Is Open Source Testing influencing Digital Transformation efforts? (2) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Is Open Source Testing influencing Digital Transformation efforts? (2)


This PPT discusses how Open Source Testing platforms can influence Digital Transformation initiatives to bring speed and ensure quality. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Is Open Source Testing influencing Digital Transformation efforts? (2)


Is Open Source Testing influencing
Digital Transformation efforts?
Is Open Source Testing influencing Digital
Transformation efforts?
Years ago, a very few would have believed that a
software application could help to conceptualize
an entire global business idea, and become a
corporate sensation. Brands such as Amazon, Uber,
AirBnB, Ola, Flipkart, and Alibaba have
reinvented the way businesses could ever apply
and harness Digital Technologies. Some may call
it a disruption, or some may endorse it as
innovation Software centric business model is
the corporate fact and tool that no one can
escape today. But what does it take to become a
sensation? Success of a software-centric model
can be attained with a sound software development
and testing strategy that can boost agility, and
induce innovation all the way. There are
numerous perspectives around Digital
Transformation, Software Development
methodologies, and Software Testing strategies.
In line with the growing need for agility,
flexibility, and effectiveness, businesses have
been increasingly adopting Open Source
Development and Testing strategy. While we all
are aware of its intrinsic benefits, how do we
gauge the strengths of an Open Source testing
strategy in the light of the ongoing Digital
Transformation initiatives? Whats so distinct
about an Open Source strategy? The tussle
between Open Source platforms and licensed tools
continues to create a rift amongst experts as
well as practitioners. The core concept of Open
Source is to offer community-based assistance,
flexibility, business agility, and positively
cost-effectiveness. Considering these core
competencies, Open Source technology and
platforms have found a key position in the
transformation processes for enterprises.
Is Open Source Testing influencing Digital
Transformation efforts?
Amongst all the competencies, Open Source offers
Community-driven solutions and support. This in
many ways ensures quality, as nothing is
constant, there is always a new perspective of
looking at issues/bugs and resolving the error.
At the same time, speed is ensured, as there is
no definite hierarchy to follow, and the code
goes through rigorous review all the
time. Moreover, an Open Source strategy boosts
open channels of communication and transparency.
There is more acceptance of new ideas to resolve
issues, which gives scope for building better
methodologies. Openness and acceptance is very
much necessary for successfully delivering
Digital solutions. For instance, an entertainment
provider needs to facilitate an update on its
application and roll out a campaign in real time.
Hence, if there is an issue, it needs to get
salvaged in real-time. The team cannot wait for
training and then study the error at hand. It is
equally critical to consider the other side of
adopting Open Source technology platform. It
lacks accountability, as it is freely available,
so no one is particularly answerable to you.
There are no definitely protocols or training
schedules for teams, as training is self-driven.
Hence, the decision to take up this route has to
be totally objective-based and depending on the
requirements of your project. How can Open Source
Testing influence your Digital Transformation
strategy? Any tool or platform can work for a
team or a project only when its features are
aligned with the objectives of the project. It is
critical to do this specifically with Digital
Transformation initiatives, as these
projects/applications need speed and assured
Is Open Source Testing influencing Digital
Transformation efforts?

Apart from influencing, how can an Open Source
Testing strategy impact your Digital
Transformation strategy? Open-Source platforms
provide the ability to constantly check for
issues, record the errors, and even monitor the
errors objectively from outside the system. Data
can be collected externally and applied for
deriving the expected outcome. This helps in
detecting the faults and managing them on time.
Also, saves unnecessary rework costs at a later
stage. Digital Technologies need constant
testing and development, hence continuous
integration as well. When the code is out for
rigorous tests, it helps to not only detect
issues, but keep the application under scrutiny
and ensure effective integration at the end. Open
Source automation tools enable teams to ensure
Continuous Testing and Development, and
ultimately successful integration. This is
absolutely necessary while rolling out and even
maintaining Digital applications. Read Full Blog
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