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Virtual Personal Assistant | Virtual Assistant Services | GetFriday


Virtual personal assistant is an online secretary who assists a person in there daily tasks that could be either personal or business related tasks.GetFriday is one of the best virtual assistant services in India providing virtual assistance to the clients across the globe. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Virtual Personal Assistant | Virtual Assistant Services | GetFriday

Why Should Busy Professionals Hire a Virtual
  • Why Should Busy Professionals Hire a Virtual
  • With an increasing number of entrepreneurs
    creeping up each day, a myriad of new ventures
    are taking shape, more so, with the emergence of
    affordable and high-speed internet. Thus,
    proclaiming success with such stiff market
    competition demands busy professionals to tag in
    that extra effort. This is where outsourcing a
    ventures intricate tasks to a virtual personal
    assistant can emerge to be fruitful.

  • How does a VA fare?
  • Virtual Assistants are full-time employed
    professionals who work for a venture from a
    remote location. With their niche expertise at
    disposal, proficient VAs will support multiple
    clients simultaneously, catering to a variable
    range of workloads effortlessly.
  • The biggest benefit Complete your job within
    the deadline.

  • Reasons to Hire Virtual
  • 1.Get Hands On The Cream
  • A professional with a stringent work
    schedule would always want to hire the premium
    employees for his company. While your interviews
    will strive to skim the best from the rest,
    often, talented individuals may be based overseas
    and hiring an online personal assistant can
    suffice to your needs more effectively.
  • Besides, these individuals are often
    full-time freelancers who delve into tie-ups with
    multiple ventures. Thus, being solely dedicated
    to the work at hand, they can deliver top-notch
    quality services every time.
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  • Reason 2 Office space independency
  • Another major benefit of hiring a virtual
    assistant is eradicating the needs of extra
    office space. Being remotely based, your VA can
    cater to your workload requirements, and you can
    even choose to hire a larger remote based team in
    case of large volume projects.
  • This, in turn, reduces your overhead cost such as
    computers and associated equipment and also
    prevents incurring extra electricity charges.
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  • Reason 3 Delve into core operations
  • Often, your company can get hands on a project
    that requires the involvement of niche experts
    for the task. Under such circumstances, a virtual
    personal assistant can come in handy especially
    for a busy professional.
  • For instance, your web development company may
    need to integrate a specific SQL injection in the
    developed project. With a remotely based
    professional at your job, your project can
    effectively crawl towards a successful

  • Reason 4 24 x 7 Availability
  • Your reliable and dependable virtual assistant
    services may be located across time zones. So,
    your VA may be working when you are sleeping.
    This signifies, by hiring VAs, a business can aim
    to provide round the clock services to its
    clients, without physically keeping the office
    open 24x7.
  • This not only increases productivity but also
    escalates the fiscal Return on Investment (ROI)
    of a venture.

  • Note Consistent VAs will also contribute to
    overcoming your daily fragmented tasks, thus,
    rendering your office its deserved competence.
  • In a nutshell, one can say that VAs can prove to
    be an effective tool in expanding the annual
    productivity and versatility of a busy
    professional. So, without any delay, hire a
    dependable virtual personal assistant today and
    allow your business rise to the zenith of
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