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Mandatory documents required for HACCP Certification


Global Certification Consultancy has prepared this ppt presentation to provide guidance on mandatory HACCP Documents as per CODEX guidelines that required for quick certification and also give details on what to include in HACCP Documentation Kit For more information about HACCP Documents visit: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Mandatory documents required for HACCP Certification

HACCP Documentation Requirement
  • For Food Safety System

- By Global Certification Consultancy
What is HACCP?
  • HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points
    is an internationally recognized, science-based,
    food safety system that is used to help ensure
    the manufacture of safe food products.
  • HACCP is designed to prevent, reduce or eliminate
    potential biological, chemical and physical food
    safety hazards, including those caused by
  • Provides a more systematic approach to ensuring
    food safety than traditional inspection
  • Places more responsibility for ensuring food
    safety on the food manufacturer than traditional
    inspection programs
  • Is based on science, rather than simply past
    experience or subjective judgement
  • Focuses on preventing problems before they occur,
    rather than trying to detect failures through
    end-product testing.
7 Principles of HACCP
  • Conduct Hazard Analysis
  • Identify the Critical Control Points
  • Establish Critical Limits
  • Monitor Critical Control Points
  • Establish Corrective Action
  • Establish Verification Procedures
  • Record Keeping Procedures
What is HACCP Documentation Requirement?
  • HACCP Documentation provides clear instruction on
    the approved processes so that each person knows
    how to perform the process in the approved
    manner. The standards require specific procedures
    and documents as well as requiring the
    organization to identify documentation that it
    needs to develop, implement and update the Food
    Safety System
What to include in HACCP Documentation Kit?
  • The Documentation kit for HACCP Certification is
    designed by Global Certification Consultancy to
    help food manufacturers and food processors for
    accelerating process of HACCP documents for quick
    and effective certification
  • HACCP Manual
  • Procedures
  • Sample Forms and Templates
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Process Approach
  • Audit Checklist
HACCP Manual
  • It covers sample copy of HACCP Manual for Food
    Safety Management System. It covers 05 chapter
    and 04 annexure.
  • Company Profile.
  • Table Of Contents.
  • Control And Distribution
  • Food safety Policy
  • HACCP System Requirements
HACCP Procedures
  • It contains mandatory procedures that covers all
    details of HACCP. List of such procedures are as
  • Procedure for Preliminary Analysis of Production
  • Procedure for Pre-requisite Program
  • Procedure for Hazard Identification .
  • Procedure for HACCP Plan.
  • Procedure for Emergency Preparedness and
  • Procedure for Product Re call / Withdrawal
  • Procedure for Management Review.
  • Procedure for Document and Data Control
  • Procedure for Correction, Corrective and
    Preventive Action
  • Procedure for Internal Quality and Food Safety
Sample Forms and Templates
  • It covers sample copy of blank forms required to
    maintain records as well as establish control and
    make system. This documentation serves to
    demonstrate that the Food Safety Management
    System is operating efficiently to produce the
    product in accordance with specified requirements
    of the HACCP
Standard Operating Procedures
  • Standard Operating Procedures contain the minimum
    elements that can assist you when developing your
    food safety program. HACCP-based SOPs include the
    following principles
  • Corrective actions
  • Monitoring procedures
  • Verification procedures
  • Record keeping procedures
Process Approach
  • It covers guideline for processes, flow chart and
    process model useful for process mapping. List of
    process approach are as follow
  • Process Flow Chart of Customer Service.
  • Process Flow Chart of Despatch.
  • Process Flow Chart of Engineering.
  • Process Flow Chart of Training
  • Process Flow Chart of Marketing
  • Process Flow Chart of Production
  • Process Flow Chart of Purchase
  • Process Flow Chart of Quality Control
  • Process Flow Chart of Stores
  • Process Flow Chart of Management Representatives
HACCP Audit Checklist
  • The HACCP audit checklist is a good tool for the
    auditor to make audit question to make effective
    HACCP internal audit for their organization. It
    covers sample audit questions based on HACCP
    standard. It helps the auditor to make own audit
    checklist for quick and perfect auditing to
    ensure all the HACCP requirements are fulfilled.
Advantage of using HACCP Documentation Kit
  • By using this HACCP documentation kit, you can
    save a lot of your precious time while preparing
    the system documents.
  • Take care for all the section and sub sections of
    standard and helps you in establishing better
  • Document kit enables you to change the contents
    and print as many copies as you need. The user
    can modify the documents as per their industry
    and create own HACCP documents for their
  • Readymade templates and sample documents are
    available which can reduce your time in document
  • Save much time and cost in document preparation.
  • The audit questions helps in making perfect audit
  • You will get better control in your system due to
    our proven formats
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