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Importance of trophies, awards and medals.


The presentation is regarding how much efficiency is required to manufacture a trophy, award or medal with very keen crafting and engraving skill. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Importance of trophies, awards and medals.

Importance of Trophies, Awards and Medals
  • Reason for awarding a beautiful trophy in game.

A brief introduction
They are physical proof that one individual or
gathering has won in some challenge. Sculptural,
all sports trophies regularly incorporate a
figure, sports gear, or creature (for agrarian
fairs) related with the challenge in which the
victor has exceeded expectations. They are
unmistakable confirmation of ability and have
remarkable significance for their beneficiaries.
They're gladly shown in homes and schools.
Types of Trophies
Trophies for every occasion
Once of metal on a wooden or metal base, numerous
trophies are presently made of formed plastic
hued to take after gold, silver, or metal.
Trophy parts are produced inside a processing
plant yet amassed by grant merchants (retailers)
who pitch to the general population. Therefore,
there is an amazing cluster of parts that might
be obtained, enabling the retailer to fabricate
an honor to address each client's issues.
Types of Trophies
Types of trophies Sports Trophies Acrylic Trophy
Buttons Achievement Trophies Baby
Trophies Coaches Awards Dance Trophies Golf
Trophies Awards Novelty Trophies
Awards Sailing Trophies Awards School
Trophies Sculptured Trophies Awards Star
Trophies Awards Super Post Trophies
Awards Trivia Trophies Awards Victory Trophies
Awards Wooden Spoon Trophies
Trophies for every occasion
For instance, trophies might be acquired with
silver tone, goldstone, or clear plastic dolls
and with marble-like or wood-like bases. The
figures on trophies are right now accessible in
several structures, including suit-attired
business people, Irish advance artists, snare
casters, gun marksmen, and ladies' lacrosse, to
give some examples.
History of Trophies
Evolution of trophies
Right from the beginning we always have some
kinds of ceremonial trophies online to award the
person for a particular type of recognition.
Previously they were using like head, horns,
tooth and other part of the prey and all sort of
things to make a trophy out of that, which has
now evolved to make acrylic trophies cheap
glass trophies. Due to advanced engraving
machinery we have managed to make beautiful
trophies for every occasion.
Modern Trophies
Evolution of trophies
We have evolved in making beautiful trophies with
these modern marvel engineering machines which
are used for molding, engraving, cutting,
polishing and making an absolutely amazing
trophies like soccer trophies, which are
appraised in the whole Australia for its unique
finish and detailed engraving.
Trophy Material
Raw Materials for Trophies
Trophies, awards medals are made from different
kind of materials like Acrylic, Glass, Wood,
Steel, Silver, Gold, Brass. Each material has its
own uniqueness in establishing a long lasting
impression like custom medals, which are
available in all shape and sizes, also in many
sort of materials like Silver, Gold and bronze.
Customized Trophies
How it is made?
Most of the time each trophy maker gets order of
a customization which is as per a particular
occasion or event. The process of customization
starts from getting detailed information from
customer regarding how he wants the trophy to be,
then comes the part of giving a virtual touch and
implementing experience of making trophies , then
lets the machine roll out the material into a
physical trophy and confirming with the client.
a presentation by
Olympia Trophies Corporate