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Top 10 Best Hard Camera Cases Reviews


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Title: Top 10 Best Hard Camera Cases Reviews

Top 10 Best Hard Camera Cases Reviews
2018 Cameras and lens are very expensive they
need a good case to protect them from scratches
and bumps. That is where the hard camera cases
come into play. Hard camera cases protect your
camera equipment from water, dust, and even from
the theft. Camera cases are very sturdy and
strong and some also have the wheel to carry them
effortlessly. To help you get the best case for
your camera equipment, we have listed the top 10
best hard camera cases in 2018 and buying guide.
Read below List of Top 10 Best Hard Camera
Cases 10. AmazonBasics Medium Hard Camera Case
Keep your valuable camera equipment safely stored
and well protected with the AmazonBasics medium
hard camera case. The camera case is made from a
high-quality shell that can easily handle knock,
drops, and bumps without damaging your camera.
This camera has a watertight and airtight seal
to keep water out and keep the camera safe and
dry. It also has a comfortable handle to make it
easy to carry.
Top Features
  • It has a customizable interior
  • Airtight and watertight seal to keep the camera
  • It has dual locking hole for security
  • It easy to carry with the comfortable handle

9. Pelican 1200 Hard camera Cases
Measuring 9.25 x 4.12 x 7.12 inches, this camera
case is large enough to accommodate your camera,
rechargeable battery, lens, light meter, and
lens. The Pelican 12000 hard camera case is made
of high-quality copolymer polypropylene material
which is very strong and is also light, so you
can easily carry the case. The camera case
features an automatic pressure equalization
valve, which helps release the built-up air
pressure to keep water out, so your camera and
other accessories will remain dry and safe. The
handles and hinges are made of stainless steel
material that is very strong and wont easily
Top Features
  • It is waterproof and airtight
  • It is well padded so you camera lens wont get
  • It has foam which lets you customize the interior
  • Strong handles and hinges

8. Royal 179 Hard camera Cases
If you want a robust camera case, then you should
get the Royal 179 hard camera cases. This
camera made from solid polypropylene copolymer.
This is a very strong material to ensure a crust
resistant protection to your cameras and lens.
The case has a tounge in-groove and o-real seal
design which provide a watertight and airtight
seal to protect your camera and lens against
water, fungus, UV, corrosion, and dust. The case
also has spring loaded latch system which allows
easy closing and opening.
Top Features
  • Lock holes for added security
  • Easy opening and closing
  • Comes with a customizable interior foam
  • Measures 16 x 6.8 x 13 Inches

7. Pelican 1150 Hard Camera Case
This is one of the strongest camera cases on the
market. Not only camera and lens, you can also
carry other fragile things in it. The Pelican
1150 camera case is very easy to carry and has
large space to store a lot of things. It is
totally water and airtight, so your camera, lens,
and batteries will remain dry and safe. The case
also has come with soft foam that prevents the
camera equipment from an impact.
Top Features
  • Stainless steel padlock protectors
  • Measures 8.18 x 3.62 x 5.68
  • Durable hinges and handle
  • It is easy to carry

6. Pelican 1120 Hard Camera Case
This hard camera case from pelican comes with all
the great features that you would expect on a
camera case, such automatic pressures
equalization value and polymer o-ring to keep the
water out. It is made from durable copolymer
polypropylene which is a lightweight and strong
material. This camera case is dustproof,
crushproof and water prop, to keep your camera
safe in any condition.
Top Features
  • Measures 7.25 x 3.06x 4.75 inches
  • It easy to open and close the latches
  • It is made from solid and lightweight materials
  • Customizable interior

5. Nanuk 908 Hard Camera Case
This hard camera case is perfect for big and
small cameras. It is waterproof and airtight. The
camera is also crushproof and dustproof.
Additionally, it has thick padding with
customizable foam inside to easily absorb shock.
The case also comes with an automatic pressure
equalizer valve and o-ring seal. It is also made
from durable lightweight materials for easy
Top Features
  • Measures 9.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches
  • Strong hinges and handle
  • Customizable interior

4. Polaroid Roadie Hard Camera Case
The Polaroid case is designed for cameras, lens,
guns, and other sensitive items. It features a
thick padding that is suitable for all sensitive
items. It made of durable material that can
sustain bumps easily. It is completely dustproof
and waterproofs. It ensures that your camera is
safe and dry.
Top Features
  • Watertight and airtight
  • It is made of durable and lightweight materials
  • Comes with carrying strap

3. Pelican 1600 Hard Camera Case
This hard camera case is made for the small and
big DSLR camera. It is watertight and airtight.
It is also crushproof and dustproof. It comes
with thick padded foam to shock and also prevent
the lens from being scratched. It is made of
copolymer polypropylene material that makes it
sturdy and strong. The case has double throw
larches that are easier to open and close the
Top Features
  • Has an automatic Pressure Equalization Valve
  • Comfortable carrying handles
  • Measures 24.25 x 19.43 x 8.68 inches
  • Waterproof and dustproof

2. Smatree GA7003 Hard Camera Case
This is another great hard camera case with
double-layer Case. The interior measures 1.02 X
6.149.6 inches and it customizable in many ways.
This case is water waterproof and airtight and
will protect your camera equipment against dust,
water, corrosion, UV, and fungus. It stays
unaffected by extremes change in temperature,
pressure, and altitude. The case comes with
flexible and soft foam that protect your
accessories and cameras from scuffing.
Top Features
  • Double case to provide plenty space
  • Made from durable ABS materials
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Soft and customizable foam

1. SKB Hard Camera Case
This is very well built hard camera case that is
made to hold up to 2 cameras. It is constructed
of a solid polypropylene material which is
resistant to impact and corrosion damage. The
interior is easily customizable and it is also
dustproof and waterproof. You can use it in harsh
water conditions and sensitive environment.
Since it easily adjusts to any atmospheric
pressure change. Moreover, it comes with a
section the memory cards, lens, lens hood, flash
and other camera equipment.
Top Features
  • It has dual locking hole for security
  • It comes with a wheel and pulls out handle for
    easy transport
  • It is made of durable and lightweight materials
  • It is easy to open and close

Factors to Consider When Buying a Hard Camera
Case Buying a camera case is not as easy as
buying a phone case where you just need to choose
the design and color. The following are some of
the factors you need to consider before choosing
camera case. These factors include
Factor to Consider
1. Size Determining the best case for your
camera is the first priority. If you dont get
the exact ideas for the dimension of the hard
case listed in this article you can check the
official Amazon site and
  • check where they have provided a chart size chart
    there. You need also to consider the number of
    camera and accessories you need to carry so that
    you easily can pick the best size.
  • Handle and Wheel
  • They are many hard camera cases that dont come
    with a wheel. Depending on the purpose of the
    camera case, you may or not need the case with
    wheels. The cases with the wheel are a bit
    expensive. For example, if you usually travel
    mostly in a car, you dont need to choose a case
    with wheels but if you travel by public
    transport like rail or plane, the camera cases
    with the wheel are a must so that you can easily
    carry the camera case comfortably.
  • Protection
  • It is very common for all hard camera cases to be
    airtight and even waterproof. But what you need
    to consider is whether the camera case is
    pressure and temperature resistant or not if you
    need the best case. You know lens and cameras are
    made from fragile materials and the pressure and
    temperature differences can easily cark them up.
    So you need to choose a camera case that is
    pressure and temperature resistant.
  • Material
  • Your camera case can be subject to different
    abuses depending on the people you give it to.
    The best material is polypropylene copolymer and
    stainless steel. These materials are very strong
    and lightweight. You should choose a case that
    is made from these materials.
  • Final Decision
  • Safety is all that you want with your camera
    equipment make you get a hard camera case today
    to protect them from water, dust, and other
    elements. Choose one of the best camera cases on
    the list above.
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