Brace yourselves! for here comes the bulletproof keto coffee! - Florida Key Coffee - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Brace yourselves! for here comes the bulletproof keto coffee! - Florida Key Coffee


Coffee is the beverage made out of roasted coffee beans which has a stimulating effect due to the presence of caffeine and is being enjoyed all around the world with equal passion.Florida Keys Coffee is one of the best coffees available uniquely in Florida Keys and is highly interesting. To shop now visit us @ – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Brace yourselves! for here comes the bulletproof keto coffee! - Florida Key Coffee

Brace Yourselves! For Here Comes the
Bulletproof Keto Coffee!
  • Florida Key Coffee

Afraid of overdoing your protein intake while on
ketosis? Do you feel defeated when you cannot
figure out how in the world you can hit the
correct diet score? If so, then today, lets
try for an alternative!
Florida Key Coffee
BulletProof Coffee
  • Bulletproof coffee has been doing the rounds for
    the last 2-3 years quite extensively! Bet you
    have already heard about the enigma that
    bulletproof coffee is!
  • Speculationsspeculations and more speculations
  • The bulletproof coffee is a deliciously healthy
    brew that can very much fit in your keto diet.
    Start your morning with a brimming hot cup of
    this coffee and voila! You are good to get a
    well-composed diet!

Florida Key Coffee
What? How? Why?
  • Bulletproof Diet
  • Consisting of adequate calories, the bulletproof
    coffee proves quite healthy than your regular
  • This particular beverage can be used in
    intermittent fasting as it boosts your metabolic
    rate to cope up with your mornings fasting
  • Not only do you benefit from the caffeine but
    also you get a hell lot of energy from MCT oil
    present in it.

Florida Key Coffee
Coffee Experience
  • The coffee also makes you feel full for a long
    time, which means, you can get away without
    eating too much. Moreover, people who have
    consumed this brew say that an hour after you sip
    it proves the most productive for work! You will
  • Much better mood
  • Fat loss in a short time
  • Bursts of energy
  • Gain in muscle strength
  • Incredible performance at work home

How Does it Fit in?
  • Creamy and tasty, the BP brew was discovered by
    Dave Asprey. It is a concoction of bulletproof
    coffee beans, brain octane oil and grass-fed
    butter or, if you want, ghee.
  • It comprises a healthy dose of fat which
    energizes your brain and your body to keep going
    for hours! Additionally, it also comes with high
    quotient of polyphenols (including other
    antioxidants), which help you perform way better
    for a long time.

Florida Key Coffee
Why Should You Do For It?
  • Along with the bulletproof coffee in your keto
    diet, you can easily add healthy fats, standard
    proteins and veggies which are rich in
    antioxidants! This brew comes with a package
    containing nutrients like Vitamin B, manganese
    and potassium. As a result, any chronic disease
    which can hamper your brain is prevented.
  • The bulletproof beans have been held to strict
    standards of quality that minimizes toxin
    contamination and molds. So, you can drink 2 to 3
    cups of this coffee without any worry of in
    taking toxic elements.

Florida Key Coffee
Why Should You Do For It?
  • Adding more to the bonus list, the grass-fed
    butter which is high in butyrate (short chained
    fatty acid) prevents and reduces levels of
    inflammation. The brain octane oil proves the key
    element in burning fat! It increases the
    molecules responsible for fat burning and brain
    fueling called ketones.
  • With this new brew, Coffeeholics are sure to
    rejoice! No more worries of toxicity on too much
    caffeine intake. Moreover, your keto diet also
    receives a different dimension with this coffee.
  • Thus, your weight loss regimen gets a strong

Florida Key Coffee
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