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Beyoung : Get the Young Out - Beyoung


Beyoung An Online Fashion Store Initiated the Concept of Delivering the Best Range of Graphic T-shirts and Protective Mobile Covers at the Minimal Price as We Believe in Gaining the Trust of Our Customers – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Beyoung : Get the Young Out - Beyoung

Beyoung - An Online Fashion Brand
Graphic T-Shirts for Men
Graphic T-Shirts for Women
Henley Plain T-shirts for Men
Henley T-Shirts for Women
Vests for Men
Tank Tops for Women
Beyoung A New Online Fashion Venture of
T-shirts Mobile Covers
  • The fashion has actually set a league for every
    individual where everyone can show their style.
    There are immense ways where one can represent
    their respective wearable and not only the
    specific one but also which are in trending. In
    this same league, there is a requirement to
    channelize the current style and how they can be
    updated with the upcoming one. But it was quite
    obvious that a layman cannot wander around the
    streets or exclusive shops to wear comfortable
    clothing that gives style with comfort. So there
    was an introduction to the e-commerce fashion
    store where shopping was mesmerizing.
  • Basically, Beyoung is a group of some creative
    fellas which together put a thought of giving the
    best quality t-shirts and that too printed ones
    at an affordable price. Being a customer at some
    point we know the key points where every customer
    gets ditched or disappointed. Precisely
    overcoming that particular genre we stand beside
    the line of generic online stores who delivers
    stylish t-shirts and designer mobile covers which
    brings justice to the cost the customer is
  • Objective
  • We have a single objective that is giving quality
    style at an affordable price. We believe in
    what we comment so there is no possibility of
    compromising with the quality. We are well aware
    of the fact that the e-commerce fashion store is
    all about customer satisfaction and that comes
    with giving the desired product to the customer.
    And we strictly adhere to same protocol. So we
    have started our journey in delivering the most
    wearable product i.e. the t-shirt in a different
    style and prints to depict the fashion sense.
    Also, the mobile covers to show the same style
    via securing the smartphone.

Promising Products
  • T-shirts are the most happening and potential
    upper wear for which everyone craves for.
    Whether its a party or a casual meet the t-shirt
    is always the first choice to make. Moreover, is a perfect online store which
    delivers the theme based tees that are further
    categorized into respective genres to ease the
    process of shopping. The customer will encounter
    some beautiful designs that he or she can relate
    to. However, the best part is the price which
    takes the immediate attention of everyone. The
    genuine quality i.e. 100 bio-washed, super
    combed compact yarn, 600 color fastness which,
    follows international standards, dont bleach
    wring, dry in shade. This much high productive
    tee is best to buy which comprises such diverse
  • Mobile covers are another fashion accessory which
    is trending nowadays. There is no doubt in saying
    that the current smartphone cost huge and its
    the prime responsibility of the owner to take
    care of the same. Because once it met with any
    causality the refurbishment cost is way than the
    expectation. Therefore why not make a wise call
    and keep it safe and sound pre-handedly. But we
    have fused the style and protection both and the
    output was fascinating. We have an elegant range
    of mobile covers which gives a beatific look when
    one cases them.
  • There are multiple categories in the mobile
    designs as well so the shopper can easily choose
    the relevant one. The different categories in the
    t-shirts and mobile covers are Bollywood
    dialogues, trending quotes, typography, feminism,
    cartoon, ancient Indian art etc. All these
    designs are created considering each and every
    aspect that is required to design it in the best
    way. Speaking about the price of the mobile cover
    then everyone will be amazed to see such minimal
    cost of the case. Before going on the cost make
    sure that the case is completely rigid, safe and
  • Last but not the least i.e. the customization
    which brings the creativity out of every
    individual. The customization feature where one
    can design the t-shirt and mobile cover as per
    his or her requirement. The tool is well equipped
    with various aspects for instance freehand
    drawing, uploading an image and adding clipart.
    The entire process is very user-friendly which
    makes sure that customer gets across the process
    at ease. The mobile covers can also be customized
    in the same way. Also, the cost of the customized
    t-shirt and mobile cover is again affordable.

Hassle free shopping experience
  • The website of beyoung is developed with one
    notion that everything should be at tips of the
    customer where the desired and relevant products
    at the home page so no one has to get through
    various products to find the required one. The
    complete platform is user-friendly i.e.
    optimized, authentic, and secured. The customers
    information is solely secure with BeYOUng and
    there is no sign of breaching of privacy under
    any circumstances. All the theme based categories
    are present on the home page and the latest
    arrivals on the banners or sliders. So there is
    no chance that anyone misses the exclusive
    collection that is available at a low cost.
  • The payment method is secure and there are
    multiple gateways which facilitate the customer
    to pay in the most comfortable method. Moreover,
    there is a Cash on Delivery option is also
    available to the customer can have faith and rely
    on the brand once the shipment is delivered.
    Nothing goes hay-wire during the order placement
    to shipping. Therefore we have done our
    groundwork with such precision that there is no
    chance of compromising the shopping experience.
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Its a fact that everyone is revolving around
    many social media platforms which keeps them
    updated of every buzz. So we have gripped the
    popular platforms i.e. the Instagram and
    Facebook. We keep our audience updated with our
    new arrivals and relevant news.
  • As a final note, Beyoung will pen down with a
    statement that If you are looking for a store
    which offers style and quality then BeYOUng is an
    undoubted choice