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Mission of Animal Welfare NGOs In Amritsar


Animal Welfare NGOs In Amritsar stands for the rights of animals. We have set a goal to bring out all the abandoned animals and give them a comfortable life that they deserve as a most vulnerable species of the world. We give them shelters, feed and medical aids and everything else that they deserve. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Mission of Animal Welfare NGOs In Amritsar

Welfare NGOs In Amritsar
Mission Of Animal Welfare NGOs In Amritsar
  • Launched in 2018, in Amritsar, Animal Welfare
    NGOs In Amritsar works on Animals are not our
    personal property to eat, wear, experiment on, or
    use for entertainment.
  • Our mission is to focus on bringing about
    positive changes in regions where animals are
    most distressed, such as food, textile,
    experiments, personal usage, and entertainment
    industries. We have raised awareness on the
    health effects of vegetarian food over meat
    eating. We aware people about how factory farms
    are poisoning communities. We rescue animals that
    are misused in circuses like dancing bears,
    elephants, lions, and monkeys. We also rescue
    animals used in movies, animal fighting, horse
    racing, and the pet trade, as they are more often
    than not, severely ill-treated. Animal Shelters
    has also rescued many animals being subject to
    experimentation and gruesome research. We have
    successfully saved all these animals.


Fight Against Animal Fighting
  • Govt. should ban the animal fighting. Animals too
    have heart and brain same as like human beings.
    They also feel pain and tired. And when they get
    furious because of humans evil behavior, they
    attack human beings, and then many of them get
    injured. Some also die in animal attacks. We
    should not underestimate the power of animals. We
    should bring love among them so that we can
    receive love from them. It needs to the aware
    importance of animal welfare among people.

Ban On Leather Products
  • There are fabrics to wear like artificial fur,
    artificial leather, cotton, silk and many more
    textiles. Then why we need to kill animals to
    wear real leather? The animals killing need to be
    stopped. It gives them a lot of pain. We should
    believe in giving And Take. What we will give,
    the same we will receive. So we should avoid it.
    People for animals boycott animal products.

Stop To Experiment on Animals
  • Our scientists and doctors do experiment on
    animals. If we cant bear the pain and cant take
    the risk to try new experiments on us then how
    can we give that pain to animals. Are animals
    public property to use in any way? No. Animals
    are a part of our world. They have their own
    rights to be here. And we dont have any right to
    decide their destiny.

Fight against animal violence
  • We should fight against animal cruelty. Those
    people who harm animals, they must be punished by
    the government. The government should pass some
    laws against the animal violence. We need to
    raise our voice against animal harassment. As a
    human being, it is our responsibility to save
    them. Animal Welfare NGOs stand for all animals.

Address Ajnala - Chogawan Rd Manawala,
Amritsar, Punjab 143101, India Related Posts
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