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3 Types Of Weight Loss Surgery You Should Know About


If you're trying to lose weight fast and thinking of going for a weight loss surgery, firstly you should know about the types of weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery and take a wise decision bit.ly/2tBsMgf – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 3 Types Of Weight Loss Surgery You Should Know About

3 Types Of Weight Loss Surgery You Should Know
  • Sometimes, losing weight can be more of a
    medical reason than a cosmetic purpose. Obesity
    can be the cause of so many other health problems
    like diabetes, heart problems, asthma, joint
    pains and many more. While there are so many ways
    to lose weight by opting for a healthier
    lifestyle, taking up the gym, yoga, aerobics or
    Zumba classes, avoiding calories, all these
    methods take significantly longer to show
    results. And if you need to lose weight, really
    soon and quickly, the weight loss surgery can
    help you out. It is also known as bariatric

  • Thinking about a surgery to help you lose
    weight can be frightening when you do not have
    all the information about it. So here, in this
    article, you can read about the three common
    types of surgeries for weight loss and decide
    what you want to opt for.

First of all, there are two main ways in which
the surgery helps.
  • Restriction the operation performed limits the
    amount of food you can eat by restricting hunger
    and stomach size.
  • Malabsorption A part of small intestine is
    bypassed or shortened to limit the number of
    calories it can absorb.

Types of Weight Loss Surgeries
  • 1.Gastric Bypass Surgery During this surgery,
    the surgeon reduces the size of your stomach so
    it can hold much lesser food than what it could
    hold before. Here, the surgeon creates a small
    pouch over the stomach and connects it to the
    middle of the small intestine. Here, as the food
    bypasses the original size of the stomach and a
    little part of small intestine and travels much
    lesser, the body doesnt get to absorb a lot of

  • 2.Gastric Sleeve This weight loss surgery aims
    at making your stomach smaller, by removing a
    part of it and the results end up making your
    stomach look like a banana, a lot smaller
    thinner. The surgery results in lesser hunger and
    quick fulfilment. Here in this surgery, only the
    stomachs size is reduced, unlike the gastric
    bypass surgery. The surgery, however, can never
    be undone. The persons stomach will always
    remain this size.

  • 3.Gastric Banding Like all other surgeries, this
    surgery also makes your stomach smaller. However,
    this surgery isnt permanent, and the person can
    opt out of it. In this surgery, the surgeon puts
    a band around the top part of the stomach,
    restricting its size. This band is linked to a
    port which is placed on to the skin of the
    person, and it enables the surgeon to adjust the
    band by either tightening it or loosening it.
    This weight loss surgery can be undone, and a
    person can get the band removed when they no
    longer need it.

  • One thing that you need to understand is that
    surgery for weight loss is not a magic fix to all
    your weight issues. Risks and side effects are a
    part of it, so please take a wise decision.

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