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Dr. Mithil Patil / South Asia Fertility Center - Elawoman


Dr. Mithil Patil is an accomplished and Senior Gynecologist in Pune. He has a solid notoriety of youthful and splendid alongside the most patient thoughtful specialist in Pune. For his enormous work in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology, he has been granted Young Scientist Award by Pune Obstetrics and Gynaecology Federation 2014-15. He has done spearheading research in Infertility and Fetal Medicine. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Dr. Mithil Patil / South Asia Fertility Center - Elawoman

Dr. Mithil Patil / South Asia Fertility Center -
Dr. Mithil Patil is an accomplished and Senior
Gynecologist in Pune. He has a solid notoriety of
youthful and splendid alongside the most patient
thoughtful specialist in Pune. For his enormous
work in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology,
he has been granted Young Scientist Award by
Pune Obstetrics and Gynaecology Federation
2014-15. He has done spearheading research in
Infertility and Fetal Medicine. Dr. Mithil Patil
Gynecologist is the best gynecologist in Pune.
South Asia Fertility Center is devoted to the
assessment and treatment of male and female
contraceptive issues. They have been at the
front line of this exceedingly particular
territory of medication with an objective to
give thorough and humane fertility mind. Also,
new best in class office joins clinical
workplaces, laboratory offices, and a surgical
suite in one advantageous area.
Dr. Mithil Patil has done en-various productions
and research in Fetal Medicine and Infertility
alongside Fetal Medicine Foundation, UK.
Presently, he is working at various healing
facilities in Pune and likewise as an Associate
Professor at Bharati Medical College, Pune. Dr.
Mithil has distributed numerous unique research
articles on different parts of Obstetrics and
Gynecology tossing light on more up to date
treatment modalities. Screened in excess of
10,000 pregnant ladies and have accomplished in
excess of 9 universal production till date on
the concerned theme.
South Asia fertility Center is a world class
center for infertility administration and
perceived worldwide as a propelled ART Center.
South Asia Fertility Center offers wide
assortment of administrations, for example, IUI
, IVF and ICSI. Center is controlled by Dr Mithil
Patil who has been granted as Young Scientist
Award by Pune OBGYN affiliation . Dr Mithil has
done broad research on Infertility and its more
up to date administration alternatives which has
been distributed and acknowledged in
International Journal.
SAFC is committed to give world standard care to
patients where nothing is unthinkable . Dr.
Mithil Patil gynecologist Dr. Mithil is a
qualified and an accomplished Gynecologist who
has sought after his profession in Infertility
and Fetal Medicine. Gone out from Government
Medical College , Solapur as a MD he has grown
fine aptitudes and predominant clinical
discernment . While working at Civil Hospital
Solapur , he has performed and helped numerous
convoluted surgeries and which has made him
equipped specialist. Mission for magnificence has
constrained him to experience thorough preparing
in endoscopy at Cochin with Dr. Hafeez Rehman ,
renowed laparoscopic specialist down south. He
has additionally accomplished turning point by
doing partnership preparing in Reproductive
Medicine at Chennai Fertility Center , Chennai
with Dr.Thomas ( embryologist ) which has
refined his aptitudes in ART. Inspired by his
work in Fetal Medicine, he has been confirmed by
Fetal Medicine Foundation,UK as an ensured
sonologist for the pre-birth screening
technique. Achievement milestones He has been
always taking a shot at the Infertility and fetal
Medicine, acquiring development the fluctuated
techniques and making treatment practical to all
class of the patients. He is as of now chipping
away at a task named First Trimester Screening
with Dr.S.Suresh , Chennai at Bharati Hospital
and Research center He has opened his first
facilities at Kothrud named Multispeciality
Clinics in the year 2010. Seeing at his
commitment and thoughtful approach towards
understanding , he has been overpowered by the
patients reaction. He has opened new devoted
center towards Infertility at Pashan , Sai chowk
named De Novo Fertility Center , taking into
account all needs of patients. Center is getting
sensational reaction from the patient and is
running effectively accomplishing its objective
of administration. He has been welcome to seat a
session on Ian Donald School Of
Ultrasound TVS First Trimester Screening at
AICOG 2016 Agra. He has been granted as
"Youthful Scientist" by Pune Obstetrics and
Gynecology Society in 2015. Achievement
milestones Dr. mithil is appended at various
healing facilities crosswise over Pune Sahyadri
Hospital,Jehangir Hospital,Bharati Hospital,
Denanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune Awards
  • He has additionally been assigned for a youthful
    researcher awards and has been taking a shot at
    numerous exploration extends in collaboration
    with national and worldwide establishments.
  • He has dependably been applauded by the patient
    as an exceptionally thoughtful and humane
    individual committed to persistent care.
  • At De Novo Fertility Center numerous more
    patients, who have been taking treatment
    somewhere else and fizzled , imagined after
    straightforward treatment conventions.
  • South Asia Fertility Center ANDROLOGY LAB Sperm
    analyses and insemination administrations
  • The andrology lab at the Loma Linda University
    Center for Fertility and IVF is in charge of male
    patient sperm analyses and preparing for
    insemination. Male fertility administrations
  • A board of tests to survey male factor
  • Custom testing of the best sperm wash technique
    for intrauterine insemination (IUI) and ICSI
  • Triple morphology

checkpoints comprising of strict morphology, acros
trustworthiness and sperm disfigurement list to
discover the general health of the male
patient's sperm.
Sperm collection The right kind of example
holder for semen collection is critical.
Unacceptable glasses, for example, those
appeared in the photograph, ought not be
utilized. The lab gives non-harmful example
containers to our patients to guarantee that the
sperm testing is exact and that the handled
sperm can be utilized for insemination. Testing
sperm health
  • One of the sperm tests performed checks for
    antisperm antibodies on the sperm surface. By
    utilizing immunobeads, the kind of immunizer and
    area is recognized (for example, on the leader
    of the sperm). Intracytoplasmic sperm infusion
    (ICSI) can sidestep this type of male
  • Testing sperm motility (movement)
  • Motility is critical for the sperm to achieve the
    egg in the fallopian tube. In the lab, motility
    estimations are classified into four gatherings
    as per World Health Organization criteria
  • Rapid movement
  • Slow movement
  • Non-movement
  • And immotile
  • The analyses of sperm movement are finished
    utilizing light microscopy (picture appeared
    here) or by the Hamilton Thorne PC helped sperm
  • Ripe sperm flaunt an uncommon sort of movement
    called hyperactivation, taking after fiercely
    turning finish at settled positions with no
    directional movement. Research considers
    demonstrate that sperm cells initiated for
    treatment showed this conduct. This kind of
    movement is estimated utilizing the lab PC
    (giving a picture like the ones appeared here)
    and answered to the doctor to help with
    diagnosing male factor issues.

Testing sperm penetration The limit of every
sperm to infiltrate the egg film and unload the
firmly snaked DNA found in its mind can be
evaluated with the sperm penetration measure
(SPA).Inactive defrosted hamster eggs are
utilized as a part of this test. The quantity of
decondensed sperm heads in each egg is included
as demonstrated this photograph on the left
(bolts at two of the numerous heads). The DNA in
each head is noticeable as a green hover under
fluorescence microscopy appeared on the
right.Patients with low egg penetration esteems
may require sperm infusion (ICSI) amid IVF to
conquer penetration issues. Testing sperm shape
The level of sperm with typical shapes is gotten
after a minuscule investigation of shading
recolored sperm settled on a glass slide. The
photograph underneath demonstrates a sort A
typical shaped sperm, and also a portion of the
disfigured sperm.This technique is known as the
Kruger strict ordinary morphology or Tygerberg
strategy. Fruitless men have under 4 percent
ordinary shaped sperm. Testing sperm DNA
One strategy to test for broken DNA (fracture)
inside a man's sperm is to utilize the
fluorescent color, acridine, which paints sperm
with ordinary DNA green and those with broken DNA
a splendid orange-red shading. The photograph on
the correct demonstrates that standard
infinitesimal assessment can't identify the
distinction and that the color is important to
uncover sperm with broken DNA.
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