Know the Symptoms to Detect Bad Brake Drums and Shoes in your Car - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Know the Symptoms to Detect Bad Brake Drums and Shoes in your Car


Your car consists of many components that function coherently for the smooth running of the vehicle. Apart from the engine, suspension, and transmission, the brake system of your car is also very important. The braking system of older cars is different from that of new ones. This system consists of brake drums and shoes which play a role in stopping the car. If these component malfunctions, then it will endanger your life. Go through the to know the symptoms of bad brake drums and shoes in your car. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Know the Symptoms to Detect Bad Brake Drums and Shoes in your Car

Know the Symptoms to Detect Bad Brake Drums
Shoes in Your Car
Brake drums and shoes are more commonly found on
older vehicles which dont have a disc brake
system to slow the car down.
Generally, the brake drums serve as the brake
disc and the brake shoes serve as the brake pads.
The brake drum looks like a bowl-shaped component
and it is attached to each wheel.
When the driver steps on the brake pedal, the
brake shoe pushes against the brake drum to cause
the friction that slows the spinning wheel down.
Because of regular use, both the brake drums and
the shoes wear out and the braking system starts
to malfunction.
Here are some of the common symptoms shown by
your car when the brake drums and shoes go bad.
Weak brakes Brake noises Brake pedal
vibrations Loose parking brake
Weak brakes
If you step on the brake pedal and it takes
longer for the car to slow down or stop, then you
may have a problem with your brake drums and
Although it is possible that other problems in
the braking system may exist, the cause usually
revolves around these two components.
On the other hand, if you have a modern car with
a disc braking system, then the equivalent of
this would be faulty discs and pads.
Brake noises
In addition to weak brakes, you will also
experience noisy brakes as you step on the brake
pedal and this will happen over time as brake
drums are not good at absorbing the heat from
This causes heat to build up and put stress on
the braking system and when the brake shoes, push
against the drums, there will be annoying scrape
noises to follow.
Brake pedal vibrations
When the brake drums get too worn out, you will
start to feel the vibrations coming from the
brake pedal when you put your foot on it.
You may not think its a big deal if there are
no other symptoms, but once you start having
brake performance issues, then you will have no
choice but to get your drums and shoes replaced.
Of course, it is better to take brake pedal
vibrations as an early warning sign that you need
to have your braking system inspected for
problems with your drums and shoes.
Loose parking brake
The parking brake depends on the shoes to squeeze
firmly against the drum in order to keep the car
parked securely.
But if there is an issue with the shoes or the
drums, the parking brake is not going to function
properly and this will result in the parking
brake feeling too loose when you try to use it.
Bottom line
The brake shoes and the drums are not
repairable, as such, they need complete
replacement whenever there are any issues
associated with them.
Always be attentive towards the brakes and at
the slightest hint of problems, check the brake
drums and shoes to avoid any fatal accidents.