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Best Hangover Prevention


A hangover is when you wake up with a feeling of nausea, headache, tiredness, inability to concentrate, and possibly sensitivity to light, after drinking the night before. Alcohol, or ethanol, is a toxin, so it is not surprising that it causes people to feel unwell. It is the ethanol that triggers a key feature of a hangover, namely dehydration. to avoid a hangover in India DOTSHOT is the best option. DOSHOT is the best way to prevent hangovers. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Hangover Prevention

Best Hangover Prevention
Prevention Tips for a Hangover
  • Holiday season is in full swing and whether
    youre psyched for your annual office party or
    are dreading an awkward family dinner, youll
    probably be hitting up a ton of social events.
    Which leads to enjoyment of a cocktail or a glass
    of wine or two. Or more.
  • If youre going to drink, you probably know that
    you should do it in moderation. But its normal
    to break certain health rules.

  • Heres what our experts and recent studies
  • Hangover prevention Drink
  • Epic Nights need to be left that way. So, Gulp
    down one entire bottle of DOTSHOT.
  • Dotshot is a herbal anti-hangover remedy. Dotshot
    contains Curcumin and added vital essential
    electrolytes that reduced the effects of alcohol.
    A gulp of Dotshot makes you refresh again.
  • Dotshot is proven to be Best Hangover Prevention

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
  • While its not the only thing causing your epic
    hangover, dehydration can definitely make the
    discomfort worse. Be sure to sip enough H20
    before, during, and after drinking alcohol, and
    match every alcoholic beverage with a glass of
    water. According to Medical Resarch,water can do
    double duty as a prevention tool and remedy. "The
    best cure for a hangover is hydration, hydration,
    hydration, "she says. "Then sweat your heart out
    with exercise, a hot bath, or sauna, and
    rehydrate with an electrolyte replacement like
    coconut water.
  • Essentials vitamins required
  • Drinking Alcohol leads to formation of
    Acetaldehyde that leads to feeling of hangover.
    The most important vitamins required to Best
    Hangover Prevention are vitamins B and C. Dotshot
    contains added vitamins which controls the
    formation of Acetaldehyde.
  • Swap your drinks
  • So if you want to stay steady on your feet, sip
    the drink slowly with time. And if you already
    feel or want to prevent a hangover, swap your
    next drink with a gulp of Dotshot. Alternating
    between alcoholic beverages and Dotshot can help
    you prevent hangovers.

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