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The Right Way To Use A 12 Panel Drug Test Cup


Now you can conduct your drug test anywhere with the help of 12 panel drug test cup. Know how you can use these cups for reliable and accurate results. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Right Way To Use A 12 Panel Drug Test Cup

The Right Way To Use A 12 Panel Drug Test Cup
  • A drug test cup is an integrated tool that
    allows for the analysis of urine, including a
    drug test and a temperature test. The cup is
    built such that it does not require any extra
    instruments to draw the analysis. These drug test
    cups are used to examine the presence of drugs in
    human urine, by measuring a certain cut-off
    limit. These cups are an affordable and easier to
    use options, as when compared to laboratory

  • The test can be conducted anywhere, and
    results are comparable to that of laboratories.
    From 5 to up to 16 drugs can be tested at once in
    a cup. A 12 Panel drug test cup allows you to
    examine up to 12 drug samples. Attaching a
    temperature strip can also help in detecting the
    freshness of the drug present. These cups can
    identify both legal and illegal drugs that are
    abused, and the results can be known within 5
    minutes of taking the test.

Steps of taking the test with 12 panel drug test
  • The cup has to be used at room temperature.
    Once ready, take the cup out of the sealed pack
    and try to use it as soon as possible.Now, use
    the cup to take the urine specimen and screw the
    lid on, tightly.

  • Once checked, take off the peel-off
    label.Using a temperature strip, check the
    temperature of the specimen, between 2 to 4
    minutes of collecting the sample.Once done, the
    cup will now analyze and show the results. Make
    sure you read the test reading after 5 minutes
    and before 8 minutes.The 12 panel drug test cup
    can help you detect up to 12 drugs, and they are

  • o Amphetamineo Barbiturateso
    Benzodiazepineso Buprenorphineo Cocaineo
    Ecstasyo Marijuanao Methadoneo Morphineo
    Oxycodoneo Methamphetamineo Phencyclidine

  • Talking about the results, they are indicated
    with colored bands on the cup.The cup has two
    indications, C and T. C stand for control region
    and T for test region. If only one band appears
    in the C region that means the result is
    positive.If two colored bands appear on the
    cup, both controlled and test regions, then the
    test is negative.And if no bands are appearing,
    then the test is invalid, and you can do it again.

  • These cups are gender neutrals, sturdy, packed
    and completely sealed. The 12 panel drug test cup
    makes the entire process of testing a urine
    sample very easy. These cups are accurate,
    readily available and cost-effective. The cup
    comes packed with instructions, so you dont mess
    it up and can get the analysis done at your
    comfort. These cups also make sure that there is
    no contact between the specimen and the one
    testing it.

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