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Top 10 barcode scanners in Kolkata -


Find the list of top 10 barcode scanners manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, wholesalers, distributors and traders in Kolkata, West Bengal and get their contact details, prices, models and address on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 10 barcode scanners in Kolkata -

How Barcode Scanners in Kolkata makes life
easier? -
  • Does your company have a warehouse? Then you
    definitely need barcode scanners. The benefits
    are huge, so the return on investment is high.
    There are plenty of reasons to start working with
    barcode scanners as soon as possible. Barcode
    Scanners in Kolkata are beneficial to work
    faster, make fewer mistakes and correct inventory
    figure. However, there are a few things you
    should keep in mind. There are many different
    barcode scanners to choose from make sure you
    are well informed, consult a specialist and
    purchase the scanner that fits your specific
    needs. Talk with your software supplier for a
    proper integration of the barcode scanning
    solution with your WMS or ERP system. And make
    sure you have an excellent network connection in
    your warehouse. Keep these things in mind and
    nothing prevents you to benefit from barcode

  • A barcode is used to encode information in a
    graphic form understandable by a machine. There
    are many reasons for using barcodes like tracking
    products, prices, and stock levels for
    centralized recording in a computer software
  • The first barcode founded on June of 1974, which
    appeared on a pack of Wrigley Company chewing
    gum. But now, barcodes can be found on almost
    every item for purchase.

Benefits of barcode scanners
  • These are the three key reasons for you to get a
    barcode scanning solution in your warehouse
  • 1. Work faster
  • With barcode scanners, your warehouse personnel
    is much more productive. Simply scanning a label
    is much quicker and easier than finding and
    striking the correct order line with your pen or
    pencil on a paper pick list. Additionally, you
    can scan your counter order directly without
    first creating a sales order. Also, with a
    scanner, your technicians can walk into the
    warehouse and instantly pick the parts they need
    for their service jobs. The usage of the parts is
    booked directly.
  • 2. Make fewer mistakes
  • If working correctly and carefully in the
    warehouse is important to you, you should use a
    scanner. The number of mistakes will decrease
    noticeably. The barcode scanners in Kolkata knows
    exactly which parts need to be picked and how
    many. You will be notified in case of a mistake
    and you can directly rectify the mistake.
  • 3. Correct inventory figures
  • A barcode scanning solution helps you to improve
    your inventory management. The inventory figures
    are more accurate because you make fewer
    mistakes. This way you will have less
    differentiation when counting your parts
    inventory. It also helps you to become a more
    reliable supplier to your customers it will be
    less likely you promise to deliver something that
    should be on the stock while in reality, the
    shelf is empty.

What are the different Types of Barcodes?
  • There are two types of barcodes
  • 1D Code
  • 2D Code
  • Types of Barcodes Scanners
  • Pen type readers
  • Laser barcode scanners
  • CCD barcode scanners (Charge Coupled Device)
  • Imager barcode scanner (Camera-based)

How to choose the right barcode scanner?
  • Keep in your mind these following questions and
    the answers before choosing the right barcode
    scanner to help yourself to decide the right
    barcode scanner
  • 1. Where does barcode scanner need to use?
    (Warehouse / In-store?)
  • 2. How often do they need to scan products?
  • 3. At what length of the product should be able
    to scan it?
  • 4. Barcode scanner connects to?
  • 5. Limitation on the budget for the barcode
  • Barcode scanners in Kolkata are getting cheaper
    now and are the best choice. They can be used for
    both 1D as well as 2D barcodes. So, this will be
    a wise choice. Again, it depends on other factors
    that you need to consider.

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