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Top Banking Classes in Mumbai


Find the Banking Classes in Mumbai, Banking exam training classes, Banking institutes, instructors and courses in Mumbai, Get Phone Numbers, Addresses, Latest Reviews & Ratings. Visit to discover, try & enroll online and get best deals on Banking classes in Mumbai and more. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top Banking Classes in Mumbai

What is banking
  • A system of trading money which provides a safe
    place to save excess cash, known as deposits.
    supplies liquidity to the economy by loaning this
    money out to help businesses grow and to allow
    consumers to purchase consumer products, homes,
    cars etc.
  • Banking as Accepting for the purpose of
    lending and investment, deposits of money from
    the public repayable on demand or otherwise and
    withdraw able by cheque, draft, order or
    otherwise No definition of banking can be
    comprehensive enough in the present context

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  • Institutions which deals in money and credit.
  • An intermediary, which handles other peoples
    money both for their advantage and to its own
  • A financial institution that links the flow of
    funds from savers to the users.
  • Plays an important role in the economy of any
    country as they hold the saving of the public.

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Why Do We Study Banking
  • Banking is The well-spring of the monetary
    bloodstream (i.e., life blood of business and
  • An important component of the economic system of
    a country.
  • Responsible for the rapid development of a
    countrys economy (by
  • Mobilizing savings into investments).

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 Why Does Banking Work
  • We give a bank our money to keep it safe for us,
    and then the bank turns around and gives it to
    someone else in order to make money for itself.
  • Banks can legally extend considerably more credit
    than they have cash.
  • Still, most of us have total trust in the bank's
    ability to protect our money and give it to us
    when we ask for it.

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Bachelors degree program in Banking 
  •     Environment and Management of Financial
    Services    Micro Economics    Effective
    Banking Communication    Quantitative
    Techniques in Banking    Organizational
    behavior in Banking organizations    Taxation
    of Financial Services

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Bachelors degree program in Banking 
  •     Laws relating to Banking Insurance   
    Cost Accounting of BI Services    Equity
    Debt    Corporate Laws governing Capital
    Markets    International Business Management in
    Banking Organizations    HRM in Banking
    Organizations    Strategic Planning in Banking

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Career in banking
  • Bank Administration/Accounting  handles the
    bank's internal operations, sets policies and
    provides oversight
  • Consumer Banking  delivers financial services to
    individual customers
  • Commercial Banking  delivers financial services
    to businesses, schools, churches and other
  • Compliance  provides strategic direction,
    ensures bank abides by industry laws and

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Career in banking
  • Human Resources  manages employee placement,
    salaries, benefits and training
  • Operations/Accounting  provides record keeping,
    bookkeeping and financial analysis
  • Technology/Information Systems/Security  ensures
    availability of information, maintains computer
    systems and software, and protects data
  • Public Relations/Marketing  promotes the bank's
    products and services, coordinates advertising,
    and improves relationships with the community and
  • Trust and Investment Banking  manages money or
    property for others

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