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Successful Hair Growth Clinic In Delhi


Indeed in hair transplant there are various techniques for hair restoration to look more attractive FUE hair transplant, FUT hair transplant, BHT hair transplant. To meet best experts doctor at hair transplant clinic in Delhi. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Successful Hair Growth Clinic In Delhi

Welcome Hair Transplant Growth Rate
Hair Transplant Growth Rate
Hair Transplant Surgery Hair Transplant is a
surgical procedure to restore natural hair back
on the bald area of the scalp. It is the process
in which restoration of beard, moustache and
pubic hair. The hair is taken from back side of
the head called donor area and implant in the
baldness called recipient area. Transplanted hair
roots start growing after 3-4 month of hair
transplant so for good result we need at least
6-8 months.
Hair Transplant Growth Rate Hair transplant is
a good successful process provided done by a
experienced highly skilled qualified
surgeon. Hair transplant growth rate depends on
many factors. Existing hair loss and availability
of donors hair. The quality of donors hair also
affects the result of hair transplant. If patient
donor hair is thick and curly the visual impact
of density is more as compared to thin hair.
After hair transplant the length of hair should
be kept little longer so same hair can cover more
area. But dense hair always helpful to your
recipients area.
Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery Cost of hair
transplant Surgery in India varies from place to
place and surgeon to surgeon. Hair transplant
depends on the requirement of their graft on the
baldness area. Hair transplant is a teamwork it
requires dedication of all the team members,
staff should be well trained. If a hair
transplant centre is equipped with all modern
facility with full-time staff, a cost may be more
but the result will also be better at such
Hair Transplant Techniques Hair transplant
contain the moving of hair roots from the donor
portion to the recipient one to get back your
original hair from your own body as an effect of
the natural and aesthetic aspect of the hair
transplant procedure. Since there are three
techniques for hair transplant FUT hair
transplant surgery, FUE hair transplant surgery,
BHT body hair transplant.
FUE Hair Transplant Surgery FUE is more commonly
done present a day as nobody wants a minor cut on
the back of the scalp. In FUE Hair Transplant
technique individual follicle is taken out from
the donor area by the help of a punch. Punch can
be done manually or with the help of a motorized
device. This procedure totally depends on surgeon
expertise as it is a blind procedure. If a
surgeon is not trained enough hair roots may be
transacted and will not grow after implantation.
This is a permanent or temporary loss of a hair
follicle so before going for hair transplant you
should inquire about surgeon qualification. In
FUE small circular scars are formed on the
backside of scalp but these are not
FUT Hair Transplant Surgery FUT is also known as
Strip Technique. A skin strip is taken from back
side of head which is the safe zone or permanent
zone of the scalp and then individual hair
follicle is dissected under the microscope. The
advantage of this method is, when we take a strip
of skin this is the most permanent zone or also
known as the sweet area as foe as donor area is
concerned. So, these hairs last for maximum time
may be up to the age of 80.
BHT Body Hair Transplant When non-scalp area
of body is used in which from donor area hair
extracted and implanted to recipient area this
is known as body hair Transplant. This technique
is basically advanced form of FUE. Beard and
moustache reconstruction is also done
successfully by this method. Chest hair gives
good filling effect when used with scalp hair.
Beard hair are thick so they should not be used
in anterior hair line zone. 
Quality of Experts and Experienced Hair
Transplant Surgeon There are two important
things about the hair transplant surgeon. First
is Qualification of a doctor. Another important
factor is the experience of the surgeon for hair
transplant. Many times doctor might be qualified
to do hair transplant but he is not having
experience of it or might have just started
without much of training. That why qualification
and experience of hair restoration are must for
a good hair transplant surgeon.

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