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More About Warehousing


1. The Benefits of Warehousing for Business. 2. Importance of Warehousing In the Development of Trade and Commerce. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: More About Warehousing

More About Warehousing
  1. The Benefits of Warehousing for Business
  2. Importance of Warehousing In the Development of
    Trade and Commerce

The Benefits of Warehousing for Business
  • Basically, warehouses serve as a platform where
    all your goods can be easily accessed and
    products prepared for distribution in accordance
    with the received order. These activities are
    usually spearheaded by the warehouse personnel.
    This personnel are often well trained and also
    have years of experience in warehouse management.
    They also make sure that identifying, sorting,
    and dispatching of the goods according to the
    received order(s) are done in very professional
  • Warehouses also act a place to store surplus
    goods especially when there is little or no
    demand for these goods. The warehouse enables the
    goods to maintain its perfect condition until
    when an order is received for it or whenever the
    market demand for it arises.

The Benefits of Warehousing for Business
  • Another amazing benefit of warehousing is that it
    adds value to the operation. This value lies in
    the fact that you will have more control of your
    shipping and handling, while also boosting your
    business profile by providing warehousing
    services that make products far more convenient
    and readily available for your customers. In
    addition, businesses can obtain warehousing
    services at a very low cost and in turn churn out
    great customer services. Your business can also
    utilize the consolidation and assembly that is
    inherent in warehouse operations to add great
    value to the logistics of your business.
  • Warehousing offers enormous benefit to businesses
    as a result of its efficiency, capacity, and in
    most cases its location. A perfect example of
    this benefits lies in the consolidation
    operations of the warehouse which offers an
    incredibly low cost for outbound deliveries of
    goods. Therefore with a central warehousing,
    instead of embarking on shipping of different
    products from numerous sources, you can now
    comfortably package and ship orders together as a
    complete order and save your business the
    expensive sum that would have been spent on
    shipping the goods individually.

Importance of Warehousing In the Development of
Trade and Commerce
  • Storage
  • Storage is the basic function of a warehouse.
    Products that are surplus to the immediate market
    demand are usually stored in the warehouse until
    when the demand for it by customers arises.
  • Price Stabilization
  • Warehouses are major instruments in the pricing
    of commodities in the market. This is achieved
    via the creation of time utility. That is, a
    manufacturer can choose to store up products in
    the warehouse when the product is much in
    circulation and releases it when the product is
    limited in the market thus stabilizing the price
    of the product.
  • Risk-bearing
  • With warehousing, your goods are safe from
    certain storage risk such as theft,
    deterioration, exploration, fire etc. This is
    because these warehouses are built in a very
    formidable way thus reducing to a bearable
    minimum the risk of theft and storage related
    damages to goods.

Importance of Warehousing In the Development of
Trade and Commerce
  • In addition, too, the warehouse personnel are
    usually held responsible for any damage that
    might occur during the entire duration of
  • Financing
  • Another amazing benefit of warehousing is that
    once your goods are in the warehouse you can bank
    on this opportunity to get loans from the
    warehouse keeper. In this case, your goods under
    the warehouse keeper's watch act as a valid
    security for the loan. In addition, when seeking
    loans from banks, warehouse receipt is most times
    demanded as part of the required documents to
    process the loan.
  • Grading and Packing
  • At most warehouses grading and packing services
    are made available for customers who are in need
    of these services.

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