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Oracle DBA training | Oracle DBA 12c 11g Certification training - GOT


Oracle DBA Training explores design,devising, trouble shooting maintain all the server and the data base.Enroll Oracle DBA12c11g CertificationTraining for best trainers – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Oracle DBA training | Oracle DBA 12c 11g Certification training - GOT

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ORACLE DBA Training Introduction
  • ORACLE DBA Training is it will manage the data
    which is coming from all the authority in a
    active manner. ORACLE DBA Training is to design,
    devising, trouble shooting like that. ORACLE DBA
    Training will store the data securely. ORACLE DBA
    system is so large so it requires the DBA for
    every data base system to admin it. ORACLE DBA
    Training it will maintain all the server and the
    data base. It is the RDBMS system.
  • ORACLE DBA Training is to manage, recover the
    information which are lost. Database must be
    suitable for the enterprise framework. ORACLE DBA
    Training present by Global Online Trainings.
    Global online Trainings is the best for ORACLE
    DBA Online training because the course is given
    by the best corporate trainers from india. About
    the latest versions and any thing regarding to
    this course you can visit our website.

Overview about the ORACLE DBA Training
    manage the data and are to be keep secure and
    the it will store the data if any server is lost
    also data will be recovered. DBA Training is to
    install the oracle server and create the
    database, admit the system user. If any problem
    are occur it will back up the database. ORACLE
    DBA Online Training will maintain the arrived
    data on edging. Allot the system storage and
    planning for the required storage for the
    database system. ORACLE DBA Training is to
    observe and develop the database performance.
    Global Online Trainings will give the best DBA
    Training with the real time examples.
  • .You can enroll with the trainers. ORACLE DBA
    Training will perform some main operations such
    as starting up database. DBA will customize the
    database structure its on basic requirement of
    application developer. ORACLE DBA Training means
    any person who is authoritative for
    administration, monitoring the oracle database.
    ORACLE DBA Training will be in the planning and
    improvement of the database any squeeze are from
    the users. We will also provide the ORACLE DBA
    materials also and this document is given by our
    professional trainers.

  • Data is related to any object disregard. But the
    data could be random. Data of any company, person
    etc possessed and stored in the system are called
    database. Data in the database is organized it
    makes the data management easy. It is not
    necessary in system readable format usable by a
  • DBMS is a collection of details which empower its
    user to access database, manage the data and
    helps in the representation of data. It also
    helps to control the entry to database by various
    users. The software that provide you to access
    the database. It will accept the commands in a
    language called the SQL to create the database
    structure, store data and retrieve it. DBMS like
    a full service library. DBMS Training is also
    main for the ORACLE DBA Corporate training our
    trainers will say about this dbms also.

  • This is single instance and single database,
    single instance is the combination of the SGA (
    system global area) and also oracle background
    process and instance is nothing but a simple
    adopt. When we are creating a database first of
    all a memory full start up the database.
  • Oracle instance is to access the database of
    oracle. Instance contains the memory and the
    history process of the structure. It will open
    only one database only.
  • Shared pool is to store the sql commands which
    are executed and the mostly used the data
    definition. It consists of two keys they are the
  • Library cache
  • Data directory cache
  • Library cache
  • Library cache it will keep the most newly used
    sql and approve the frequently used the
    statements and the size of the data will be
    managed by the shared pool only.
  • Data directory cache
  • Data directory cache able to store the copies of
    the data blocks that are restore from the data
    files. When we update and obtain the data we will
    approve performance gain.

  • ORACLE database contain the logical and physical
  • Physical structure
  • Physical structure is resident in the os in
    database on the operating system when we created
    database on the physical files in your os may be
    it be windows, linux etc. Creating the database
    we will be creating all database in the os those
    are os related files. For example we can see the
    data files and control file.
  • Logical structure
  • Logical structure is nothing but we see the
    structure when the database is on up and running.
    In oracle terminology they called it as the table
    spaces. Table spaces can see only whenever the
    database started up. In table spaces we can see
    the schema objects. Schema objects is nothing but
    when we created database we can see the tales,
    views and sequences.

  • ORACLE WEBLOGIC Training is the java enterprise.
    The main purpose of this is deploy the web
    applications as well as the enterprise
    application .
  • For example if a client want to access the any
    web applications you just enter the url forwarded
    the browser it will generate the http request and
    the request goes to the protocol and the data
    will describe the protocol. If we request for the
    browser the request goes to the webserver.
    Basically we use the webserver to route the
    request forwarded the application server. We can
    consider webserver as the router of the request
    to the different application of the server.
  • Application server are depending on the provider
    of weblogic server like that. Whatever we access
    the some set of coding and this coding are
    packaged into application file.
  • Oracle weblogic server it can deploy the any web
    application and provides some more services. J2e
    we are unable to build powerful enterprise
    solution. If we want basic static bases we want
    to access the basic static html base with some
    java script. In that situation we dont need any
    application server.