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Surprising Facts About Parkinson's Disease - Dr. Shivam Mittal


You know that Parkinson's disease is associated with symptoms of tremors, imbalance, rigidity, and slowness. But, these amazing facts about Parkinson's are sure to surprise you! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Surprising Facts About Parkinson's Disease - Dr. Shivam Mittal

Parkinsons disease is a well-recognized movement
disorder in the field of medical science. But,
this is one ailment that hasnt yet found a
cause, nor a cure. It is a very frustrating
condition for the patient where he has to
encounter involuntary shaking of the limbs,
stiffness, and slowness of movement. Till date,
there hasnt been a permanent cure for the
condition, since there is no proper cause yet
found for the condition. Temporary medications,
injections, and surgeries have been founded to
treat these patients, but there is still a long
way to go for medical science to find an
appropriate treatment for the ailment. If you or
your loved one is suffering from this frustrating
condition, you can get in touch with Dr. Shivam
Mittal, the Parkinsons disease specialist in
Bangalore, who is very well recognized and
trusted to cure all kinds of movement disorders
in children and adults.
While the research for the disorder continues,
there are certain amazingly unbelievable facts
about Parkinsons disease that have been
discovered. Till now, we all have known the very
basic symptoms associated with Parkinsons that
include tremors, stiffness, slowness, impaired
balance, depression, balance loss, and falls.
But, how many of us know that Parkinsons is
also associated with the patient having a typical
smell, the disease being triggered by MPTP, the
disease being able to attack toddlers, or farmers
being at greater risk of encountering the
condition? Strange, but true! There are evidences
that have proved
all of the above being right. Here are the
stories behind these four amazing facts about
Parkinsons disease, which have paved the way to
better researching for a cure for the
condition. Parkinsons Disease patients have a
typical smell Joy Milne was married to Les, who
was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease more than
a decade after Joy had noticed a distinct change
in his smell. Obviously, she couldnt link to
the relation between his ailment and smell at
that time, but years later, when she encountered
a group of people suffering from the ailment, she
noticed the same musky smell coming from them.
This is when she deduced that Parkinsons disease
did have a smell. To make this assumption a
definite call, she was made to smell 12 Tshirts
6 of which were of Parkinsons disease patients,
and 6 of which were of normal people. She
identified 7 being of Parkinsons patients and 5
being of those without the ailment. Her sense of
smell was not proven 100 accurate then, but 8
months later, when the 7th out of the group of
12 was diagnosed of having Parkinsons, she made
headlines for being the lady who could identify
Parkinsons by no diagnoses other than the smell
of her nose! This makes the point clear that
Parkinsons does have a distinctive smell, and
one that is observed months or even years before
the disorder strikes. While science hasnt yet
been able to come up with such a diagnosis, but
if this distinctive smell can be identified at
the earliest, millions of patients can be
treated and cured even before the ailment
occurs! Parkinsons Disease is triggered by
MPTP This story goes back to the year 1982, when
a certain George Carillo was seen to develop the
symptoms of Parkinsons overnight. It became
apparent after much investigation that Carillo
had taken a street drug designed as a synthetic
heroin, contaminated with a chemical called
MPTP, which was the cause for triggering the
symptoms of Parkinsons. Carillo, and many
others who had taken the same drug, were treated
with levodopa, the same treatment given to
Parkinsons disease patients. After this case, it
was researched and found that MPTP gets
converted into a toxic molecule called MPP in
the brain, which caused Parkinsons. the
transformation was caused by an enzyme called
ACE-B, which deduced that ACE-inhibitor-drugs
could prevent the symptoms.
Parkinsons Disease can attack toddlers Parkinson
s is generally observed in people above the age
of 50-55, with the risk exponentially increasing
with risk. But, there are also conditions of
early-onset Parkinsons where it can attack
between the age of 21-45, which accounts for
5-10 of all Parkinsons cases. In fact, this
can even go below the age of 21, where it is
classified as juvenile Parkinsons. To support
this fact, a 2 year old toddler in Canada was
diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2016, which has
been the youngest example ever seen! Farmers
are at a greater risk of Parkinsons
Disease Pesticides have long been linked to
Parkinsons with lots of evidence substantiating
the condition. There are in particular three
pesticides that can increase the risk of
developing Parkinsons, namely ziram, maneb, and
paraquat. And, when pesticides are in connection
with Parkinsons, it is commonsensical that
farmers are definitely at high risk. For more
information, visit http//www.parkinsonsdiseasesp