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How to make essay longer: tips and guidelines


Howdy! Check this presentation that we prepared for you and learn how to make essay longer : tips and guidelines from the experts. To get more details visit site – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to make essay longer: tips and guidelines

How to make essay longer tips and guidelines 
  • Not everyone was born to be a writer. For some
    people composing even a little essay is a whole
    disaster. But what to do if you have to compose a
    big essay? Well, there are some solutions. So you
    would like to know how to make essay longer

  • Big essay could be of two kinds one of them is
    when the essay should seem to be huge or in
    another words to appeal to be huge when in fact
    it is not. And the other type is when you
    actually have to write an essay which consists of
    500 words, for example.

  • The one and the easiest solution in these case
    would be an online tool which could be named make
    my essay longer generator .

  • The mechanism is very simple. You just copy your
    text and paste it in the blank space of the
    generator and get your results almost

  • Some people also call such a tool a text inflator
    and they are right. The results are not always
    perfect but in case you do not have a lot of time
    to manage your writing, such a variant is simply

  • If you want to know how to extend paper length I
    would recommend you to start with the header.
    Make a title big and add an annotation where you
    will tell about the paper and its content.

  • If it a research work, adding some books,
    magazines, articles or essays would also increase
    your contents length.

  • Do not forget about the intervals, the bigger is
    the interval, the less words you will need to
    write and the bigger your text will seem to be.

  • Also, it is a good idea to change your font size
    to make it a little bigger( if there are not any
    set requirements for the writing). For example,
    you may use not 13 size, but 13,5 and it will not
    be so noticeable for other people.

  • Make some extra space around the title of your
    work. It will only make your work bigger but also
    make it prettier

  • Do not be laconic in this very case, try to
    describe as many as possible details to use as
    many as possible words and combinations. Tell
    about everything including the place and time
    when something has happened

  • You can also add some smart quotations and
    citations regarding the topic you are writing

  • Stanford university has a lot of useful
    information about essay composing

  • Yales website is full of the interesting
    information about writing

  • Harvard students are good in writing, that is why
    you can expect to find a lot of useful
    information about different kinds of writing

  • MIT university posts a lot of useful article that
    could be helpful for writing

  • You should better download requirements for
    writing on the Cambridges site

  • Sometimes people want to write an essay on their
    own, this google book with the step-by-step

  • Do you need more? Then check this site