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Here’s Why Your e-Commerce Store Needs a Mobile App


Mobile apps allow retailers to promote their special offers and instantly convey essential information to their customers through push notifications. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Here’s Why Your e-Commerce Store Needs a Mobile App

Heres Why Your Ecommerce Store Needs a Mobile
  • Considering the exponentially increasing mobile
    usage and rapidly growing mobile ecommerce, the
    need for an ecommerce business to build a mobile
    app cannot be overlooked.
  • But, why invest so much time and money in
    building a mobile app when users can still access
    your website on a mobile device?
  • There are many good reasons why mobile apps are
    gaining in popularity when it comes to online

Lets take a look at some interesting statistics
that prove mobile apps are becoming a dominant
means of ecommerce shopping.
  • 78 of users claimed they would rather use a
    mobile app to access an ecommerce store than
    visiting the mobile website.
  • Online shopping via a mobile device has increased
    up to 52 from 2015.
  • Customers stay 3 to 4 times longer on mobile apps
    than on mobile or desktop websites.
  • Theres a 50 chance that an ecommerce app user
    will return to the respective online store within
    30 days.
  • Cart abandonment rate on mobile apps is around
    20, which is significantly lower than on desktop
    sites (68) and mobile sites (97).

  • All these statistics will have you wondering what
    is it about mobile apps that encourage most
    customers to prefer apps over mobile or desktop
    websites when shopping online.
  • To help you understand what distinguishes the
    shopping experience on a mobile app from the
    desktop or mobile browser experience, we have
    pulled together some common characteristics of
    mobile apps that justify their growing popularity.

Easier, Faster Payments
  • A mobile app can be designed to offer multiple
    secure payment options.
  • Not only that, you can program your app to
    remember payment options and details in order to
    help customers save time and hassle during their
    subsequent purchases.
  • In a nutshell, mobile apps make the buying
    process more convenient and secure, enhancing the
    shopping experience and increasing customer

Push Notifications
  • Mobile apps allow retailers to promote their
    special offers and instantly convey essential
    information to their customers through push
  • You have a fresh range of products introduced to
    your assortment or you are running a clearance
    sale push notifications are a great way to keep
    your customers updated with the latest going on
    with your brand while encouraging them to visit
    again and make immediate purchases.

Easy Social Sharing
  • What could be better than having your customers
    doing a bit of advertising on your behalf?
  • Mobile apps are designed to ensure maximum
    customer management and strengthen customer
    connections. They allow you to integrate social
    media sharing into your app to enable your
    customer to share with their friends the link to
    an awesome product they just bought from your
    e-store or maybe spread a word about your
    seamless service on social platforms.
  • Since it costs customers nothing to share their
    shopping experience and promote your
    products/service on social media, mobile apps
    become an easy yet inexpensive way to increase
    brand awareness and lure the attentional of
    potential customers.

  • Mobile apps provide a great opportunity to create
    a unique yet personalised user experience
    depending on the users device.
  • With a mobile app, you have control over how you
    want to tailor the apps interface to facilitate
    hassle-free purchase on your ecommerce store
    while using the information provided by
    customers. You can let your customers create a
    wishlist of products they like and want to buy or
    provide buying suggestions based on their
    purchase history.
  • All these benefits of mobile apps provide reason
    enough why you should have an app for your
    ecommerce store. Keeping these advantages in
    mind, heres a quick rundown on exactly how
    building a mobile app for your ecommerce business
    can pay off.

  • By providing highly personalised shopping
    experience on your mobile app, you can boost
    customer loyalty and customer retention.
  • Since mobile apps store most of their data on the
    device itself, they take significantly less time
    to complete an action than a website, reducing
    the chances of cart abandonment.
  • Social media integration into app assists in
    better brand recognition and conversion rate.

The Takeaway
  • A mobile app, on the outside, is nothing but a
    copy of an ecommerce website that runs on a
    mobile device. On the inside, however, a mobile
    app offers a convenient yet personalised
    environment for customers to search and purchase
    the required products without much hassle.
  • Moreover, do not jump straight into mobile app
    development after reading these advantages. As
    with web development in Australia, building a
    robust mobile app requires much consideration,
    diligence and most importantly expertise.
  • We recommend you to only work with experienced
    app developers just as you would work with
    professional Magento website designers and
    developers when building a Magento website.

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