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4 Tips for Forklift Safety -Forklift Training Brampton


CN Lift Safety provides industrial level competent new Forklift Operator Training and Forklift Refresher Training and Certification. We’re the leading providers of Forklift Training in Brampton, Mississauga, and Toronto. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 4 Tips for Forklift Safety -Forklift Training Brampton

Forklift Training in Mississauga Top 4 Tips for
Forklift Safety
  Top 4 Tips for Forklift Safety
  • When it comes to the numerous industrial jobs,
    the importance of warehouse and traffic
    associated with it cant be neglected. There is
    both inside and outside traffic that needs to be
    regulated to avoid any kind of chaos and
    workplace accidents. While taking about the
    inside traffic of warehouse, it is a heady
    combination of pedestrian workforce and heavy
    machinery that work and coordinate with each
    other. Usually at such places, forklifts constitut
    e of the major portion of vehicular traffic. And
    that is why OSHA strongly recommends forklift
    training in Mississauga as according to a rough
    estimate, around 35,000 severe injuries occur due
    to forklift accidents.

1 Aisle Corners
The trickiest spots of any warehouse are the
corners that are located at the end of each
aisle. Usually such area are blind spots and the
driver has to be extra cautious while steering
through them. So, at these points, adding up a
few more light bulbs and safety mirrors can help
them a lot and increase the visibility. Or you
can also use forklift traffic signs to warn the
2 Aisle Pathways
On the pathways, you can hang up speed limit
signs to discourage the forklift drivers to go
beyond the speed limits. According to OSHA, the
speed of forklift shouldnt exceed beyond 5 mph.
3 Gathering Locations
Usually in warehouses, there are certain spots
where the workers gather around. At such places,
dont forget to add the signs and keep the
vehicular movements away from the area to
decrease the chances of accidents. Discourage the
drivers to bring forklift machines in such areas.
4 Maintenance Areas
There are certain areas in warehouse that are
meant for the maintenance of the machines. In
such areas, the floor can be oily or slippery so
hanging appropriate signs in such areas is a must.
Forklift Training in Mississauga
Apart from all these tips, dont forget to send
you employees to for forklift training in
Mississauga as during such training, employees
are taught how to handle the machines and
necessary steps to take in case of any disaster.
For such training, you should choose experts
like Forklift Training Program by CN Forklift
Safety to hone the skills of your operators.
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