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Tips For Nailing Your Engagement And Wedding Pictures


1. 5 Simple Ways To Make Your Engagement Photo Look Special. 2. What should I wear for my engagement photo session. 3. Top 5 Romantic Portraits to Make your Wedding Special. 4. Top 5 Tips on Capturing Tender Family Wedding Photos. 5. 5 Exclusive Wedding Poses for Memorable Photos. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tips For Nailing Your Engagement And Wedding Pictures

Tips For Nailing Your Engagement And Wedding
  1. 5 Simple Ways To Make Your Engagement Photo Look
  2. What should I wear for my engagement photo
  3. Top 5 Romantic Portraits to Make your Wedding
  4. Top 5 Tips on Capturing Tender Family Wedding
  5. 5 Exclusive Wedding Poses for Memorable Photos

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Engagement Photo Look
  • Look For The Right Photographer
  • First things first. Look for the right
    photographer. Its important that you find a
    photographer who understands you and your
    requirements. This can be a big factor in making
    your engagement pictures look special and
  • Decide what you will wear
  • If you are confused about your wardrobe and are
    unable to decide for yourself, get your
    photographers advice. Since they have experience
    working with different complexions and body
    types, they can guide you with what will look
    good in the pictures. Choose an outfit you will
    feel comfortable in keeping the weather in mind.
  • Let Your Photographer Know Your Personal Concerns
  • If you feel cautious about some specific body
    parts, let your photographer know ahead of time.
    It will give your photographer a good idea to
    know beforehand about what troubles you of
    yourself in your photos.
  • Practice The Almost Kiss Pose Before Your Photo
  • If you agree to it, your photographer will ask
    you to kiss and hold it for a few seconds. You
    and your beau can practice beforehand so it will
    come and look natural when you are asked to do
    so. While youre at it, you can also practice
    your almost kiss pose. This way, you will feel
    less awkward and uncomfortable.
  • Shut Out And Ignore Your Photographers Presence
  • Although it's not as easy as it is to say it,
    your photographer's presence might make you feel
    awkward. You might feel some hesitation and
    uncomfortableness when you pose with your
    significant other. You might feel that the love
    you have for each other is being hampered by the
    presence of your photographer.

What should I wear for my engagement photo session
  • Select Your Outfit according to the purpose of
    your engagement photo
  • You want your engagement photos to look fun and
    less formal compared to the photos of your
    wedding day. Maybe youre thinking about using
    your engagement photo on your wedding
    invitations, wedding day programs, or even for
    your Save The Day cards. With so much purpose in
    your mind, the pressure of your outfit increases
    even more than so.
  • Choose Your Outfit Beforehand
  • One thing is for sure, you need to plan and
    decide what you have to wear ahead of time. Lay
    out your clothes and accessories the night before
    so you know if you are missing something. If you
    take your outfit an hour before its time to go on
    your shoot, youll probably be scrambling around
    looking and getting everything ready for the day.
  • Show Your Own Style
  • It's your engagement photo so you should feel
    free to express and show off your own personal
    style. Your outfits will have a great impact on
    setting your mood, which will evidently be shown
    in your engagement photos. Wear clothes that are
    more you."Dont force yourself to wear a dress
    if youre not into wearing them.

What should I wear for my engagement photo session
  • Add Accessories
  • Its not just about the outfit. You also need to
    plan out the accessories that will go along with
    it and make your outfit complete. If the autumn
    season is around the time of your engagement
    shoot, you and your significant other can wear a
    bright hat or a colourful scarf.
  • Keep a Change of Outfits for Variety
  • You dont have to limit yourself to wearing just
    one outfit for the entire engagement shoot. You
    can plan to have a casual outfit to go with your
    casual, carefree shoots, and then you can change
    into your formal to get some proper engagement
    pictures. This way, your photos will pop up and
    add diversity to it.
  • Dont Be Scared To Wear Bold Colours
  • Sure, you might be tempted to wear white or a
    neutral colour for that matter. However, dont
    just straightaway toss your bold colour outfits
    to the side. Heres a reason why you should
    consider them. They really come out and stand
    out on camera. When your pictures are developed,
    you will not regret choosing a bold colour outfit.

Top 5 Romantic Portraits to Make your Wedding
  • The Candid Portraits
  • Capturing the first romantic moments as husband
    and wife candidly could undoubtedly be the best
    photos from a wedding album. Taking a casual
    stroll in a park, a beach, stairs, or any
    location that the couple prefersis chosen for the
    photos. Taking the pictures of the couple smiling
    and leaning in for a kiss is the best pose for a
    perfect wedding portrait.
  • Blissful Private Moments
  • A wedding is full of many emotions, the couple is
    overjoyed with the commitment to spend their life
    together. Capturing private moments are easier
    once the couple is comfortable with the
    photographer and gets to stand close to the
    couple. The best pose for such photos is when one
    partner whispers something in others ear or
    plants a sweet kiss on the cheek. The rest is up
    to the photographer how they are able to capture
    the moment.
  • The First Dance Photos
  • The clicks from the first dance together as a
    couple happens to be one of the best times to
    capture some romantic tender moments. The moment
    could be the first look in the couples eyes as
    they come together to dance, whispering, smiling
    at each other, and a kiss during the dance. The
    photographer has to stand close to the couple to
    ensure the moment is captured perfectly. Placing
    hands the right way is key to making these
    romantic portraits last a lifetime. Its
    important that the torso and body frames are
    touching because body language is key to getting
    a romantic portrait for your wedding.

Top 5 Romantic Portraits to Make your Wedding
  • Forehead Kiss Shots
  • A kiss on a forehead depicts love, tenderness,
    respect and above all care. Taking a portrait
    where the groom kisses forehead of the bride is
    perfect for a classic romantic wedding portrait.
    Images like these usually include the upper body
    of the couple so a photographer might not focus
    on the background much. The forehead kiss photo
    can be improved if the bride places her hand on
    the groom's shoulder with the wedding ring
    visible would be a perfectly captured moment.
  • Picking up the Bride
  • Last but not the least on the list includes
    photos where the groom picks up the bride and
    lightly kisses her forehead, cheeks, or a tiny
    peck on the cheek. The photographer will probably
    guide and explain how to pick her up and pay
    special attention to the hand placement of the
    couple. This is the perfect way to elicit and
    capture a romantic wedding portrait.

Top 5 Tips on Capturing Tender Family Wedding
  • Make a Plan, Stick to It!
  • To get through all the madness, the photographer
    can arrange a meeting with the bride and groom,
    come up with a strategy and decide the entire
    family photos right then and there. The best time
    to take family portraits is right after the
    ceremony ends. Sticking to the plan is a must,
    deviating from the plan could be disastrous.
  • Look for a Family Drama and Think of Ways to
    Avoid it
  • During the meeting with the bride and groom, ask
    questions about any continuing or previous family
    dramas. Identify the people involved in bitter
    divorces, family feuds, and other events that
    have forced family members to be bitter towards
    each other. Keeping them separate and far apart
    from each other is the key to a perfect wedding
    photo of the entire family.
  • Choose the Right Location for Family Photos
  • Picking the right location for the photos is an
    important task for ideal family photos at a
    wedding. To do so the photographer could visit
    the location before the wedding and choose the
    perfect locations before the big day. Discussing
    the location with the bride and groom is
    necessary, tell them about the best areas for
    photos and they will make sure that everyone is
    there in time for the photo session.
  • Picture with Parents
  • Taking a picture of the bride and groom with
    their parents separately are perfect for getting
    intimate photos with plenty of emotions. Taking
    photos of the bride with her father during the
    dance or taking a sweet tender photo of the bride
    and her mother will be a memorable portrait.
  • Make a List of Family Photos and Share it With
    the Bride and Groom
  • The best way to include everyone in the family
    wedding portraitsis to come up with a list of the
    immediate and extended family members. Include
    best friends of the bride and groom too, share
    the list with the couple to be wed and go through
    the checklist on the wedding day. This strategy
    is perfect to get a photo of everyone with the

5 Exclusive Wedding Poses for Memorable Photos
  • The First Look
  • It will take hours to search for an adjective to
    describe the look and emotion of the
    to-be-married couple. The best photo from the
    entire wedding album is the first look photo of
    the bride and groom. The photographer has to be
    ready to capture this epic moment of the couples
    life. To make this happen, talk to the bride and
    groom before the wedding, suggest a private
    secluded place if the couple agrees. Ask the
    bride to walk towards the groom and capture the
    real emotions for an unforgettable and intimate
  • Blind Folded by the Bride
  • If a couple does not agree to a first look photo
    and wishes to stick to tradition then the
    blindfolded by the bride pose is a playful way to
    capture an intimate moment. To make the shot
    special, fun, and unforgettable, the photographer
    can make the bride cover the grooms eyes. Then
    it can either go further towards the big reveal
    of the bride in her gown too. This pose is
    impeccable to start the wedding album.
  • Sunset Photo
  • Taking a perfect sunset photo with a romantic
    pose of the couple is not possible without
    stealing the couple for a few hours from the
    wedding festivities.

5 Exclusive Wedding Poses for Memorable Photos
  • Choose a location beforehand for the sunset photo
    makes it easier to get things in order for the
    perfect shot. The photographer can ask the couple
    to kiss the hands and torso must be adjusted to
    make the pose intimate and memorable.
  • The Hand Kiss Pose
  • To take a fairytale-like shot that lasts a
    lifetime, arrange for an outdoor photo of the
    bride and groom. Once the photographer readies
    his camera, ask the groom to hold his bride and
    tenderly kiss her hand. This photo will clearly
    be a tender, cherished memory for the couple.
    Many moments similar to this pose can follow like
    asking the couple to hold hands and walk or just
    look at each other with an easy gaze.
  • The Tranquil Gaze
  • Getting the couple to do a tranquil, relaxed, and
    natural gaze is a great and romantic pose for a
    wedding portrait. To execute this pose
    flawlessly, have the couple seated down on the
    floor or have them stand close to each other if
    its an outdoor location. The groom should have
    his arms around the waist of the bride the bride
    should rest her hands on the grooms shoulder or
    around his neck. The couple can use props like a
    flower, the photographer has to capture the true
    emotion the bride and groom shares.

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