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Title: Best ENT Specialists

Best ENT Specialists and Hospitals in
The ENT problems are not life threatening in most
of the cases but if you neglect them it could
cause a serious damage and pose life threatening
situation to you. So we have listed some of the
ENT Problems along with
ENT hospitals and Best
ENT doctors.
1. ENT Problems In this Section of the problems
and solutions
article we have listed some of the most for them.
Our aim is to bring awareness
common ENT about some case. So
common ENT problems. Our solutions may not
applicable in every please consult doctor if
needed. 1.1. Ear Related Problems 1.1.1.
Infections Of The Outer Ear
Ear infections can cause itching in the the ear
canal, crusts and ear discharge will thoroughly
clean and dry your ear. doctor can insert a wick
soaked with an
ear canal, pains and swelling of around the ear
canal. Your doctor
If your ear is very antibiotic into the
swollen, the ear to bring some ear
the medicine into the infected area. You may
advised to put
drops several times a day to maintain the wick
moist. Oral antibiotics may also be given if you
have a serious infection, or your doctor may
suggest a ointment or cream for certain types of
Infections Of The Middle Ear
An infection of the middle ear is an infection of
the air-filled space in
the ear behind the eardrum. infection of the
throat and have allergies. Symptoms of
Ear infections usually start with a viral
nose. Ear infections middle ear infection
can also occur when you include dizziness, loss,
and earache. The
fever, a feeling of blockage in the ear, hearing
doctor will check for fluid behind the eardrum
and a hearing test may
also be
recommended if you have a hearing loss.
1.1.3. This is
Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo of the most
common causes of vertigo in adults. It will cause
movement, which occurs in a few seconds of a
change in of the head. Most often, a short
sensation of spinning is
illusion of positioning
felt after lying in bed, getting up in the
morning or rolling in the bed at night, but can
also occur when looking up or down a shelf. under
furniture. resolving. one of the stimulates
Typically, symptoms last a few seconds to minutes
before BPPV is due to otoconia, or microscopic
crystals, floating in inner ear compartments. The
movement of these particles the sensory endings
of the vestibular nerve (balance),
producing vertigo. The good news is that BPPV
responds well to physiotherapy. Medications
rarely help. therapy that are designed will
A vestibular therapist or qualified doctor can
perform a can quickly eliminate symptoms of
vertigo. These maneuvers
to no
move the crystals to a part of the inner ear
where they
symptoms. with very
Treatments for BPPV can usually be done in one
high success rates. This office frequently
disorder correctly.
or two sessions
and treats this
1.1.4. Meniere's
Meniere's Disease disease is a problem in the
inner ear. It can cause hearing
loss and severe dizziness (vertigo). It usually
affects only one ear, but it can happen in both
ears. There may be significant hearing loss, but
complete deafness is may not be seen. The
symptoms may be mild or severe.
Acoustic Neuroma
Acoustic neuroma is a benign tumor hearing loss,
tinnitus (ringing in face. The diagnosis of an
acoustic an MRI, hearing and balance tests.
that can cause balance the ears) and possible
problems, numbness of the assessment of
may include an
1.1.6. Excessive temporary
Cerumen amounts of cerumen or earwax can hearing
loss. Earwax should only
block the ear canal and cause be removed by a
ear candles, Q tips or other methods of wax
removal are not recommended. Please consult your
doctor if you suspect a wax impaction.
Labyrinthitis And Vestibular Neuritis
Labyrinthitis is an inflammation
of the inner ear. This infection causes labyrinth
or vestibular nerves. ear infection cause
inflammation and swelling Sometimes bacteria from
a Symptoms of labyrinthitis
of the middle
and vestibular neuritis include lightheadedness
or dizziness, impaired nausea and balance.
Diagnosis may include MRI, balance test, hearing
assessment and possible blood tests.
Otosclerosis is the abnormal growth lead to
conductive hearing loss, or transmission. It is
most common for
of bone in the middle ear that can the prevention
of normal sound otosclerosis to affect one of the
bones in the otosclerosis diagnosed by
middle ear called the stirrups. Other symptoms
may include dizziness and ringing in the ears.
of This can be of hearing by
ENT doctor and will include an assessment
an audiologist. A prosthetic device
surgery named stapedectomy replaces the abnormal
may be conducted, where a growth.
Tinnitus (buzzing in the ears)
Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) is not normal
and may be a symptom of
other disorders. Some of the causes of tinnitus
are thyroid disorders, smoking, stress, anxiety,
certain medications, ear infections,
cardiovascular disease, otospongiosis, Meniere's
disease, sinus infections, ear infections, noise
exposure and hearing loss. Tinnitus can be
described as escaping air, buzzing, crickets and
many other types of
sounds. Your doctor will ask you about your
symptoms and may scans or blood tests, hearing
test to determine the possible are many treatment
options that may include a masking device
order a cause. There or hearing
aid, tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT), and
perhaps some medications.
Noise Induced Hearing Loss
Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most
common types of hearing loss. Noise can damage
sensitive cells of the inner ear. This can happen
with a single exposure to a loud sound or over
exposure. Noise-induced hearing loss can cause to
the elderly. To avoid noise-induced hearing of
the types of noise that are too loud. Noise
potentially damage your ears. Some examples of
time to continuous hearing loss from infants
loss, you need to be aware greater than 85 dB can
these types of
noise are gas
ambulance sirens, hand exercises, rock concerts,
hair dryers, clippers.
1.2. Nose Related Problems 1.2.1. Sleep
Apnea Sleep apnea is a serious sleep problem.
Sleep apnea stops you time or several times
from during your
breathing for more than sleep. Another term for
apnea affects between 2
10 seconds at a this problem is
obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep
and 10 of people. It is more common in men than
in women. Possible causes of sleep apnea include
abnormal sleep, excessive alcohol consumption,
lung disease, smoking and overweight. Symptoms
include noisy snoring interrupted by breathing
pauses followed
by drowsy driving, irritability, anxiety, poor
concentration, daytime
sleepiness, morning headaches, not resting when
you wake
up in the a doctor after a
morning, thorough
and loud gasps. Sleep apnea can be diagnosed by
examination and perhaps a study of sleep.
Nosebleed (epistaxis)
Nose bleeding occurs when the membranes lining
the inner
nose are
sufficiently disturbed or irritated to cause
abnormal bleeding. Epistaxis is the medical term
of nosebleed. The nosebleeds may happen because
of the reasons like rupture of the high blood
pressure, drug abuse with the nose, high
altitude, nose or face wounds, nasal mucosa,
medications that prevent coagulation of the blood.
Septoplasty is a reconstruction of the nasal
septum that straightens the central wall or nasal
septum that divides the two nasal passages in the
nose. The reasons for this procedure include a a
blood clot as a result of an injury that makes it
difficult to breathe, recurrent sinus infections,
septum deviated from an injury that makes it
difficult to breathe, or if you experience a lot
of bleeding from nose. Septoplasty is a surgical
procedure, and your doctor will discuss with you
why you would need the surgery and results you
can expect.
Rhinoplasty is an operation that can be used to
improve the size or angle, appearance of your
nose. It can also be used to correct blockages
and deformities caused by diseases or birth
defects, injuries. Sometimes
this can with you 1.2.5.
be done to make your breathing easier. Your
doctor will discuss why you need the surgery and
the results you can expect. Sinusitis
Sinusitis is swollen, linings infected sinuses.
Sinuses are hollow spaces in the bones of your
face and skull that connect with the nose through
small openings. Symptoms may include sore throat
in the morning or evening, from the throat
(postnasal drainage), runny nose or blocked,
pain in the upper jaw and teeth, headache when
waking or tilting, the head. Sinusitis is
diagnosed options may include medications.
sensitivity and feeling and treated
to of by
the eyes, painful fullness or pressure in a
doctor. Treatment
1.3. Throat related problems 1.3.1. Vocal Cord
Lesions Vocal polyps and nodules are tumors that
occur in a variety of
situations radiation therapy in the neck,
hypothyroidism, voice enhancement, or long-term
sinusitis with frequent throat clearance,
drainage, and coughing. The first symptom of
nodules and polyps is usually hoarseness, which
occurs when growth interferes with the flow of
air past the vocal cords. Treatment may include
referral to a speech therapist to advise on how
to use your voice better. Sometimes surgical
removal may be indicated.
This refers to thick white patches of abnormal
tissue, often caused by chemical irritation of
alcohol or tobacco smoke. Leukoplakia usually
causes no symptoms. Over time, it can turn into
cancer of the voice box, especially if you drink
alcohol and smoke. If you have leukoplakia, you
will be tested for cancer and your doctor will
advise you to stop smoking.
Thyroidectomy is thyroid gland. A (nodule) in your
a surgical procedure that removes part or all of
thyroidectomy thyroid gland
can be performed when you have a nodule that
could be cancerous. A thyroidectomy thyroid gland
is overactive has not allowed to control the
can also be performed when the (hyperthyroidism)
and the drug
Radioactive iodine and antithyroid medicine are
generally effective, but there are cases where
surgery is the treatment of choice or the only
effective treatment. Ask your surgeon to talk to
you about these situations. The details of the
procedure will be carefully described by your
Heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux disease
Heartburn refers to the symptoms you experience
when the acids in your stomach flow back into the
esophagus. The tube esophagus carries food from
your throat to your stomach. Heartburn that
occurs often is called gastroesophageal reflux
disease. The symptom of heartburn is burning pain
in the lower part of the chest, usually near the
bottom of the sternum.
Other symptoms that you may the fullness of the
stomach can be diagnosed using your
have are the sour taste in your mouth, and or
bloating and belching. Usually, heartburn medical
history. Additional tests can be used
to check for ulcers or other problems that may be
causing your symptoms, endoscopy, barium
radiography and complete barium study. Reducing
symptoms of heartburn can be done by symptoms
worse, by looking up in bed taking
over-the-counter antacids. If do not relieve
symptoms, your health
avoiding substances that make the or using more
than one pillow, the simple measures described
above care provider may prescribe
medication. Prescription drugs help reduce
stomach acid and help with gastric emptying. Very
few people who do not receive medication may need
Tonsillectomy And Adenoidectomy
Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy is a surgical
procedure performed to remove adenoids and
tonsils. Tonsils and adenoids help the body fight
respiratory infections. body's ability to fight
and tonsils can include
However, they can be removed without changing the
off the infection. Reasons for removing adenoids
difficulty swallowing in because of the enlarged
tonsil, abscesses around one or both tonsils,
frequent tonsils infections and difficulty
breathing at night due to enlarged tonsils.
2. Best ENT Hospital In India We have listed
some of the best hospitals in the ENT department
in various cities like Hyderabad, Chennai,
Jaipur. 2.1. Best ENT Hospital In Hyderabad
2.1.1. Founded in ENT center technology
Maa ENT Hospitals 2001, MAA ENT has created the
Alcove as the most conscientious
with affordable and a competent
patient services, excellent state-of-the-art team
of physicians.
Today MAA disorders Thousands benefited
is a leading ENT
center in South India for the treatment
of of have
and infections of the throat, ear and nose with a
record of patients across the state and the rest
of the country
from their services. They are part of a small
number of ENT
institutes recognized by the Andhra Pradesh
Government for the Aarogyasri-Healthcare Trust.
Medical tourism has also helped foreigners to
benefit from our services. Address MAA Hospitals
Pvt. Ltd., H. No. 8-2-293/82/A/1266,
Road No. 36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad 500 033.
2. Asian ENT Care Centre Asian ENT Care Center
was established in Hyderabad, and the
main objectives are to keep abreast of
developments in ENT field and pioneering
treatment methods that have not been available in
India. Most importantly, Asian ENT Hospital
strives to introduce research-based diagnostic
and therapeutic ENT practices in India, and to
make treatment affordable and accessible to the
masses. Address First Floor, Zore Complex, Above
Red Rose Restaurant, Opp.NIMS, Panjagutta Main
Road, Panjagutta, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.
3. Dr.Sastry's ENT Care Dr. K V S S R K Sastry
has been serving and curing patients for over two
decades with a range of high quality ENT
consultation services in and around Hyderabad.
His professional reputation ranks first among his
patients very satisfied. Address Dr. Sastry's
ENT Care Nagarjuna Homes, Beside icici Bank,
Nizampet Road, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana -
2.2. Best ENT Hospital In Chennai
Amrit Hospital
Amrit Hospital formerly known as Aswini Eye
Clinic was founded in 1994 by Dr. M. Sohanraj, an
ophthalmologist and his wife, Dr. Vimala
Sohanraj, gynecologist. It is the first and only
multi-specialty hospital that offers the best
surgical and medical care at an affordable price.
They have consultants of all specialties who
visit hospital and treat patients
selflessly. They are committed to provide the
best in Address Amrit Hospital New No. 310, Mint
Street Chennai- 600 079. Phone 044 25296786/
25290468 / 25292661
health care.
2. Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital
Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital is one of
the tertiary medical care
care hospitals to society with
committed to providing modern international
standards at an hospital provides services to all
divisions of trauma, etc.
scientific affordable
cost. This super specialized
cancer care, pediatric, cardiac, geriatric, all
under one roof - little of its kind in
India. The hospital is a pioneer not only in the
advanced scientific management of diseases but
also in equipment with modern technologically
advanced gadgets such as apheresis, cyclotron,
image guided radiotherapy (IGRT), positron
emission tomography (PET scan) etc. Address DR.
Road, Pallikaranai, CHENNAI - 600 100. Tamil
Chitras ENT Hospital
Chitras ENT The driving Krishnaiah. Address
Hospital has state of the art surgical diagnostic
equipment. force behind this sophisticated
hospital is Dr. Ch. M.S., F.I.C.S. full time
30-C, Cathedral Garden Road, Nungambakkam,
Chennai - 600 034
2.3. Best ENT Hospital In Jaipur
Jain ENT Hospital
A humble beginning began in the year 2000 in a
tree-like form and with the advent of time, it
became the largest private hospital in India
catering to exclusive ENT problems offering
world-class services under
one roof .JAIN ENT OTs, semi-private,
Address 23-24, Satya Vihar
Hospital is a super specialty private, six
modular and ICU
hospital with general
Pankaj Singhavi Marg, Nr. Vidhan Sabha, Lal
Kothi, Jaipur, Rajasthan (IN)
Adinath ENT General Hospital
Adinath Hospital is a symbol of quality ENT care
with top quality services and a pioneering word.
in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Adinath ENT Hospital
located in the heart of Jaipur is one of the
largest private hospitals
dedicated to ENT problems, providing an
innovative and medical solution. Address B-102
A, Udai Marg, Tilak Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan
and effective surgical
3. Neha Maternity ENT Hospital
The Neha Hospital is located at connecting New
Sanganer Road at Ajmer Road and Gurjar Ki Thadi.
72, Devi Nagar, 60 50 meters distance
feet wide main road between Sodala on
The hospital covers an area of 9,000 sq.
Ft. With all the latest equipment, a fully
equipped operating room and
work room. ICU Laboratories and This is one of
the hospitals in environment with a Para medical
Address Metro Pillar 79, 72 Devi Nagar, New
Sanganer Road. Jaipur
Audiometry of International Standard. Jaipur that
offers a comfortable staff and team of competent
3. Best ENT Specialist In India
We have listed some of the best ENT Specialists
in various cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur.
3.1. Best ENT Specialist In Hyderabad
Dr. P. Padma
MBBS, DLO, DNB - Otorhinolaryngology ENT/
Otorhinolaryngologist, 20 Years Experience
Dr. P. Padma is ENT, in the field with an Srikara
Hospitals in
Otorhinolaryngologist in Hyderabad. She is an
expert experience of 20 years. Dr. P. Padma
practices at Miyapur, Hyderabad and ENT Laser
Clinic in Miyapur,
Hyderabad. She finished her MBBS from the MGM
Institute of Health Sciences, Bombay in the year
1989, DLO from Devi Ahilya Vishwa
Vidhyalaya, Indore in 1994 and DNB -
Otorhinolaryngology from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical
College, Ajmer, Rajasthan in 1997. She is a
member of Indian Medical Association (IMA) and
AICON. Some of the services provided by the
doctor are Assessment of Hearing Impairment,
Parotidectomy, Thyroid Disorder, Labyrinthitis,
Throat, Nose and Ear Allergies etc.
Address Srikara Hospitals 222, Mythri Nagar,
Phase II, Madinaguda, Landmark Near Reliance
Fresh, Hyderabad Experience 20Years Timings Mon
- Sat 130 PM - 300 PM Consultation Fee Rs. 400
Dr. S Ravi Kumar
MBBS, MS - Otorhinolaryngology ENT/
Otorhinolaryngologist, 17 Years Experience Dr. S.
Ravi Kumar, a popular ENT surgeon started the ENT
hospital in
Hyderabad. He regularly updates his techniques
and to the latest technological knowledge in the
field Address Magnas V ENT Hospital Chaitanyapuri
Cross Road, Dilsukh Nagar, Landmark
Hyderabad Experience 17 Years Timings Mon, Wed
- Sat 1000 AM - 200 PM 630 PM - 800 PM
Consultation Fee Rs. 350
skills and is exposed of ENT.
Dr. Nagendra Mahendra
MBBS, Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology (DLO), DNB -
ENT ENT/ Otorhinolaryngologist, 40 Years
Experience Address Nagendra Mahendra Clinic Near
Malakpet TV Towers, Honda Show Room, Saleem Nagar,
Landmark Opp. Experience 40 Timings Mon -
Sat 500 PM - 800
Farhat Hospital., Hyderabad Years
Consultation Fee Rs. 400
3.2. Best ENT Specialist In Chennai
Dr. N. Ahilasamy
MBBS, MS - ENT, DNB - ENT, FRCS - General
Surgery ENT/ Otorhinolaryngologist, Head and Neck
Surgeon, 20 Years Experience Dr N. Ahilasamy was
educated in ENT at Madras Medical College,
Chennai 1998 and completed DNB (National Board)
in 1999. He was awarded a scholarship from
Edinburgh (United Kingdom) in 2003. He worked with
Prof.K.K. Ramalingam and Dr. Ravi Ramalingam
managed outlying centers for
8 years before setting up his own center in 2006.
He is also heads the
ENT department of Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital
Chennai. He has experience in managing rural and
conducted more than 550 free ENT clinics for all
Address Ahilasamy ENT Centre
and Kauvery Hospital, urban patients and has
sections of society.
1, 2nd Street, Venkateshwara Nagar, Landmark
Velachery Bypass Road Near Lawrance Mayo,
Experience 20 Timings Mon - Fri 730 PM -
900 Sat 730 PM - 800
Consultation Fee
Dr. Dinesh Kumar A
MBBS, MS - Otorhinolaryngology ENT/
Otorhinolaryngologist, 7 Years Experience Dr.
Dinesh Kumar A is ENT / Otorhinolaryngologist in
Chennai and has 7 practiced at Mint Velachery and
years of Hospital Kamakshi
experience in this field. in Pallikaranai,
Dr. Dinesh Dinesh ENT
Kumar Clinic in He
Memorial Hospital in Adyar, Chennai.
finished MS - Otorhinolaryngology from Rajiv
Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore,
India in 2016 and MBBS from Vinayaka Mission
University Pondicherry in 2011. Some of the
services provided by the doctor are voice
surgery, throat surgery, head and neck tumor
surgery / cancer, micro ear surgery and sore
throat, Ear drum repair etc. Address
New Number 298, Old Natesan Super Market,
Experience 7 years Timings Mon - Sat 500 PM -
900 PM Consultation Fee 300
No 54, Velachery Main Road, Landmark Opposite
to Near Post Office, Chennai.
3. Dr. Govindaraj DNB - ENT, Diploma in
Otorhinolaryngology (DLO), MBBS
ENT/ Otorhinolaryngologist, 19 Years
Experience Dr. Govindaraj is a senior ENT
consultant at Apollo Hospitals, Vanagaram,
Chennai. surgery, Address Appasamy
Specialized in oncology of the head and neck,
micro-auricular skull base surgery and endoscopic
sinus surgery
23, Friends Avenue, Landmark Near Anna Arch,
Chennai Experience 19 Years Timings Mon - Sat
700 PM - 800 PM Consultation Fee
3.3. Best ENT Specialist In Jaipur
Dr. Prakash Mishra
ENT/ Otorhinolaryngologist, 36 Years
Experience Dr Prakash Mishra is ENT /
Otorhinolaryngologist at Jaipur and has 36 years
of experience in this field. Dr. Prakash Mishra
practices at Apollo Spectra Hospitals in Jaipur.
He obtained his MBBS at the Sawai Mansingh
Medical College in Jaipur (SMS Sawai Mansingh
Medical College
College) in 1977 and his MS - ENT at the in
Jaipur (SMS College) in 2008.
He of of
is a member of the Otologie
Patrik Society, Paris, France,
the Association of Otolartngologistics of India
2009-10, Life Member the Otolartngologistics
Association of India - 1990, Indian Society of
Otology and Indian Medical Association (IMA). He
is well following services ear pain, hearing
aids, foreign body nose, ears and eyes, weakening
of speech and Thyroplasty Address Chamber -
1(Basement) , Madho Pearl Pride, 6-
Vivekanand Landmark Near OK Lab.,
Jaipur Experience 36 Years Timings Mon -
Sat 1200 PM - 100 PM 500 PM - 700 PM
Consultation Fee 300
known for in the throat, etc.
Marg, C- Scheme.
2. Dr. Lovelish jain MS - ENT, MBBS ENT/
Otorhinolaryngologist, 18 Years Experience Dr.
Lovelish Jain is otologist / neurologist,
Otorhinolaryngologist and ENT /
Otorhinolaryngologist Jaipur and has 18 years of
experience in these areas. practices at Aadinath
ENT General Hospital in Tilak
Tilak Nagar,
Dr. Lovelish Jain Nagar, Jaipur. He
completed MS - ENT from Sawai Mansingh Medical
College, Jaipur (SMS College) in 1998 and MBBS
from Sawai Mansingh Medical College, Jaipur
in 1991. He is a member of the Indian Medical
Association (IMA). His well known services are
neck infection treatment, laryngitis and head,
sore throat, mouth sores and sinusitis and polyps
etc. Address B-102A, Udai Marg, Tilak Nagar,
Behind LBS Collage, Rajapark, Jaipur,
Jaipur Experience 18 Years Timings Mon -
Sat 1100 AM - 200 PM 500 PM - 700 PM
Sun 1100 AM - 200 PM
Consultation Fee
Dr. Raj Kumar Garg
MBBS, MS - ENT ENT/ Otorhinolaryngologist, 43
Years Experience Dr. Raj Kumar Garg is ENT /
Otorhinolaryngologist in Mansarovar, Jaipur and
has 43 years of experience in this field. Dr. Raj
Kumar Garg practices at Anshu Hospital in
Mansarovar, Jaipur. He completed the MBBS of the
Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College in Ajmer in 1975
and MS - ENT of the Sardar Patel Medical College
in 1979. He is a member of the Indian Society of
Otology and the Jaipur Medical Practioner
Society. His Well known services are
Microsurgery of Larynx
and Cochlear Implants, Hearing Loss, Restorative
Middle Ear Surgery, Head and Neck Tumor / Cancer
Surgery etc. Address 22/12/1, Swarna Path,
Mansarovar, Landmark Nera Swarn Path Chauraha.,
Jaipur Experience 43 Years Timings Mon -
Sat 700 PM - 830 PM
Consultation Fee
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