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How Do the Barcode Scanners Work


The barcode readers such as Datalogic QBT2131, Datalogic QD2430 or Honeywell 1452G contain ‘decoder circuitry’ which analyzes the barcode readers’ image data given by sensor and by sending barcode readers’ content to the ‘output port’ of barcode scanner. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How Do the Barcode Scanners Work

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How Do the Barcode Scanners Work?
  • An effective POS system should be in place that
    comprises of POS computer, mouse, keyboard,
    barcode scanner cash drawers, one-box-POS
    system, receipt printer and external
    EMV-compliant credit card reader. The barcode
    scanner can read as well as output the printed
    barcodes to the computer. The light sensor, light
    source and lens constitute the barcode scanner.
    The light sensor of the scanner translates the
    optical impulses into electrical impulses.

What is the Importance of Barcodes?
  • Barcode scanners such as Datalogic QD2430,
    Honeywell 1452G or Datalogic QBT2131 are
    extensively used in many industries such as
    warehouses, hospitals etc. and not just at the
    checkout counters at the malls. Here are some of
    the benefits of using the barcode readers or
  • Reduction in Error The barcode readers
    appreciably help in lowering the rate of human
    errors. According to FDA, barcoding has lowered
    the rate of medication errors by 86 in the
    healthcare sector over a period of 9 years.
  • Controls the Inventory They help users in
    tracking the inventory. Some of the scanners
    permit the users for setting the alerts for the
    items which are out of stock so that orders can
    be promptly filled.
  • Saves Time Barcode readers help in organizing
    and managing the inventory effectively and saves
    a lot of time.

Why Are Barcode Scanners increasingly Becoming
  • In the modern world, many businesses are
    realizing the importance of the POS system,
    receipt printers such as Epson T88v Epson TM
    U220B and barcode scanners for lowering the
    overhead and improving the efficiency. From the
    food industry to the hospital sector, barcode
    readers are widely used everywhere.
  • Here are the reasons for the rising popularity of
    the barcodes-
  • Barcode system lowers the training time of the
  • Barcodes are cheap for printing and designing.
  • They can be economically customized in a host of
    materials and finishes.
  • Barcodes are versatile and can be used for any
    type of data collection.
  • As barcodes attach to any kind of surface, they
    are used for tracking the products as well as the
    equipment and outgoing shipments.
  • They provide reliable and fast data for a large
    number of applications.
  • They play a crucial role in inventory control and
    hence it is possible to reduce the inventory
    levels with their use.
  • Due to acquiring of accurate data rapidly with
    the help of barcodes, they help in decision

Tips for Choosing the Right Barcode Scanner
  • Barcode readers find wide application in a host
    of industries such as food, transportation,
    healthcare, warehouses, airports, and
    supermarkets. For choosing a suitable barcode
    reader you need to take into account certain
  • Durable A barcode reader should be chosen that
    is strong enough to function in any work
  • Ergonomically Designed It is important to choose
    a barcode reader that is easy for the workers to
    use. It should be light in weight and designed in
    a way to lower motion injuries.
  • Extended Battery Life Make sure the barcode
    readers you purchase have long battery life to
    enable your employees to use them throughout
    their working shift without the need for

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