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[2018 New C9020-667] Real C9020-667 Exam Questions | Killtest


Killtest Real C9020-667 Exam Questions are among the main requirements involving C9020-667 IBM New Workloads Sales V1 certification. Killtest specially designed this particular IBM Exam C9020-667 test questions getting ready manual such you do not will need to seek out some other ebooks plus encouraging fabric in relation to IBM certification. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: [2018 New C9020-667] Real C9020-667 Exam Questions | Killtest

2018 C9020-667 Questions KillTest
  • Question 1
  • Which characteristic of a customer's server
    defines the storage device that could be
  • A. Form factor
  • B. Clock speed
  • C. Memory size
  • D. Operating system
  • Answer D

  • Question 2
  • Which type of tape should an IBM sales specialist
    recommend to an enterprise customer?
  • A. 3480
  • B. DLT
  • C. LTO
  • D. SLC
  • Answer C

  • Question 3
  • What simplifies customer training requirements
    for storage management across multiple IBM
    enterprise offerings?
  • A. Redbooks
  • B. Storage GUIs
  • C. DS Storage Manager
  • D. Directed Maintenance Package
  • Answer B

  • Question 4
  • Which product will allow a customer to aggregate,
    monitor, and recommend optimization for existing
  • A. SVC
  • B. ESS
  • C. IBM Spectrum Control
  • D. IBM Spectrum Virtualize
  • Answer C

  • Question 5
  • What is a customer with storage management
    constraints likely to inquire about?
  • A. IBM Spectrum Control
  • B. IBM Spectrum Protect
  • C. IBM Spectrum Archive
  • D. IBM Spectrum Accelerate
  • Answer A

  • Question 6
  • Compared to other enterprise storage systems,
    which product has made the most changes to be
    energy efficient?
  • A. V7000 with Unified
  • B. XIV with 16Gb FICON
  • C. V7000 with block only
  • D. DS8870 with DC-UPS
  • Answer D

  • Question 7
  • Which key metric drives a customer's disaster
    recovery strategy?
  • A. ROI
  • B. RTO
  • C. TCA
  • D. TCO
  • Answer B

  • Question 8
  • A mainframe customer wants to store petabytes of
    encrypted backups. The customer does not want to
    use physical tape any longer but does not wish to
    change any backup processes.
  • Which solution should the sales person propose to
    the customer?
  • A. TS7740
  • B. DS8000
  • C. ProtecTIER
  • D. XIV Hot Encryption
  • Answer A

  • Question 9
  • Which IBM product is applicable to a customer
    that has block storage sites in China, Japan, and
    Singapore, and needs to have them kept in sync
    for disaster recovery?
  • A. XIV
  • B. ESS
  • C. DS8000
  • D. IBM Spectrum Virtualize
  • Answer C

  • Question 10
  • A bank customer has two sites in Italy and
    France. One site uses IBM storage and the other
    uses a competitor.
  • Which IBM solution is required for block storage
    when unifying the sites for disaster recovery?
  • A. XIV
  • B. ESS
  • C. DS8000
  • D. IBM Spectrum Control
  • Answer D

  • Question 11
  • Which concern should a sales specialist raise
    with a customer requesting 4TB drives to support
    an SAP environment?
  • A. Higher maintenance costs
  • B. More capacity than needed
  • C. Higher power requirements
  • D. Less performance than needed
  • Answer D

  • Question 12
  • Which tool should a sales specialist use to
    verify that a proposed XIV solution will deliver
    the performance required by a customer's high
    transactional database applications?
  • A. STAT Tool
  • B. Disk Magic
  • C. Batch Magic
  • D. Capacity Magic
  • Answer B

  • Question 13
  • How will the IBM FlashSystem help improve the
    performance for the customer's database
  • A. It will improve latency.
  • B. It will improve replication.
  • C. It will improve throughput.
  • D. It will improve deduplication.
  • Answer A

  • Question 14
  • When considering a high availability solution to
    replicate data between locations, which
    information is most important to know?
  • A. Peak reads
  • B. Peak writes
  • C. Average reads
  • D. Average writes
  • Answer B

  • Question 15
  • Which IBM solution will provide 400 TB of NFS
  • A. XIV
  • B. DS8870
  • C. Storwize V7000
  • D. IBM Spectrum Scale
  • Answer D

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