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How to write a perfect research proposal: guide for beginners


Writing a proposal is very essential for the student to make a huge impact. Based on the proposal, the students will be able to approach the final dissertation research. However, most of the students are beginners and have no idea about the research proposal. They know neither its purpose nor the approach to write the same. This article will act as a guide for beginners to write the perfect proposal. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to write a perfect research proposal: guide for beginners

How to write a perfect research proposal guide
for beginners
  • Before starting with your research, your tutors
    will require you to submit a research proposal.
  • While writing a research is difficult, writing a
    proposal for that research is even more difficult
    if you dont know what it is, whats its purpose,
    and how to structure it.
  • If you are new to the research proposal, then you
    are at the right place.
  • This article acts as a guide for the beginners
    and helps you write the perfect research proposal.

What is Research Proposal?
  • The proposal is an outline of your dissertation.
    The purpose of this proposal is to
  • Define the question
  • Identify the approach to solve the question
  • Explain how it adds value to your field
  • Persuade the founders and supervisors that you
    are the right person to carry out the research.

Why Research Proposal?
  • Access Expertise
  • The potential tutors or supervisors access your
    expertise in an area along with the uniqueness of
    your idea. Moreover, they access your knowledge
    of existing literature and assign you to the
    appropriate team.
  • Opportunity
  • The proposal provides you with an opportunity to
    demonstrate your passion in the specific area.
    Moreover, you get the chance to persuade the
    supervising team about the possible outcomes of
    your research. It is an outline but at the same
    time an opportunity to signify the importance of
    your project.

Structure your Research Proposal
  • You cannot directly start on writing a proposal
    and submit it without a proper structure.
  • Some essential elements need to be included in
    your proposal to make it persuasive.
  • Title
  • Research Overview
  • Design and Methodology
  • References

  • The title of your research can change at a later
  • But, the proposal should contain the important
    keyword of your topic.
  • Your title should indicate the your approach
    rather than simply describing the subject matter.

Research Overview
  • The overview of your research goes under this
  • Apart from the overview, this section should show
    where your research fits in the academic path.
  • Also, ensure that you portray the context based
    on which your research exists.
  • Furthermore, you should also be able to link your
    research with the existing research and establish
    a relationship with them.
  • Additionally, the section should also include the
    research questions, major approaches, and the
    significance of the research.

Design and Methodology
  • You should specify the design and methods that
    you will use for your actual research. It should
    include the following
  • Research parameters
  • Overall methodology
  • Rationale for adopting the methodology
  • Aims and objectives
  • A timeline that shows your work plan to achieve
    the research objectives within a time period.
  • Ensure that you do not include general approaches
    and mention the specific techniques that you plan
    to adopt. The description of your methodology
    will include the type of resources you will
    refer, the methods you will use to collect and
    analyze the data, and your techniques.

  • The reference section is a good place to attract
  • The selection of high-quality resources will
    demonstrate that you have a good hold on the
    existing literature.
  • Ensure that you include all the resources that
    you feel are of high importance.
  • The best approach is to include resources such as
    textbooks and journal articles rather than
    internet article and blogs

Additional Tips
  • Clearly, state your research idea.
  • Take time to draft and formulate your research
  • Ensure that you research all the important
    literature before finalizing the idea and
    research questions.
  • Ensure that you have properly structured your
  • Make sure that you include a reasonable scope of
    your proposal. The scope should be limited to
    your topic. Keep it narrow.
  • Ensure that your proposal sounds persuasive.

  • If you are a beginner, this article will help you
    to start your proposal with a bang.
  • You can look up to this article s a guide for
    your proposal writing.
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