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Addiction Treatment Programs You Should Know


1. Family Addiction Programs. 2. Outpatient Addiction Treatment. 3. Sober Living Facility. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Addiction Treatment Programs You Should Know

Addiction Treatment Programs You Should Know
  1. Family Addiction Programs
  2. Outpatient Addiction Treatment
  3. Sober Living Facility

Family Addiction Programs
  • It lessens the probability for a relapse. When
    the addicts personal relationships are repaired
    as part of the rehabilitation process, the
    persons support system is strengthened. Lines of
    communication are opened, which makes it much
    simpler for the person to reach out to someone
    later on.
  • Helps to find the root cause of their addiction.
    Many times, it is discovered that a persons
    addiction is the result of some relationship in a
    persons life that is not quite right. Allowing
    the family to participate in the addicts therapy
    ensures a lesser chance of relapse. They are able
    to deal with some of the patterns, behaviours,
    and dynamics that led to the addiction in the
    first place.

Family Addiction Programs
  • Permits loved ones the opportunity to talk. An
    addiction often stirs up negative feelings and
    emotions in loved ones. Allowing everyone the
    opportunity to voice their feelings and emotions
    regarding the addiction provides a chance for
    healing and recovery for the entire family.
  • Group exercises and therapy. A lot of the therapy
    sessions allows families the ability to rebuild
    their trust and start to focus on discussing ways
    to provide the addict with the necessary tools
    for recovery and beyond.
  • Education. Often the main problem with an
    addiction is that the family members are not
    complete aware of what causes an addiction or
    what physical and psychological components are
    involved. Addiction Rehab Toronto provides the
    education all family members require to
    understand all underlying issues regarding their
    loved ones addiction. Loved ones learn that it
    is a disease that needs comprehensive treatment.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment
  • The acuteness of the persons addiction How long
    the person has been suffering from the addiction,
    their degree of dependency, as well as several
    other determining factors go into evaluating the
    individual for an outpatient program.
  • Previous outpatient therapies If the person has
    gone through other forms of outpatient therapies
    and was quick to relapse, then this probably is
    not the therapy for them. Another form of rehab
    therapy, such as inpatient care, needs to be
    attempted for full recovery to occur.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment
  • Detoxification requirements If the person is
    going to require a complete detox, then an
    inpatient stay is recommended. Detox can be a
    dangerous and hard program for both the
    individual and their family. Therefore, it is
    best for the person to be in a supervised, 24/7
    hospital environment. The person may not want to
    stay at the hospital during their rehabilitation
    however, if they want to recover completely and
    get over the addiction, it is often the most
    advisable option.
  • Commute If it is a long commute to and from the
    facility, you might want to consider an inpatient
    stay instead of opting for the outpatient
    program. If the facility is too far away, history
    has shown that patients often do not attend all
    their therapy sessions

Sober Living Facility
  • A sober living facility needs to provide a place
    for a person suffering from an addiction. They
    should feel safe, relaxed and supported in
    recovering from their addiction and living a
    sober lifestyle.
  • Addiction Rehab Toronto provides just what is
    needed for a person with an addiction to alcohol
    or drugs. The sober living facility has an
    expert degree of care and treatment options
    available. This permits the patient to learn how
    to live without their addiction by gaining the
    tools needed to live a life of sobriety.

Sober Living Facility
  • This sober living facility has thirty, sixty, and
    ninety day in-patient programs. There is
    additional time offered for aftercare treatment
    if the person desires. It has empathetic
    addiction counsellors, professional therapists,
    substance abuse specialists, and peer mentors to
    guide the person along the way to sobriety. It is
    no wonder the facility has such a high success
  • It doesnt matter what your addiction is. The
    clinic is not only for drugs and alcohol, but
    there is also help for people suffering from a
    sexual addiction. Whatever the addiction, you can
    find help at the Addiction Rehab Toronto sober
    living facility.
  • Addiction Rehab Toronto takes a holistic approach
    to addiction treatment. This means that we not
    only treat the addiction-we treat the entire
    person and look to find the underlying problem
    that caused the addiction in the first place.

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