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Dr. Anu Sridhar | Fortis Hospital | Elawoman


Dr. Anu Sridhar is a senior expert obstetrician and gynecologist having two many years of involvement in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. Dr. Sridhar has wide involvement in dealing with labor inconveniences and high hazard pregnancies, for example, hypertension, gestational diabetes. She is knowledgeable with systems like vaginal hysterectomy, stomach hysterectomy, colposcopy, oncological techniques and so on. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Dr. Anu Sridhar | Fortis Hospital | Elawoman

Dr. Anu Sridhar Fortis Hospital Elawoman
About Dr. Anu Sridhar
Dr. Anu Sridhar Gynecologist has more than 20
long stretches of experience worked in the field
of Obstetrics and Gynecology, experienced in
taking care of the considerable number of
problems related with Maternity and Childbirth
including High-hazard pregnancies like
Hypertension, Gestational diabetics, Multiple
pregnancies, Vaginal birth after Caesarian
segment, Instrumental deliveries and so on. She
is additionally all around experienced in the
field of Gynecology and knowledgeable in systems
like Vaginal hysterectomy, Abdominal
hysterectomy, Colposcopy, Oncological
methodology and so forth. She has wrote articles
on Oncology, High-hazard pregnancy and so
forth., in both National and International
diaries. She is an employee in different CMEs
directed by BSOG. She has likewise been a
standard speaker at different gatherings led by
BSOG and FOGSI. She has likewise been a Post
Graduate instructor and guide for DNB
understudies at St. Martha's Hospital. Dr. Anu
Sridhar is a senior expert obstetrician and
gynecologist having two many years of
involvement in the field of obstetrics and
gynecology. Dr. Sridhar has wide involvement in
dealing with labor inconveniences and high hazard
pregnancies, for
example, hypertension, gestational diabetes. She
is knowledgeable with systems like vaginal
hysterectomy, stomach hysterectomy, colposcopy,
oncological techniques and so on. About Fortis
Fortis Hospital Healthcare Limited is a main
coordinated human services delivery specialist
organization in India. The human services
verticals of the organization fundamentally
contain clinics, diagnostics and day mind forte
offices. At present, the organization works its
social insurance delivery services in India,
Dubai, Mauritius and Sri Lanka with 45 medicinal
services offices (counting ventures being worked
on), roughly 10,000 potential overnight boarding
houses demonstrative focuses. In a worldwide
investigation of the 30 most mechanically
propelled doctor's facilities on the planet, its
leader, the Fortis Memorial Research Institute'
(FMRI), was positioned No.2, by
'topmastersinhealthcare.com, and put in front of
numerous other exceptional medical
establishments on the planet. Services Donor
Sperm Couples utilize donor sperm (DI) when the
spouse/accomplice has no sperm or an extremely
poor semen investigation (azoospermia,
oligospermia, poor motility), or when there is a
hereditary issue which could be acquired from the
male. Single ladies who need a natural tyke
likewise utilize DI, and in addition LGBTQ
couples additionally may consider utilizing
donor sperm as a way to imagining.
Why would it be advisable for me to/we think
about counseling before utilizing DI? It is
vital that the couple or individual be mentally
prepared to push ahead with utilizing donor
sperm. Most specialists prescribe that any
patients considering DI see an advisor who is
talented at illuminating sentiments about
barrenness, and about attempting DI.
It is significant that the two accomplices feel
great with the decision and that all feelings of
trepidation and inquiries be straightforwardly
talked about. For a few, it might mean managing
different good and moral inquiries for others,
investigating inquiries regarding donor choice
and whether to be open about the decision to do
DI and whether to tell a kid brought about by DI
how they were considered. Most facilities won't
enable couples to blend the donor's and
spouse/accomplice's sperm in an insemination
since centers feel if two or three demands this
they might not have done the important mental
work associated with choosing to do DI. How
would I choose a donor? Couples or people
normally have the privilege to choose which sperm
bank and which donor to utilize. Data about a
donor's physical attributes, race, ethnic
foundation, instructive foundation, vocation
history, and general wellbeing ought to be
accessible. Numerous banks give composed
profiles about the donors they have accessible.
Some sperm banks are available to giving
non-identifiable data about the donor (even
photos) and also giving a support of grown-up
posterity to get data about the donor.
The American Society for Reproductive Medicine
prescribes that doctors utilize just solidified
semen and that the example be solidified and put
away for no less than 180 days. The donor ought
to have an underlying HIV blood test (the test
for the AIDS infection), and should then be
retested and have a negative outcome on the HIV
test before the solidified example is
utilized. All donors ought to have tests for
specific contaminations, for example, syphilis,
hepatitis B, cytomegalovirus (CMV), gonorrhea,
chlamydia, streptococcal species and
trichomonas. Every one of these living beings can
be transmitted by means of semen to lady. Some
can effectsly affect the hatchling others mainly
influence the lady. The donor's semen ought to
likewise be checked for the nearness of white
platelets which can show a disease inside the
conceptive tract. Donors are barred from a donor
program in the event that he or his sexual
accomplice have encountered any of the
accompanying a blood transfusion inside multi
year, a background marked by gay movement,
numerous sexual accomplices, a past filled with
IV medicate utilize, or a background marked by
genital herpes. EGG DONOR PROGRAM A few ladies
can't imagine in light of the fact that they
can't create sound eggs. The Egg Donor Program
at The Center for Advanced Reproductive Services
can encourage these ladies, and additionally
those with unsuccessful super ovulation
treatments, early beginning of characteristic
Menopause or precisely instigated menopause,
untimely ovarian disappointment, strange eggs
and tedious disappointments with In Vitro
Fertilization, and for those ladies who convey
hereditary variations from the norm or
hereditarily transmitted ailments.
  • The Egg Donor Program at The Center aided the
    origination of the principal youngster conceived
    from a donor egg in New England in 1987. From
    that point forward, we've helped ladies consider
    with eggs gave by both distinguished and unknown
  • Medical Oncology
  • The mission of the Department of Medical Oncology
    is to offer far reaching care in diagnosing and
    treating patients (the two grown-ups and kids)
    with strong tumors and hematological
    malignancies. We are focused on offering merciful
    care alongside customized treatment for
    different disease writes with the able
    utilization of chemotherapy, directed treatment,
    hormonal treatment and additionally
  • Their multidisciplinary Tumor Board suggests an
    individualized treatment get ready for each
    patient in light of the most recent logical and
    mechanical headways. The incredibly famous group
    of oncologists and hematologists at our area of
    expertise has the most recent learning, aptitude
    and experience for treating any write or phase of
    disease. Keeping in mind the end goal to give
    best in class, customized persistent care, we
    work intimately with a capable and committed
    group of experts containing doctors from other
    sub-claim to fame zones, specialists,
    radiologists, social researchers, nutritionists,
    palliative care proficient and physiotherapists.
  • Services Offered
  • Systemic and Regional Chemotherapy
  • Targeted Therapy
  • Hormonal Therapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Multi-disciplinary Tumor Board
  • Pain Management
  • Liver transplant

Liver malady sufficiently extreme to require a
liver transplant can originate from numerous
causes. In grown-ups, the most well-known purpose
behind liver transplantation is cirrhosis.
Cirrhosis is a condition in which the liver
gradually falls apart and glitches because of
constant damage. Scar tissue replaces sound liver
tissue, somewhat hindering the stream of blood
through the liver.
  • Cirrhosis can be caused by infections, for
    example, hepatitis B and C, liquor, immune
    system liver illnesses, development of fat in the
    liver, and inherited liver maladies. Numerous
    individuals who create cirrhosis of the liver
    because of unreasonable utilization of liquor
    likewise require a liver transplant.
  • Forbearance from liquor and treatment of
    entanglements for a half year will as a rule
    enable some of them to enhance fundamentally and
    these patients may get by for delayed periods
    without a transplant. For patients with cutting
    edge liver infection, where drawn out restraint
    and medical treatment neglects to reestablish
    wellbeing, liver transplantation is the
  • Would anyone be able to with liver problems get a
  • You can't have a transplant in the event that you
  • cancer in another piece of your body
  • serious heart, lung, or nerve ailment
  • active liquor or unlawful medication manhandle
  • an dynamic, serious contamination
  • inability to take after your specialist's
  • How is the transplant decision made?
  • The decision is taken in meeting with all people
    engaged with the patient's care, specialists and
    additionally the patient's family. The patient
    and family's information is

essential and it is imperative that they
obviously comprehend the dangers and advantages
required with transplantation. Will liver
transplantation be a treatment of final resort,
while everything else has fizzled?
The appropriate response would be both yes and
no. On the off chance that medical treatment is
thought to delay survival with great personal
satisfaction, transplantation would be
considered at a later stage later on. However,
preferably, the medical procedure is attempted
before the terminal phase of the illness when the
individual is too sick to withstand real medical
procedure. For patients with low quality of life
because of inconveniences emerging from liver
cirrhosis, liver transplantation ought to be
attempted at an ideal condition of wellbeing for
a decent guess.
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