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Title: Narandra modi full life

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  • Zaveri Smit Suhasbhai. 61
  • Leshwala Dev Devendrakumar. 15

Narendra Modi 
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Born Narendra Damodardas Modi17 September 1950(age 67)Vadnagar, Bombay State, India (present-day Gujarat)
Political party Bharatiya Janata Party
Spouse(s) Jashodaben(m. 1968) (estranged)
Residence 7, Lok Kalyan Marg
Alma mater University of DelhiGujarat University
Website Official websiteGovernment website
  • Modi was born in a middle class family of
    Vadnagar who then came to Mumbai state
    of India at that time . In 1967, he served the
    people affected by rail in Gujarat. At the young
    age, he joined Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi
    Parishad. He joined the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi
    Parishad Institute as a student at the youth and
    played an active role in anti-corruption
    "makeover intervention". After joining as a
    full-time activist at the All India Student
    Council, he was selected as the representative of
    the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP). He used to carry
    tea with his brother during adolescence. 12 He
    has also worked with the organization associated
    with the social and cultural development work in
    India, with the National Volunteer Association.
  • Narendra Modi has completed his schooling
    in Vadnagar . He was a postgraduate from
    the University of Gujarat with a subject of
    diplomacy. He is also known as a good writer,
    many of his books have been famous. 

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  • During his tenure with RSS, Modi played a number
    of important and rare occasions, including the
    1974 Anti-Corruption Movement and the 19-month
    (June 1, 1975 to January 1977) long
    "crisis". Modi was a RSS pracharak during his
    university year. 16 17
  • He joined BJP in 1987 and entered into the
    mainstream politics. He was elected to the
    general secretary level of his Gujarat unit in
    just one year. He made attempts to make strong
    cadre base in Gujarat in partnership with
    Shankarsinh Vaghela. In the initial
    period, Shankarsinh Vaghela was seen as a mass
    leader while Modi was seen as a skilled
  • Subsequently, the party began to accelerate at
    the political level and formed a joint government
    in the center of April 1990. This partnership was
    instrumental for a few months, but the BJP came
    to power in 1995 with a two-thirds majority in
    Gujarat. During this period, Modi called "Somnath
    to Ayodhya Rath Yatra" (a converged political
    rally by India on Toyota Van) and "Kanyakumari to
    Kashmir" Took the responsibility of crucial
    national events such as the Kachhach in the south
    of India).
  • After being removed from Shankarsinh Vaghela's
    BJP, Keshubhai Patel was appointed as Chief
    Minister of Gujarat and Narendra Modi was sent to
    Delhi as party General Secretary.

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  • Modi is known as a simple lifestyle leader. It is
    known as the functional and introvert Chief
    Minister He ordered the destruction of many Hindu
    temples which were made without proper government
    approval. Because of this, he became the cause of
    the anger of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. He is
    seen as a good speaker. Modi dominates the
    English language.

  • On February 27, 2002, Hindu pilgrims and
    religious workers were returning from the holy
    city Ayodhya , while the communal riots in Godhra
    killed nearly 59 people. Local Muslim leaders
    have been accused of burning the train. the study
    carried out by human rights groups and NGOs, this
    figure crosses 2000s. According to official
    figures, 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed,
    223 people were reported missing and 2,500 were
    injured. ???elieved to be the Godhra train riot,
    in which about 53 Hindu car servants were burnt
    alive by an alleged Muslim group. The Modi
    administration was accused of rioting and they
    were named as suspects. It was confirmed by the
    media reports on March 1 that the combined force
    of the Indian Army and the State Police proved to
    be inadequate, given a broad reaction to Godhra
  • The Banerjee Committee, established by Railway
    Minister Lalu Prasad in 2004, said in a 2006
    report that on February 27, 2002, the fire in
    Sabarkati Express's S-6 coach was due to
    food-cooked people and there was no Muslim
    involvement in that incident. Then the High Court
    of Benarjean was declared illegal by the Gujarat
    High Court. Then the Nanavati Committee called
    this incident a 'pre-planned conspiracy' and gave
    a clean chit to Narendra Modi. Special
    Investigation Team (SIT) created by the Supreme
    Court, in December 2002, accused him of being
    irritated by his constitutional duties in the
    2002 riots, Freed in 2010 

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  • As a result of these storms, Modi was demanding
    that he resign from the position of Chief
    Minister. The National Parliament was postponed
    by the opposition parties, but Dravid Munnetra
    Kazhagam (DMK) and Telugu Desam Party (TDP) were
    the BJP's ally on this issue. Asked for Modi's
    resignation, Modi submitted his resignation to
    the Governor and recommended dissolution of the
    10th Gujarat Legislative Assembly. Under Modi's
    leadership, BJP retained their power in Gujarat,
    winning 127 seats out of 182 in the 2007 assembly
  • United States denied visa for Modi For which he
    was held responsible for the responsibility of
    violating religious freedom under the
    International Religious Freedom Act of 1998.
  • In April 2009, the Supreme Court of India
    appointed a special team for research in the role
    of alleged anti-Muslim Modi. This team was formed
    on the basis of the complaint of widow of Zakia
    Jafri, widow of former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri,
    who was killed in the riots of Ehsan Jafri.

  • Narendra Modi, who was emerging as the Prime
    Minister of the country, was a proclaimer of
    National Volunteer for many years. He got a
    master's degree in political branch from Gujarat
    University. He then joined politics.
  • In 1994, Modi's strategy in BJP's victory in the
    Gujarat Assembly was successful.
  • In 1994, Modi was made the national secretary of
    the party.
  • In 1998, the party's general secretary made
  • Godhra riots in October 2001
  • Modi's resignation from the post of Chief
    Minister came after heavy pressure after the
    Godhra train carnage and re-election took place.
  • In 2002, 127 seats out of 182 assembly seats won
    the BJP with a huge majority.
  • In 2004, the United States refused to grant visa
    to Modi for his involvement in the Godhra train
  • In July 2006, Modi strongly criticized Prime
    Minister Manmohan Singh for adopting a strong
    tendency towards terrorism.
  • For the second time in 2007, he was appointed
    Chief Minister by getting a huge majority.

  • When Modi took charge of Gujarat, Gujarat's
    economy was poor and home development was
  • Thisi reorganized the governments administrative
    department and cut large-scale expenses. This led
    to a 10 increase in economic growth of Gujarat
    in the first phase of the Modi regime. This
    increase was more than any other state of India. 
  • As Chief Minister, Modi has implemented Gujarat by
     various schemes . This includes the Panchamrut
    Yojana ,  Five-five strategies for integrated
    development of the state, "Sujalam-Sufalam", to
    create a water grid of water resources in an
    innovative step towards water conservation and
    its fair use. There are plans.
  • Agricultural Festival - agricultural research
    laboratory for land
  • Chiranjeevi Yojana - To reduce infant mortality
  • Save Betty - campaign to protect infant children
    to improve sex ratio
  • Jyotigram scheme - for the electrification of
    each village
  • Karmayogi campaign - To educate and train
    government employees
  • Kanya Kelavani Yojana - To promote education of
  • Childcare Scheme - For midday meal for students

  • Modi played a part in campaigning for the 2009
    Lok Sabha election. On October 31, 2013, Modi's
    tenure was made at the BJP's highest
    decision-making body, the BJP Parliamentary
    Board. On June 9, 2014, he was appointed chairman
    of BJP's Central Election Campaign Committee in
    the 2014 Lok Sabha election in the meeting of the
    BJP's national level executive committee. Senior
    party leader and founder leader Lal Krishna
    Advani resigned from all his positions in the
    party after this verdict. He said that he is
    opposed to a leader who "gives more emphasis on
    his personal agenda" The English newspaper The
    Times of IndiaHe described this resignation as a
    "protest demonstration against the rise of
    Narendra Modi's party's election
    committee". However, on the same day, he withdrew
    his resignation on the request of the National
    Volunteer's Chief Mohan Bhagwat. September 2013,
    BJP declared Narendra Modi as its prime
    ministerial candidate in the 2014 Lok Sabha

  • Narendra Modi contested from two
    seats Varanasi  and Vadodara . He also received
    support from religious leaders Baba
    Ramdev and Morariabapu and economists Jagdish
    Bhagwati and Arvind Panagariya. Both economists
    said they were "influenced by Modi's economics
    ...". His opponents include Nobel Prize-winning
    economist Amartya Sen, who said that he does not
    want to see Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister
    because he has not done anything special to
    ensure the minority community and the health and
    education facilities in Gujarat under Modi's rule
    " Very bad "

  • Modi won from both of the two seats
    contested Varanasi defeats Aam Aadmi
    Partyleader Arvind Kejriwal and
    defeats Madhusudan Mistry (5,70,128 votes) of
    the Indian National Congress from Vadodara , 50
    Because one person can not represent two
    parliamentary constituencies, he resigns from
    Vadodara seat on May 29, 2014 Given and decided
    to represent Varanasi constituency . NDA,
    established under the leadership of BJP in the
    elections The organization won an unprecedented
    victory and the Congress party had the chance to
    see the worst defeat in its history.Narendra
    Modi, after his party's successful victory, was
    elected as the Leader of the BJP parliamentary
    party and finally the Prime Minister appointed
    him as the Prime Minister.

  • Narendra Modi took oath of Prime Minister on May
    26, 2014 at Rashtrapati Bhavan. He is the first
    Prime Minister of India who was born after
    independence. For the first time in history,
    Modi invited all the heads of SAARC to attend his
    swearing-in ceremony  present invitees
    included Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz
    Sharif, Sri LankanPresident Mahinda Rajapakse,
    Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Bhutan Prime
    Minister Sharing Tobgay, Nepal's Prime Minister
    Sushil Koirala, Maldives President Abdullah
    Yameen Abdul Gayoom, Bangladesh Speaker Shirin
    Sharmin Chaudhary and SAARC Inspector Mauritius
    Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam.

Economic He announced the withdrawal of 1000 and
500 currency notes on November 9, 2016 to deal
with corruption, black money and counterfeit
currency notes and counter terrorism.
  • 30 January 2006 - In the survey conducted
    nationwide by "India Today", Narendra Modi has
    been declared as the best Chief Minister of the
  • 5 February 2007 - India Today-ORG road has been
    declared as the Chief Minister for the third time
    in the survey conducted nationwide, which is a
    unique achievement for any Chief Minister during
    the 5-year period.
  • 25 Aug 2009- FDI magazine selected for FDI 2009
    as the Asian Winner of 2009. 
  • Gujarat Ratna by Poona Gujarati Bandhu Samaj 
  • E-jewel by Computer Society of India 
  • Best Chief Minister - By India Today Magazine 

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