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Looking For Calm? Plan A New Water Feature In Your Garden


Revamp your landscaping with a new water feature options that include a pond, natural water elements, pondless waterfall, fountain, water gardens, and stream. This will be a great addition to your backyard that enhances your calmness. Contact with your local garden center or hire a professional from Toemar for the success of your water feature project. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Looking For Calm? Plan A New Water Feature In Your Garden

Looking For Calm? Plan A New Water Feature In
Your Garden
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  • Adding a water feature to your backyard is a
    wonderful way to create another layer of serenity
    in your quiet space. The tranquil sounds of water
    bubbling, the sunlight glinting off the surface
    all intended to enhance your calm.
  • If you want to add your water feature this
    spring, for a summer of enjoyment, you should
    start planning now!

What Kind Of Water Feature Do You Want?
  • There are several questions you need to ask
  • How big a feature do you want? This depends on
    the size of your yard and your existing
    landscaping. You dont want the feature to become
    overwhelming. Balance is everything!

  • You also need to decide why you want a water
    feature? If it is to enjoy the sound of running
    water, youll want to place it not too far from
    seating areas and youll want an option that
    runs, like a waterfall, rather than a standing
  • What type of feature would suit your current

  • Pond
  • Waterfall
  • Stream
  • Fountain
  • Some combination of the above?

  • How much budget you want to set aside for this
    project? With water features, you get what you
    pay for is a true statement. If you skimp up
    front, youll have more maintenance issues

Features Of Different Options
  • Pond A pond, whether inground or above,
    including fish or not, is a beautiful addition.
    You can add a waterfall, to get more of the sound
    of water effect. Either way, a pond is lovely but
    it is also space consuming so you need to have a
    big enough yard to accommodate a pond without
    risking that someone is going to fall into it
    because its taking up too much space!

  • Consider also, if you have a sloping area in your
    garden, how a waterfall would look, with a pond
    at the base, making positive use of the natural
    grade of the ground.

  • Ponds are build with a pump to ensure that oxygen
    levels are adequate for maintaining fish and
    plants. Your setup will also include a filtration
    system, which removes debris and other matter
    that might throw the pond out of balance.

  • While a pond isnt expensive to maintain, the
    initial cost might be a consideration,
    particularly if you want to add a waterfall to
    your feature. Placement of an inground pond is
    particularly important if you want to avoid
    flooding your garden!

  • A low spot that will already be taking the bulk
    of the spring run off might overwhelm the pond,
    in terms of water and chemical balance. Another
    consideration is what trees you have around the
    pond. Overhanging deciduous trees can look
    romantic until you end up spending a lot of time
    cleaning the leaves out of the pond.

  • Another consideration is what trees you have
    around the pond. Overhanging deciduous trees can
    look romantic until you end up spending a lot of
    time cleaning the leaves out of the pond.

  • Pondless Waterfall As stated above, you can
    include a waterfall with your pond, but if you
    have small pets or children and are concerned
    about their safety, a pondless waterfall is a
    great option! The waterfall is designed to flow
    into a rock and gravel basin, which by way of a
    pump, is cycled back up and down the waterfall
    without pooling.

  • Utilizing natural elements, like boulders and
    rocks, to create your waterfall allows you to
    place it in your garden, almost as if just
    appeared there one day! A waterfall can also
    spruce up a space that is otherwise less visually
    appealing, like a standard retaining wall. Double
    it up with a waterfall and now you have a focal
    point to enjoy!

  • Stream If you really want to create an
    interesting focal point and have the space for
    it, you could use a stream as a way to connect
    two separate features. For example, you could
    have a waterfall that is connected by a tiny
    stream to a pond. With the addition of foliage
    and rocks, the whole water feature can look very

  • Fountain If space is an issue, a fountain might
    be the perfect solution. An above ground fountain
    creates a gorgeous focal point in a garden. You
    can do anything from a traditional stone fountain
    or bird bath in the middle of your yard to a
    modern spherical waterfall fountain feature on
    your deck.

  • Just be sure to match it to the style of your
    home and garden. A focal point that doesnt blend
    well with the surroundings isnt a plus. If you
    use smaller, self-contained fountains, you can
    place several of them in your garden, surrounded
    by flowers and foliage, so that they almost seem
    part of the landscape.

  • Water gardens A water garden is a space where
    you cultivate water plants. This could be a
    watertight container or a group of them on your
    deck, or set amongst other foliage in the garden.
    Lotus is a great example of a beautiful flower
    that blooms in water. Water lettuce and canna
    plants are other options.

Make A Water Feature Part Of Your Larger
Landscaping Project
  • If you were planning to revamp your landscaping
    this spring, including a water feature in the
    plan from the beginning will be a lot easierand
    less expensivethan adding it in later. Having to
    grub up some of your newly planted flower beds to
    make room for the pond isnt ideal!

  • Whether youre planning to DIY your project, or
    hire a professional to get it done, visit your
    local garden center for advice and information to
    make sure that your water feature project is a
    success you can enjoy for years to come!
  • http//www.toemar.ca/
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