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M B Dental Home - Pediatric Dentist in Ahmedabad 


M B Dental believes that each child is unique and requires special attention for their dental requirements. Our pediatric dentist in Ahmedabad provides Preventive and Therapeutic oral health care to all little ones. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: M B Dental Home - Pediatric Dentist in Ahmedabad 

Pediatric Dentist
  • A Pediatric Dentist provides both Primary and
    Comprehensive, Preventive and Therapeutic oral
    health care to all little ones. We believe that
    each child is unique and requires special
    attention for their dental requirements.
  • A Pediatric Dentist spends time educating and
    showing each of our patients and their parents
    how to preserve or improve their oral health.
  • Our Pediatric Dentist also provides anticipatory
    guidance to his patients and would be patients
    parents which enables them to plan and protect
    their little ones overall oral health.

A. Anticipatory Guidance
  • Pediatric Dentist educates expecting parents and
    parents of patients who are undergoing dental
    treatment about various dental milestones.
  • This helps parents understand the dental
    requirements of their precious jewels and enables
    them to switch to preventive protocols rather
    then wait till it spreads to a point of no

B. Preventive Treatment
  • There is a popular myth that dental caries and
    other dental problems cannot be prevented. It is
    much easier and cost effective to prevent the
    dental condition from occurring. Various
    preventive measures such as Diet counselling,
    regular dental check-up and cleaning, blocking of
    retentive pits and fissures which can lead to
    dental caries, etc.
  • However, they can be implemented if the dental
    attention is sought early in life. As the popular
    concept of DENTAL HOME in western world say
    Kids first dental visit must take place within
    six months of eruption of first tooth or no later
    than first birthday

C. Pulpectomy (Root Canal Treatment for Primary
  • Pulpectomy though is like adult RCT but has its
    own challenges such as primary tooth must stay
    till the permanent tooth is ready to erupt but at
    the same time it should fall on its own and allow
    the permanent tooth to erupt.
  • In Pulpectomy we use techniques and materials
    that allows the primary tooth to remain in oral
    cavity till its normal age.

D. Treatment of Young Permanent Tooth
  • Young Permanent teeth are most fragile teeth due
    to various reason they are more susceptible to
    dental caries till they reach full occlusion due
    to eating habits of little ones on top of which
    their roots are not completely formed making them
    even more challenging to treat also the undle of
    energy that runs in kids at that age makes them
    more susceptible to fracturing those teeth.
  • With various preventive and curative dental
    treatment options such as Apexogenesis,
    Apexification, RCT for young permanent teeth, etc.

E. Crowns for Prince and Princess
  • After a successful endodontic treatment(RCT,
    Pulpectomy etc.) tooth needs to be protected with
    a suitable crown.
  • We at MB Dental Home provide best of the class
    crown solutions for little one ranging from metal
    crowns to tooth coloured crowns.

F. Primary tooth extractions
  • There is nothing more stressful then getting a
    tooth removed. But if done in painless manner, it
    relieves one from all sorts of stress.
  • We at MB Dental Home try and provide treatment in
    a most pain free and stress free manner that to
    in a kid friendly environment so kids do not take
    any bad memory home with them.

G. Preventive and Interceptive Orthodontic
  • When due to caries or other reason you must
    remove a primary tooth before its normal shedding
    time you need to save that space for a permanent
    successor tooth to erupt or else tooth
    surrounding that area will try and occupy that
  • This kind of situation hampers normal eruption
    of permanent tooth in oral cavity. A suitable
    space maintainer can prevent this type of space
    loss and allows permanent tooth to erupt normally.

H. Habit Breaking
  • Kids can develop a variety of oral habits ranging
    from thumb sucking and mouth breathing to lip
    biting. Some habits are normal till certain age
    but if not stopped at that age than it can lead
    to various types of orthodontic problems.
  • Pediatric Dentist can help kid loose such habit
    with customized habit breaking appliances.

I. Treatment under General Anaesthesia
  • Patients who are Physically, Mentally or
    medically handicap require special attention to
    meet their dental treatment requirements. A
    tailormade treatment plan with their regular
    physicians consent can do wonders and all such
    patients too can have a healthy smile.

J. Treatment of a Special Child
  • Sometimes pediatric patient fails to cooperate on
    dental chair due to lack of psycological/ mental
    ability to cope up. Dental treatment to such
    patients can be provided in a general anesthesia
    under the complete supervision of highly
    efficiant medical team.
  • This way even in absence of cooperation best
    dental treatment can be provided to patient.
  • Our pediatric dentist in Ahmedabad provides
    Preventive and Therapeutic oral health care to
    all little ones.

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