Practical uses of Mint Soap Bar and Aloe vera Soaps in India - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Practical uses of Mint Soap Bar and Aloe vera Soaps in India


With the practical aspects of using Aloe vera soap and Mint soap bar,imprinted in your mind, you need to make the decision. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Practical uses of Mint Soap Bar and Aloe vera Soaps in India

Practical uses of Mint Soap Bar and Aloe Vera
Soaps in India
  • India is a country of multiple destinations,
    wider scopes and traditional therapies. Skin and
    beauty care, or concern for general health and
    well-being, there are always unlimited options
    making the way into the lives of individuals.
    The India market for herbal soaps has been strong
    one since long time.

  • There were times, when soaps were manufactured in
    many households, but this trend has gone on snail
    trail. In the new millennia, several organic and
    herbal pharma companies are manufacturing mint
    soap bar and various dimensions of Aloe Vera
    soaps in India. It is perceptible these companies
    have understood sentiments of a larger part of
    audience and the growing awareness of skin

Mint Soap Bar A selective treatment for oily
  • Peppermint, or Mint or Mentha pipperita, has
    extensive application in treating infections that
    appear on oily and sensitive skin. Mint is a dry
    herb, and the soap made out of this herb is not a
    recommended remedy for dry skin. However, the
    better part of story is that Mint soap bar has
    antimicrobial and aromatic properties protecting
    the skin from fungal and bacterial infections.

Uses of Aloe vera Soap
  • Potent remedy against acne Aloe vera soaps have
    two important hormones, viz-a-viz Auxins and
    Gibberellins. These hormones have properties to
    heal the skin and prevent the occurrence of
    sensation of inflammation. Above all, the
    hormones eliminate infections on skin. The layer
    of dead cells is removed after regular bathing
    with Aloe Vera soap. New layer of cells appears,
    and your skin breathes naturally.

  • Treats the sunburns - The epithelial lining on
    skin is sensitive to direct attack from UV rays.
    This lining stands the chance of obliteration.
    Regular bath with Aloe Vera soap provides a
    protective covering to epithelial lining, which
    retains the moisture. Furthermore, antioxidants
    and natural occurring nutrients in the soap begin
    healing sunburns from the first bath.

  • Removes skin allergies The herbal soap has
    anti-allergic qualities and therefore, all kinds
    of minute and pervasive allergies are removed and
    you experience smooth skin. Allergies once
    removed rarely come back.

  • With the practical aspects of using Aloe Vera
    soap and Mint soap bar, imprinted in your mind,
    you need to make the decision. Health of your
    facial skin and general body is the prime
    concern. And you know it well these soaps have
    natural vegetable base, which is not going to
    give skin rashes. The herbal soaps will not alter
    your skin tone.
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