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The Risks and Consequences Of Driving Without Insurance


Ignorance of the law is not an excuse when you’re driving your vehicle. So, driving without insurance can expose you to liability, fines, and suspension of your license. To save yourself from all such issues, it is advised to keep your insurance up to date with you when you drive. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Risks and Consequences Of Driving Without Insurance

The Risks and Consequences Of Driving Without
  • Why you should never, ever, drive without
    insurance, even for five minutes
  • Driving without insurance is one of those
    no-brainer kind of situations that always make me
    give my head a shake. Not only are you putting
    yourself at risk in terms of liability, fines and
    possible suspension of your license, but you put
    others at risk too. 

  • Once or twice a year, someone comes into my
    office who did not insure their vehicle and was
    hurt in an accident. Even though they arent at
    fault, they have little recourse to help pay for
    the medical care they need. Sad, isnt it?
  • Now imagine the person who didnt insure
    their vehicle and hit someone else its even

  • What Minimum Insurance Do I Need To Carry?
  • If youre driving in Ontario, you need to
    have third party liability coverage. This is what
    protects you if you injure someone else or damage
    property, as a result of a motor vehicle
    accident. The standard amount is 1 million,
    though carrying 2 million coverage isnt unusual
    these days, as lawsuits CAN get expensive.

  • You also need to be carrying sufficient
    accident benefits coverage, without which you
    could be in for some very expensive medical
  • Its always good to look at your coverages
    and make sure they will meet your needs in the
    case of a serious or catastrophic injury.

  • You also need to carry uninsured motorist
    coverage, in the event that you are hit by an
    someone else driving without insurance, and DCPD
    (Direct Compensation-Property Damage), which
    covers your vehicle / property, in the event of
    an accident where are you not at fault.

  • Ive known people who only put comprehensive
    coverage on their vehicle that they arent
    drivingfor example, if its in storage for the
    winteropting to just cover it in the case of
    damage or theft.

  • Heres the problem if you drive that car on
    a road for even just a moment, just to get to the
    next driveway where youre going to store it, for
    example, and you have an accident and get
    injured? You arent covered.

  • I cant stress this enough. If you intend to
    move your vehicle for even a moment onto a public
    roadway, you need insurance.
  • This is true for ATVs and snowmobiles too. If
    its got a key and an ignition switch, it needs
    insurance or it doesnt move except on the back
    of flatbed truck!

  • What Happens If I Dont Have Insurance And
    The Police Stop Me?
  • The first time you are caught driving without
    insurance, youre looking at a minimum 5000 fine
    (up to a max of 25,000). Getting caught again
    could result in fines upwards of 10,000 to
    50,000, as well as possible license suspension
    and even vehicle impounding.

  • The risks are simply not worth it. If you
    cant afford your car insurance, then its best
    to take your vehicle off the road until your
    circumstances change. Getting caught driving
    without insurance is bad enough, but if you cause
    an accident? The implications are enormous.

  • What Happens If I Forgot My Insurance Slip
    And The Police Stop Me?
  • As a courtesy, the police can give you an
    opportunity to come to the police station with
    your valid insurance slips to prove you had
    insurance at the time you were stopped.

  • Typically, this is 24-48 hours. That said,
    its a courtesy. Theyre not under any obligation
    to do this and you could be issued a ticket for
    driving without valid insurance, which you will
    then have to spend time fighting in court.

  • Ultimately, the onus is on you to prove that
    you have / had valid insurance.
  • Ignorance of the law is no excuse at the best
    of times but even more so when it comes to
    carrying valid insurance before you turn the key
    in the ignition switch.

  • Its your responsibility as a vehicle owner
    to maintain proper insurance, keep it up to date
    and to always have proof of insurance with you
    when driving the car.
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