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What You Need To Know About Alcohol Addiction Programs


1. Alcohol Addiction Rehab: What to Expect? 2. What Does an Alcohol Addiction Rehab Look Like? 3. Alcohol Abuse – Programs for Treatment. 4. 3 Effective Programs for Getting Rid of Alcohol Addiction. 5. Why Is Alcohol Counselling Important? 3 Essential Benefits. 6. The Importance of Nutrition in Addiction Recovery. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What You Need To Know About Alcohol Addiction Programs

What You Need To Know About Alcohol Addiction
  1. Alcohol Addiction Rehab What to Expect?
  2. What Does an Alcohol Addiction Rehab Look Like?
  3. Alcohol Abuse Programs for Treatment
  4. 3 Effective Programs for Getting Rid of Alcohol
  5. Why Is Alcohol Counselling Important? 3 Essential
  6. The Importance of Nutrition in Addiction Recovery

Alcohol Addiction Rehab What to Expect?
  • You Have the Freedom
  • Contrary to what it looks like, alcohol addiction
    rehab program does not pressurise you into
    anything. You are on your free will to leave
    anytime and refuse to anything you dont feel
    comfortable with.
  • Integrated Approach
  • The modern alcohol addiction rehab programs
    proffer an integrated approach for the recovery.
    This integrated approach is a combination of
    three elements medication, detox, and
    behavioural therapy.
  • Education
  • Alcohol addiction rehab accentuates on educating
    the people enrolled in the program to treat their
    addiction. You will be studied in detailed to
    learn about your addiction, your attitude and
    your will to adopt change.
  • Counselling
  • The best part about alcohol addiction rehab is
    that you wont feel isolated. There are other
    people who are struggling in the same manner you
    are, and they also have taken the step towards
    making their lives better just like you.

What Does an Alcohol Addiction Rehab Look Like?
  • In-Patient Rehab
  • Most of the rehab facilities are in-patient. You
    have to be admitted in a hospital or a
    residential rehab facility for a specific period
    of time. It could be 15 days, a month or even a
    couple of months based on the prescription from
    your primary consultant.
  • Out-Patient- Rehab
  • Some of the rehab facilities allow patients to
    leave at night. This is for cases where people
    have children or elderly to look after and no one
    would be able to take care of them at night.
  • Open Door Policy
  • When people of think of rehab, they generally
    visualize a jail that they cant escape. However,
    that is not the reality. Most rehab centres keep
    the doors unlocked. Patients are required to stay
    willingly. They can leave any time they want. No
    one would compel them to stay. The choice has to
    be their own.

What Does an Alcohol Addiction Rehab Look Like?
  • Routine
  • All rehabs have a strict routine that patients
    have to follow. It begins with a healthy
    breakfast leading to several activities and
    therapy sessions during the day. All these leave
    no room for alcohol craving to make its way in
    the patients minds.
  • Detoxification
  • Many rehab centres offer detoxification for
    patients who show up with severe physical
    symptoms such as shaking, convulsion,
    hallucinations etc. Before they put the patients
    in routine, they allow them time to survive
    without alcohol and remain healthy at the same
  • Therapy
  • They offer one to one therapy with the
    consultants so both the patient and doctor can be
    aware of the progress. Group therapy sessions are
    also arranged so everyone can learn to understand
    each others perspectives about alcohol and how
    to abstain from it.

Alcohol Abuse Programs for Treatment
  • Medicinal Treatment
  • Many doctors prescribe medication for treating
    addiction to alcohol. While medicine may keep
    alcohol from harming your body, it does little to
    keep your mind sated which longs for one more
  • Alcoholic Anonymous
  • This program is generally open for all
    alcoholics. If your society is organizing one and
    you feel the need to be a part of it then you had
    better not shy away. It comprises of a group of
    alcoholics who come together willingly to share
    their experiences as an addict.
  • Support Groups
  • SMART Groups
  • This group uses the SMART scale to ensure that
    the members of the group completely abstain from
    consuming alcohol. Using the principles of being
    Specific and Measurable in their actions, they
    motivate members to do good things. They push
    them to set Achievable targets for themselves.
    They teach them how to be Relevant and how their
    actions should be Time-based.

Alcohol Abuse Programs for Treatment
  • HAMS Groups
  • HAMS stands for Harm reduction, Abstinence,
    Moderation and Support. This program focuses on
    reducing alcohol consumption rather than removing
    it completely. It allows patients to drink only
    as much as they need to get rid of adverse side
    effects of the addiction.
  • Counselling Sessions
  • These sessions are taken by professional
    psychologists and are used for the treatment of
    alcohol addiction as well. They focus on
    positivity rather than looking for faults and
    mistakes in ones personality.
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Programs designed for relapse prevention are for
    long term treatment. Once, an alcoholic achieves
    sobriety, the next step is to maintain it. It
    requires regular appearance in meetings even
    after complete stoppage of alcohol consumption
    and use of prescribed medicine.

3 Effective Programs for Getting Rid of Alcohol
  • In-Patient Treatment
  • This program is generally prescribed in the
    immediate aftermath of dropping alcohol. At this
    time, patients are generally suffering from
    violent shaking, jitters, hallucinations,
    confusion and convulsions.
  • Counselling Sessions
  • Once the physical effects of dropping alcohol use
    disappear, the only thing that is left is control
    over the patients cravings for drinking. These
    cravings can be controlled through therapy. The
    treating doctor may take individual counselling
    sessions with the patient or he may prescribe
    group therapy to him.
  • Letting Go of Your Old Habits
  • Doctors also prescribe behavioural changes for
    coping with alcoholism. After patients leave
    treatment, doctors caution them from re-visiting
    the bars that they used to.

Why Is Alcohol Counselling Important? 3 Essential
  • Treatment of Psychological Disorders
  • According to a national survey, the substance use
    disorder is common in people over the age of 12
    years. This denotes that alcohol addiction begins
    with adolescence and is affecting the younger
    generation which, if not dealt immediately, leads
    to lifelong addiction.
  • Improving Family Life
  • Alcohol is a disease that not just affects the
    individual with the alcohol addiction but the
    entire family. The partner, children, parents,
    and siblings, everyone gets affected and face the
    consequences one way or another.
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Alcohol is a drug that is very common in people.
    It has the potential to cause several serious
    medical conditions. Mental health disorders like
    depression and anxiety are consequences of
    alcoholism. This may also lead towards
    destructive behaviours like inflicting self-harm
    and stimulation of suicidal tendencies.

The Importance of Nutrition in Addiction Recovery
  • The negative effects of different addictions on
  • Alcohol is known to damage numerous organs of the
    body, especially liver, which is known to flush
    out the bad toxins from the body, and the
    pancreas, that is known to control the blood
    sugar levels and fat absorption.
  • Opiate drugs such as morphine, heroin, and
    oxycontin damage the gastrointestinal organs
    which lead to the person constantly suffering
    from constipation while on the drugs, and then
    diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea while withdrawing
    from them. The users of the drug have often
    reported a deficiency in B6, iron, and vitamin D.
  • Marijuana causes a surge in ones appetite which
    leads the frequent user of the drug to gain a
    huge amount of weight.
  • Stimulants, such as cocaine, are known to produce
    an adverse effect on the persons appetite in
    comparison to marijuana. People under the effects
    of cocaine are considerably underweight, other
    than that since the drug gives the person energy
    and helps them stay awake longer it is a
    possibility that the user is dehydrated.

The Importance of Nutrition in Addiction Recovery
  • The role of nutrition in recovery
  • Research has shown that to have a healthy mind
    and body you need to practice healthy eating at
    all costs. This goes especially for those who are
    recovering from a drug addiction. A healthy diet
    lets your body use the minerals that it needs to
    repair the parts of your body that have been
    damaged by drugs.
  • You need to remember to cut out junk food and
    items high in saturated fat. Eat foods that
    contain more vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates,
    fibre, protein, and unsaturated fats. Eat food
    items such as egg-whites, raw soybeans, parmesan
    cheese, dairy products, spirulina, turkey, beans,
    spinach, beat, salmon and dry fruits. Make sure
    to drink water and consume fruits and vegetables
    that high water content, especially if you are
    recovering from cocaine use.

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