lift and Shift
First stage of a migration may be move the
workload direct to IaaS in Azure, having
completed this the potential is to follow the
modernization maturity model
(888) 563 8266
Web Apps
  • Web Apps
  • Near instant deployment
  • SSL and Custom Domain Names available in some
  • WebJobs provide background processing for
  • scaling
  • Can Scale to larger machines without redeploying
  • Virtual Machines
  • Need Availability Sets or Load Balancers to
    prevent simultaneous restarts for maintenance or
    hardware failures
  • Additional machines needed for background
(888) 563 8266
Azure Storage Accounts
Storage accounts are further split into General
Purpose and Blob Storage
Type of Account General Purpose Standard General Purpose Premium Blob Storage (hot and cool access tiers)
Services Supported Blob, File, Queue services Blob service Blob service
Types of Blobs supported Block blobs, Page blobs and Append blobs Page blobs Block blobs and Append blobs
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Recorded Webinar Video
To watch the recorded webinar video for live
demos, please access the link https//
(888) 563 8266
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