Do You really need DevOps for Digital Assurance and Testing? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Do You really need DevOps for Digital Assurance and Testing?


This PowerPoint presentation discusses the significance of Digital Assurance and Testing, and focuses on how it can be strengthened with the DevOps – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Do You really need DevOps for Digital Assurance and Testing?


Do You really need DevOps for Digital Assurance
and Testing?
Do You really need DevOps for Digital Assurance
and Testing?
The mere idea that your stock market application
could crash and get inaccessible for hours is
definitely unpalatable. With the current digital
revolution there are chances that you might check
your stock market score not just once during the
day, but possibly once every hour across any
device. Thats practically true with any kind of
application today. Omni-channel experience and
seamless performance is indispensable and Digital
Assurance Testing helps to ensure it for the
users. Can DevOps as a preferred methodology
bring real value for Digital Assurance and
Testing?  Taming the Digital Storm with
DevOps Digital revolution is definitely
enhancing the overall customer experience, but
the challenges posed are immense. Speed,
Security, and Quality are growing as major
concern areas for businesses with a digital
outlook. Today, almost every business is
software-driven with focus on enhancing customer
experience with applications. Massive boom in
digital technologies such as Social, Mobile,
Analytics, Cloud, and IoT is forcing enterprises
to constantly redefine their development and
testing strategies. Likewise, there is a growing
pressure on developers and testers to deliver
robust software and applications that can take
intense heat in the digital gamut. Hence, speed
is not the only requisite here, the focus has to
be on ensuring quality on a consistent basis.
DevOps methodology enables teams to confirm
various aspects of an application on a consistent
basis. It bridges the gap between development and
operations and encourages collaborative approach
towards application development.
Do You really need DevOps for Digital Assurance
and Testing?
DevOps enables Continuous Development, Continuous
Testing, and Continuous Integration. This makes
it possible for teams to launch and upgrade
applications and software in real-time without
the stress to manage downtime. As we understand,
testing is more of a collaborative activity, but
has to be driven by strategy and methodology.
This will help enterprises to get digital in
the real sense of the word. Digital Enterprises
work with a responsive IT model, with practices
that boost communication, collaboration,
integration, and automation. DevOps as a practice
is compatible on all fronts. Nevertheless, when
it comes to Digital Assurance, what makes DevOps
indispensable? Automation brings Efficiency and
Speed Automation is one of the key highlights of
DevOps Adoption. It not only enables teams to
gain speed, but also brings efficiency to the
overall development cycle. However, it is
important to choose the right tool mix for
DevOps, which is compatible with the projects
need and also provides the required reports.
Digital Assurance implies that there is
consistency of results irrespective of the
changes in the user environment. Consistency
must be maintained with the functionality,
performance, and accessibility of the
application. Automation frameworks and constant
monitoring not only brings speed, but also
efficiency for testing.
Do You really need DevOps for Digital Assurance
and Testing?

People-driven process DevOps, as we all agree
and understand by now, is a people-driven
process. It can be executed with constant
collaboration between teams. You cannot possibly
expect Continuous Deployment without support from
all the functions. When DevOps is adopted, it
brings consensus between all the functions to
adhere to the protocols and defined
processes. Collaboration is the greatest
strength that DevOps brings for Digital
Assurance. It helps to take care of aspects such
as environment configuration management,
reservation and tracking, and anything that
involves the testing and development scenario.
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