Best Cure for Menorrhagia, Treat Irregular Menstruation Naturally - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Best Cure for Menorrhagia, Treat Irregular Menstruation Naturally


This power point presentation describes about the best cure for menorrhagia, treat irregular menstruation naturally – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Cure for Menorrhagia, Treat Irregular Menstruation Naturally

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Best Cure For Menorrhagia
The abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) is a serious
genital health issue for the females, who have
attained their puberty age. The excess bleeding
of blood in the female genital is called
menorrhagia. It is curable by taking the best
cure for menorrhagia in Ayurveda. The surgical
ways to treat menorrhagia is costly and there in
no guarantee, that the AUB will stop permanently.
MCBC Capsules
You can treat irregular menstruation naturally by
consuming MCBC capsules. It can reduce heavy
bleeding during menstruation naturally.
Ayurvedic Remedy for Menorrhagia The her
problems can be stopped permanently by taking
the Ayurvedic remedy for female genital wellness.
It has the best cure for menorrhagia.
Ingredients in MCBC Capsules
  • MCBC capsules contain the below mentioned herbs,
    which is mostly found in the sub tropical rain
    forest area of the Indian sub continent.
  • Aparajita (Clitoria Ternatea) Unab (Zizyphus
  • Jatamansi (Nardostachys Jatamansi) Salabmisri
  • These herbs are the best to curb excessive
    bleeding during menstruation.

MCBC Capsules
  • Menorrhagia Symptoms
  • If you find the bleeding blood is more than
    80-ml, it is a major sing of menorrhagia.
  • The bleeding must not continue for more than five
  • There is a delayed period with pain and anxiety.
  • You can find blood spots in between your
    menstrual cycles.

Young Girls and Menorrhagia
The menorrhagia can occur in the teenage too.
This may cause due to hormonal imbalance and
growth of their reproductive organ soon after the
puberty. You must not leave it as normal
condition during menstrual cycle. The prolonged
condition will cause many other disease of the
female genital. You can take home treatment with
the best cure for menorrhagia by MCBC capsules.
Adult Woman and Menorrhagia
The adult women will face severe problems like
infertility issues, lack of interest in
lovemaking. It can lead to anxiety and can
develop as major female genital diseases. It is
advisable to consume the herbal remedies to
reduce heavy bleeding during menstruation. It can
bring a permanent cure for menstrual problem by
consuming them in the below mentioned manner.
MCBC Capsules
  • You must consume MCBC capsules for at least 14-16
    weeks to treat irregular menstruation naturally
    at home.
  • You can consume MCBC capsule along with water or
  • MCBC capsules are the best to consume daily
    morning and night after your meal.
  • You must consume this herbal remedy without any

MCBC Capsules
It is advisable to stop alcohol consumption if
any while in herbal treatment. There is no
particular food regimen. You can stop this herbal
capsules as soon as you can see the results. The
best cure for menorrhagia is to consume MCBC
capsules. It can treat irregular menstruation
Ingredients in MCBC Capsules
You can reduce heavy bleeding during menstruation
by taking the herbal remedy for a normal
menstrual cycle. The best cure for menorrhagia is
to consume the herbal products. Famous Ayurveda
Research Company in India manufactures MCBC
capsules. You can buy them online as the
non-prescription remedies and take treatment at
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