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What does website maintenance entail?


Check Out! Why website maintenance is entail? And why website Perform properly after SEO maintenance? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What does website maintenance entail?

How to design a perfect logo? A logo provides
your brand a unique identity. Your customers can
easily identify your brand by merely looking at a
tiny initial of your brand name at the lower end
of a pullover. It also helps the customers to
differentiate between the original and the
replicated product. Thus, a logo needs to be
designed carefully as it holds a great potential
to promote a brands awareness and
reputation. Following are few useful tips which
will provide you some useful insights regarding
logo designing.
Competition Analysis Before designing your logo,
it is essential to ponder upon the logos of your
competitors. Study the current design trends,
research about what is appealing your target
audience the most and then select a design which
will represent your personality accordingly.
Articulate your vision in your brand
logo Next, you need to communicate the vision
of your brand to your target customers. The
golden rule to follow is the KISS (Keep It
Simple, Silly) principle. The more easy your logo
design is, the more easy it will be for your
customers to remember it. So, follow the simple
rule of - Being Unforgettable.
Make use of the negative space Have you ever
wondered how brands convey hidden messages by
utilising the negative spaces (empty spaces)
within their logos? By customising the negative
space in your logo, you can promote a brand idea
which will have a greater visual impact on your
target customer base. Few successful examples are
The little arrow running from the alphabet a to
z signifies that Amazon provides A-Z products.
The pink portion of the alphabets B and R
represents - 31 which means 31 flavours of the
ice cream which Baskin Robbins provides.
The subtly placed right - facing arrow between
the alphabets E and X denotes speed and
One can easily spot an outline of the Australian
continent where the womans leg meets her hand.
  • Color psychology
  • A logo can be either black white or coloured.
    However, it is important to know that each colour
    evokes a different sentiment in the customer.
    Therefore, before selecting a colour for your
    logo, it is always advised to learn about the
    colour psychology.
  • Blue - Trustworthy, tranquil, medical and
  • Black - Powerful and credible

  • Brown - Steady, historical and rural.
  • Green - Growth, organic, instructional.

  • Orange - Youthful, friendly and creative
  • Pink - Fun and flirty

  • Purple - Spiritual and wise.
  • Red - Bold and energetic.

  • White - Pure, simple and clean.
  • Yellow - optimism, inventive and sunny.

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