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What are the third party integration plugins for revive ad server?


Here, let me list out the five important plugins which are very important while we do the integration in the revive ad server. Let’s get started: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What are the third party integration plugins for revive ad server?

Third party integration plugins for revive ad
Here, let me list out the five important plugins
which are very important while we do the
integration in the revive ad server. Lets get
started   SSP Plugin (OpenRTB API)   This plugin
for revive ad server is specifically used to
display the ads from ad exchange. With the
standard IAB format, it supports the mobile,
display and video ads.
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Supply Side Platform
  Lets have a quick look on what is SSP?   SSP
can be expanded as Supply Side Platform which is
used by many publishers to create a advertising
space. The supply side platform is offered by
many companies since it has been related to
inventory management services.  
SSP allows the users to access programmatic
selling in ad exchange and it also provides
optimization in ad revenue and ad selling
costs.   By using the SSP in ad inventory, the
publisher can able to sell the impressions at a
highest bid rate and can access a wide range of
advertisers in the network
What are the benefits of OpenRTB?
  • The plugin offers cost effective bidding for
    the buyers.
  • The publisher can get the highest CPM rate
    with the help of this plugin.
  • If the system already has OpenRTB setup, it
    can be easily integrated with SSP or DSP plugin.
  • The ad formats which are supported by this
    plugin are video, display and mobile ads.

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What are the characteristics of this plugin?
  • This plugin connects multiple RTB buyers into
    the network
  • This plugin distinguishes the request and
    response of ad server and RTB buyers
  • Since the plugin in fully object oriented,
    it can support display, video and mobile ads
  • The plugin follows RTB bidding methodologies
    with first or second bid auction
  • The plugin synchronizes ad server and RTB
    buyers with win notification
  • The plugin follows OpenRTB and IAB
    standards the version followed by the plugin is
    2.1 and 2.2.

Smaato SSP integration plugin
  • It is an integrated mobile advertising
    platform for advertisers and publishers.
  • When this plugin got installed, it will send
    the request to the server and this request has
    requirements for the advertisement.
  • A sample ad request may contain a
    requirement for the ad category, bid amount, ad
    specifications, targeting features and other ad
  • The server will analyse the request and send a
    appropriate response to Smaato.

  • The plugin sends the response in 300ms and
    all the received responses will undergo Smaato
    bidding process.
  • In this bidding process, Smaato verifies the
    advertisement and selects the ad with the highest
    bid rate for advertising.
  • When the advertiser ad got placed on a
    website, the plugin sends a bid win notice to
    revive ad server or it sends a bid loss report.
  • All bid win and loss notices will be stored
    in the statistical report. To enable the bidding
    process, the system should possess an SSP plugin.

Axonix integration
  • This plugin is a mobile advertising platform
    for the advertisers and publishers.
  • The Axonix sends the ad request to the server
    and the particular request has ad criteria like
    bid amount, targeting options, ad specifications,
    ad categories and other requirements.
  • When the request got received by the server,
    the plugin sends relevant ad response to Axonix.
  • All the received responses of Axonix will be
    handled by the RTB bidding process.

  • The response with highest bid rate will be
    selected for the bidding process of Axonix and
    publishes the advertisement in applications and
    in mobile websites.
  • If the advertisement is published on the
    internet, the server either receives bid win
    notice or bid loss status.
  • To get on to the Axonix integration plugin
    the revive ad server must possess a DSP plugin.

What are the characteristic features of Axonix
  • Statistical report
  • The clicks and the impressions of
    advertisements are stored in the reports.
  • The bid win amount, status of ad responses,
    number of ad requests are stored in the separate
  • The reports are maintained individually for
    revive ad server and for the plugin.

  • Targeting options
  • There are some useful targeting options are also
    available in Axonix integration plugins they are
    as follows
  • Age targeting
  • Gender targeting
  • OS targeting
  • Mobile device targeting
  • Domain targeting
  • And Geo targeting.

  • Benefits
  • This plugin can advertise the ads of
    internal mobile advertisers to global mobile
    websites and applications.
  • It facilitates the advertiser to earn more
    revenue out of their advertisement.

DSP plugin for revive ad server
  • It is used to purchase mobile, online video
    and display advertisements from worldwide
    publisher websites.
  • The plugin connects the advertisers with the
    ad exchange platform where the publisher sells
    the ad inventories.
  • It benefits the users by providing ad
    placement and automated ad pricing.
  • The benefits of DSP are the price of the
    inventory which is selected automatically and the
    ad placement will occur without the manual

  • DSP provides a separate platform for overall
    ad management operations which provides account
    management features for various ad agencies that
    grants the wide access to numerous ad inventories
    of the publisher available in the ad exchange.
  • The DSP plugin allows the users to choose
    the desired ad inventory and targets the
    customers using the available targeting options.

  • The ad inventories are purchased using real
    time bidding process for the better ad placement,
    accurate pricing and ad optimization.
  • This plugin will select the inventory which
    is based on the ad requirement and provides the
    access to the broad range of ad exchanges.
  • This plugin provides the real time bidding
    and the automated trading for the ad campaigns
  • This feature can meet all the requirements
    in campaign management process
  • This plugin may offer efficient ad tracking
    and inventory bidding for the users.
  • The ads which are selected in the bidding
    process will be placed in real time on
    publishers websites.

  • Click tracking of third party ad tag by using
    macro plugin
  • It is used to track the clicks of third
    party ad tags in the revive ad server with the
    support of macro.
  • In the third party ad tag, macro enables the
    process of click tracking and the revive ad
    server would replace the macro click with the
    revive click URL for tracking the clicks in the
    third party server and in revive.
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