How to Improve Memory Power to Study with Focus, Build Concentration? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Improve Memory Power to Study with Focus, Build Concentration?


This powerpoint presentation describes about how to improve memory power to study with focus, build concentration. You can find more detail about BrainOBrain Capsule at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Improve Memory Power to Study with Focus, Build Concentration?

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How To Improve Memory Power?
The following presentation unravels some tricks
on how to improve memory power. A healthy
lifestyle ensures a healthy brain and to promote
a healthy lifestyle, you need to eat right, sleep
right and exercise right.
How To Improve Memory Power?
Every parent's concern is that the child excels
in his studies. To do well, a child must
concentrate and focus his mind towards his
studies. There are steps which teach us how to
build concentration for studies. Here are some
tips on how to improve memory power.
The Preparation
The Preparation It is necessary to find a quiet
area to study. A place which is free from
distractions helps concentrate better.
Study aterial
Study Material Make sure to keep all your study
material, such as notes, text books, paper,
highlighter, etc. handy. Getting up every now and
then to get something only disturbs the flow of
the study.
Maintain Neatness Avoid Mobile
Maintain Neatness Keep the study area clear of
any kind of clutter. Keep it organized for better
concentration. Avoid Mobile Phones Keep the
mobile phone or any other unnecessary electronic
gadgets away during study hours. They create
unnecessary distractions.
Make a Schedule Study Partner
Make a Schedule Fix a study time and follow it
regularly. Study Partner Some people find group
studies more helpful. Discussions and studying
together help them remember things better and for
a longer time.
Self Rewards
Self Rewards Reward yourself by setting a study
goal and achieving it. Incentives like watching
TV or doing something you enjoy or talking to a
friend motivate you to concentrate on studies for
a certain amount of time.
Making Notes Listen
Making notes Some people remember better by
making notes or drawing or even grouping of
information. Listen While listening to a lecture,
get involved in the subject and avoid getting
distracted. This way half youre learning is done
and you remember better.
Exercises Plan It Out
Exercises to Improve Concentration Practice
meditation, yoga and other exercises that
strengthen concentration. Be aware of your mind
and do not let it stray. Plan it Out Plan out a
complete study schedule and Assign time limits to
each assignment and stick to it.
Take Short Breaks
Take Short Breaks It is very essential to take
breaks in between assignments to freshen your
mind up. Studying for long hours at a stretch can
only increase stress and fatigue, which will, in
turn, decrease your focus.
Herbal Remedies
  • There are herbal remedies to study with focus.
    The following herbs and essential oils increase
    brain power, concentration and sharpen your mind.
  • Brahmi
  • Yerbe Mate
  • Rosemary
  • Gotu Kola
  • Ashwagandha
  • Basil

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