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Quality Control Process of PSD to WordPress Conversion


We try to be as fast as possible, but our PSD to WordPress conversion, in specific, first goes through several layers of quality control process. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Quality Control Process of PSD to WordPress Conversion

Mistakes most companies make in PSD to WordPress
  • Have you ever experienced importing design to
    code in the past? If you have so, you surely know
    that the process could be very messy and
  • Just like you, we also experienced it. And we are
    pretty sure we are not alone. A lot of other
    graphic artists and agencies have experienced it
  • So it is the best if you are going to partner
    with is as we are very committed to do things the
    right way in our hands.

There are at least 3 problems in connection with
layout PSD to HTML and/or WordPress conversion
services, and we are here to provide solutions to
these problems.
1. There are a lot of cheapskate kind of
  • As the witty Kevin McCallister in the terrific
    holiday movie Home Alone has said, Goodbye,
    Mr. cheapskate! There are also a lot of
    cheapskate kind of clients that only choose the
    cheapest solutions provider. Well, the market is
    pretty competitive nowadays, so there is no
    surprise that agencies that offer cheaply is in
    the rise in order to cope with the competition.

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  • They also exploit your naivety as you are a
    graphic artist, not a coder. They try to create a
    gullible one out of you as they know that you
    dont have the knowledge to distinguish between a
    well coded site and one that isnt.
  • To cope with the low price they offer and still
    make a goof profit, some agencies tend to hire
    under qualified and inexperienced coders that is
    being paid with relatively low rates. As a
    result, they produce poor and buggy kind of code
    that is not guaranteed to work in all kinds of
    browsers and devices.

  • At our agency, we never sacrifice quality over
    price. We may not be the cheapest one but we will
    ensure you of a high quality code that you will
    never regret, through the help of our experienced
    and professional coders and programmers that
    receives a very good pay and benefits and are
    well appreciated for their good work. In that
    way, they would be more motivated to bring out
    the best in them.
  • We may lose some prospect project to the lowest
    bidders, but we made a pact not to sacrifice
    quality over price. After all, we consider
    ourselves the cheapest as the price we offer is
    equivalent to the high quality code we provide
    for your website.

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2. They want things at a fast pace
  • Rushing everything means disaster. If you are in
    a rush, you tend to do things carelessly and your
    mind become rattled and problematic that your
    productivity decrease drastically.
  • Dont be fooled by those promises that they can
    do a code in less than two or even a day. Its
    not worth getting a buggy code in that quick span
    of time.

  • As they say, everything precious in this world
    takes a lot of time to produce. Petroleum is
    produced through the decay of the fossils for a
    hundred million years. It takes several years for
    an oyster to form a single pearl, and it also
    takes a lot of time to convert a coal into a
  • The same is true with coding. While it does not
    take several years to code, our staff has already
    experienced spending weeks or months of sleepless
    nights just to give you desirable solutions.

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  • Of course, everyone wants tasks to be done in a
    jiffy but it is also important for the final
    outcome to match your design perfectly without
    any single bugs.
  • We try to be as fast as possible, but our PSD to
    WordPress conversion, in specific, first goes
    through several layers of quality control
    process. We first test run your PSD designs
    through a series of browsers and devices. Then,
    to avoid bias, another coder does the same and
    finally, one of our graphic artists meticulously
    compare the project versus to your design and
    provide the coders with their recommendations, if

  • If it passes through these process, thats the
    time for us to call our client for review.
    Surprisingly though, our clients live the project
    at their first sight. If there is anything wrong,
    it is only so minor that we can be able to fix it
    in an instant.

3. They dont start from scratch
  • Some conversion agencies already has a template
    depending on the genre of the project. What they
    only do is to make a few changes on it. Doing
    this kind has a feeling that the project isnt
    really created for you.
  • Here at our agency, we code everything from
    scratch. Our coders love to code in a clean state
    as they like to code freely for them to be more
    efficient and creative.

  • Despite todays technology driven generation,
    there are still a few options just to have a high
    quality conversion. The higher your budget is,
    the better the outcome of your budget will be.
  • But our agency strives to be the change of this
    stereotype among conversion agencies. We want to
    do things differently with a morale and cleaner
    conscience. We only want to deliver and provide
    you with just the high quality conversion that
    will surely take your breath away.

  • Want to know how we can help? We are easily
    reachable at 1 855 517 2461 or email

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