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Why Hire Professional Lawn Maintenance Services Companies To Do Your Landscape Design (1)


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Title: Why Hire Professional Lawn Maintenance Services Companies To Do Your Landscape Design (1)

Why Hire Professional Lawn Maintenance Services
Companies To Do Your Landscape Design
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  • With professional lawn maintenance services,
    landscape design just went from ordinary to
    extraordinary thanks to the many features that
    you can add in your landscape. Come spring and
    summer, many homeowners and even corporate
    entities in Louisiana always search for
    landscaping companies to recreate their
    landscapes. Landscape is big and it is the first
    feature that your guests will see when they visit
    your home or office. That is why you need
    professional landscape design services. This is
    the artistic arrangement and installation of
    features in your front or back yard to create a
    beautiful aesthetic effect. But apart from
    beauty, good landscape design also has more
    benefits like adding value to the home if you
    wish to resell in future.
  • From different sources, including celebrity
    homes, we have seen some incredible landscape
    designs that we would like to incorporate in our
    homes too. From lighting features to waterfalls,
    rock beds to carefully partitioned areas, there
    is so much to do to add that unique touch of
    hospitality at home. At Tender Care Lawn
    maintenance services, we get calls all the time
    from homeowners who would like to embellish their
    front and back yards but they have no idea how to
    do it.

Why hire professional landscaping companies for
your landscape design?
  • Skill and experience  Landscape companies bring
    skill and experience to your yard and they
    transform it from ordinary and regular to unique
    and outstanding. Because landscape is an
    incorporation of many things, professionals will
    create the perfect balance and your yard will
    never be the same again.
  • Save money and time  When you hire professional
    lawn maintenance companies to do your landscape
    design, you save time and money because they do
    not do it on a trial and error basis. They know
    what you need and they will walk you through
    different ideas until you find the one that
    appeals most to you. If you were to do your own
    design, it would cost too much in time and

  • They offer a plethora of services  In addition
    to landscape design, a lawn care company will
    also offer other services such as grass cutting
    services. This is good news for working moms and
    dads in Louisiana who no matter how hard they try
    to manage their time, they cannot fit in lawn
    care services anywhere.
  • They also offer landscape maintenance services.
    If you install lawn and other outdoor lighting
    fixtures, they will need to be maintained and
    repaired from time to time. When you hire
    professional lawn service companies for the
    installation, they can offer the maintenance
    services at affordable prices.

The landscape design features that transform your
  • Water features  No matter how ordinary your home
    looks, it will be transformed explosively by the
    installation of water features in the yard. Lawn
    maintenance services companies can do due
    diligence on your yard to find out what among
    waterfalls, fountains, creeks, riverbeds, water
    garden and ponds will do your yard more justice.
    Then they will embark on the professional
    installation of the same and your home will never
    be the same again.
  • The water features need to be both pet and
    kid-friendly and should also be planned with the
    gradient of the land in mind. This is all the
    more reason why only professionals should install
    water features.

  • Rock beds  A rock bed is just that, an
    artificial bed of rocks that is installed in the
    most significant place in the yard. It can be
    installed as a stretch of pea gravel dissecting
    the rose garden into two, or it could be
    installed in any other place where it will be
    most visible. Installation of a rock bed looks
    easy to the untrained eye, but it is very
    involved. For example, the rocks need to be
    buried-in to some extent so that they are not
    dislodged by water when it rains.
  • The choice of the rocks matters a lot. Is it
    going to be boulders or smaller rocks? What
    effect will either one have? What is best for
    your yard? These are the question that a
    professional lawn maintenance services provider
    strives to answer.

  • Landscape lighting  There is no need to install
    some awesome water features and rock beds in the
    yard and then have them go to sleep when the sun
    goes down. Sleeping beauty in the yard will not
    gain you any mileage. Light it up
    with professionally and tactically installed
    lighting fixtures in the yard. Professional
    landscaping companies will come with cord,
    fixtures and the tools for the job.
  • Landscape lighting can be done for your safety,
    or to help guests find their way around the yard
    when they come over at night. It can also be done
    to primarily highlight the most awesome features
    in your yard.
  • At Tender Care, we will dispatch a team to your
    home to find out what the yard needs. You can
    also email us for a free, no obligation quote.

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