How Body to Body Massage Chandigarh Influence your Life? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Body to Body Massage Chandigarh Influence your Life?


A massage can give us advantage in our life both physically and mentally. Here are a few benefits of full body to body massage chandigarh that influence your life. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: How Body to Body Massage Chandigarh Influence your Life?

Massage these vital Organs with the Body to Body
Massage Chandigarh!
Before that, you might want to know what massage
can do to the following body organs
  • All of us love relaxing after a long and tiring
    workout routine, also, the daily jobs that we do
    make us feel exhausted, and sometimes we need a
    massage to end all the suffering that has been
    going on.
  • If you are also suffering from this problem, you
    might need a body to body massage in Chandigarh.

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  • Ears are not only meant for hearing, but they
    also have certain points on them which when
    massaged can soothe the nerves and body.
  • A famous point is known as the gate to heaven,
    is located on the rim at the top of both ears.
  • It Is believed that massaging this point can
    relieve anxiety, headache, and make us calm.

  • Admit it, the most used organ of our body which
    gets tired of the thumb, we do a lot of typing.
  • Send messages. All we type is done by the thumb
    this thumb differentiates us from other primates.
  • It consists of eight muscles, which help us hold,
    grab and pinch. The thumb contains different spot
    points which when pressed makes the blood
    pressure normal, calms the nerves, all this is
    possible in a body to body massage in Chandigarh!

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  • From holding heavy files to flexing and
    extending, our wrists to a lot of work for us,
    the wrists also have an accu point, known as the
    inner gate or the pericardium 6.
  • Massaging this point helps in calming the heart
    down whenever we feel anxious. Taking the hands
    in a praying position can help to press these
    points to calm your heart down.

The buttocks
  • We keep sitting down and standing up for multiple
    times a day, the gluteal muscles do all the work
    in it, but while having a massage, we always
    ignore this area.
  • Massaging this muscles, help deep tissue soothing
    and making the blood flow nicely through these
    tight muscles.

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The gut
  • The gut is directly related to the digestion of
    all the food that we eat all day.
  • Studies have proven that massaging the stomach
    can boost the digestion of food, making us able
    to extract more and more nutrients from our food.
  • We dont pay much attention to the movement of
    our belly, even a small session of rubbing the
    stomach can help in making us have a good sleep
    and boost the digestion of food.

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