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Benefits of Automating the Employee Onboarding Process


With Juntrax, create a checklist for your onboarding process and ensure all parts of the employee onboarding process are complete before his start date. Here are some benefits of automating the applicant onboarding process. Read the complete article – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Benefits of Automating the Employee Onboarding Process

Benefits of Automating the Employee Onboarding
Process Juntrax
Is your candidate onboarding process too
time consuming and complicated? Onboarding a
candidate can be a long and tedious process for
both the hiring manager and an applicant. The
old/manual methods of onboarding a new candidate
are too time consuming, and increasing the
chances of human error while tremendously
decreasing employee satisfaction even before the
job begins. Most onboarding steps are identical
regardless the position of the new hire. So why
cant these initials steps of employee onboarding
be automated? For organizations, big and small
that constantly hire employees, these steps
should be automated to save time on operational
management for the HR department. Luckily, we
have a solution that combines these tasks in a
step-by-step guide, making onboarding process a
breeze for managers and new employees coming
onboard. Once the applicant receives the job
letter and confirms back his interest in taking
the new role, he receives a web link from HR
personnel that will help automate next couple of
Key Features of an automated onboarding portal
  • Submit personal information with complete
  • Do you know over 25 U.S. employees go through a
    career transition each year (Source). This
    clearly shows the amount of data transfer that
    happens everyyear and the level of security
    required for this task. Juntrax allows applicants
    to submit their information, and managers to
    store and retrieve information through its robust
    roles and permissions modules, keeping
    information secure at all times.
  • Once the manager sends an automated email to the
    applicant to sign up, the candidate can create
    his own login password, securely sign into the
    portal and enter all the information at his
    discretion. The portal allows the applicant to
    submit following details
  • Personal information
  • Education, Work Experience, License and
    Certifications and References
  • Contact Information and Dependent Beneficiary
  • Direct Deposit Information
  • Forms that are needed for his employment
    onboarding like I-9 etc.
  • The applicant remains in complete control of his
    personal information that he is sharing with his
    employer, at all times and the manager is able to
    gather employee information without any security
    breach, in accordance to general data protection
    regulations (GDPR).

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  • Keep Track of Applicant Activity at all times
  • Manual processes of gathering information
    lengthen the time of onboarding with managers and
    employees going back and forth on forms and
    documents. While Juntrax gives a secure access to
    applicants to fill out their information, it
    allows managers to simultaneously log into the
    system and track applicant activity.

  • Verify The Checklist
  • Typically an onboarding process involves multiple
    steps or levels of information. Once the applican
  • provides all the details through the portal, the
    manager receives a notification to check the
  • The HR manager reviews the information using his
    checklist, only visible to him and updates the
  • status of each step.
  • Once the checklist is complete and all
    information provided by the applicant has been
    verified, the
  • manager can officially hire him in the

  • Employee is ready to start from the first day
  • Through an automated solution, the HR personnel
    can ensure that the employee has all the
  • information he needs before he walks into the
    door on his first day. Using Juntrax, the manager
  • provide details on security access, timesheet
    access, computer passwords and email account set
  • up. For a new employee, knowing exactly what to
    expect and being prepared to get started right
  • from the first day will set him for success.
  • While some may worry that automation may decrease
    employee-employer face-to-face time. But
  • its actually the reverse. Automating onboarding
    tasks and ensuring the process is complete before
  • the employee joins, builds a level of trust and
    confidence in the new employee and can help him
  • acclimatize with the organization.
  • Making the onboarding process paperless does
    not have to be a complicated or difficult at all.
  • us help you find more time for your core business
    activity by taking care of tasks that can be
  • automated through our secured platform!
  • Visit our Solutions section for more information
    or contact us to schedule a demo today.

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