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Doors and Windows - Distinctive Design Tips And Trends


1. How to Style Your Craftsman Doors and Windows. 2. The Design Benefits of Craftsman Doors and Windows. 3. Color and Style Ideas for Craftsman Doors and Windows. 4. Creative Ways to Use French Doors in Your Home . 5. Ways that French Doors Can Improve the Look of Your Home. 6. Sliding Door Ideas for Your Home. 7. Which Sliding Doors Are Right for You? 8. Selecting Bay and Bow Windows for Your Home. 9. Design Ideas For Bay And Bow Windows. 10.Which Decorative Accents Should You Add to Your Bay and Bow Windows? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Doors and Windows - Distinctive Design Tips And Trends

Doors and Windows - Distinctive Design Tips And
  1. How to Style Your Craftsman Doors and Windows
  2. The Design Benefits of Craftsman Doors and
  3. Color and Style Ideas for Craftsman Doors and
  4. Creative Ways to Use French Doors in Your Home
  5. Ways that French Doors Can Improve the Look of
    Your Home
  6. Sliding Door Ideas for Your Home
  7. Which Sliding Doors Are Right for You?
  8. Selecting Bay and Bow Windows for Your Home
  9. Design Ideas For Bay And Bow Windows
  10. Which Decorative Accents Should You Add to Your
    Bay and Bow Windows?

How to Style Your Craftsman Doors and Windows
  • When it comes to craftsman windows, remember that
    curtains arent a necessity. The paneling is very
    pronounced, so you may want to allow this to
    decorate the window instead of adding a window
    treatment. If so, paint the paneling in a
    metallic or jewel tone so that it will stand out
    and draw the eye to the window area. Blinds are
    an attractive addition to craftsman windows as
    well, especially if you have a set of two or
    three windows together. This allows you to
    maintain your privacy while still showing off the
    shape and detail of the window.
  • Craftsman doors are great for the entryway of
    your home and look great with a large patio or
    porch. Craftsman-style furniture like a porch
    swing or rocking chair look great near craftsman
    doors, and you can easily accent the door with a
    large door knocker or knob to bring the entire
    look together. If your homes exterior is filled
    with warm colors, variations of bronze and gold
    are ideal for the craftsman door. If youve
    decorated the outdoor area of your home is
    adorned in cool shades, silver or platinum
    accents are best. If you also have craftsman
    windows that can be seen from the front of your
    home, choose paneling and borders for your porch
    that will make the front of your home to look
    more polished. For instance, if youve chosen a
    pastel shade of green or blue for the siding of
    your home, a stark shade of tan or beige will add
    the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor

The Design Benefits of Craftsman Doors and Windows
  • Craftsman windows have heavy paneling and can be
    constructed singularly, or in groups or two or
    three. The borders of the windows are often
    painted in white, but you can also choose
    variations of beige, brown or a metallic shade to
    make the windows more noticeable. Since the
    paneling is so pronounced and the windows look as
    though they are protruding from the walls, you
    may not want to add any additional curtains or
    window decorations. This is ideal if you have a
    minimalist sense of style.
  • Craftsman doors are also easy to decorate because
    you can simply leave the door in its original
    wood hue or paint it in a bold color that will
    increase curb appeal. If you have a brick home
    that features red and brown hues, a cherry red
    door is a great way to make your home stand out,
    especially if you have gold accents on the
    exterior of your home like a mailbox or door
    knocker. If your home features shades of blue,
    beige or gray, a cobalt blue craftsman style door
    with silver paneling is a beautiful decorative
    choice. You can also decorate the entry of your
    home with tall pillars or vases that are filled
    with greenery to match the shape of the door.
    Hanging plants pair well with craftsman style
    doors as well, and you can also include a
    craftsman window next to the door to make the
    design of your home appear more uniform.

Color and Style Ideas for Craftsman Doors and
  • Shades of red or orange are perfect compliments
    to a home that is made of brown or burnt red
    brick. These colors denote passion and
    motivation, and are also warm and welcoming. If
    the exterior of your home is decorated in shades
    of gray or off white, a blue or green craftsman
    door is an appealing design choice. These colors
    signify growth and newness and promote a sense of
    calm. Its also a good idea to choose a similar
    color for your window paneling to coordinate the
    outside of your home. For instance, if you choose
    a cobalt blue door to go with the gray brick of
    your house, window paneling in a slightly lighter
    shade of blue will increase the visual attraction
    of your house.
  • It's also important to choose the size of the
    craftsman doors or windows based on the size of
    your patio or porch. If you have a wide porch,
    you can select a wider door for the front of your
    home. If youve got a lot of space to work with
    on the patio, craftsman windows that come in sets
    of two or three are a visually appealing addition
    to your home and can also make your exterior look
    larger while increasing property value. Since the
    paneling for these windows is very pronounced, be
    sure to choose a color that is bright but not too
    overwhelming on the eyes, such as a stark white
    to go with blue or gray siding or a muted bronze
    to go with red brick.

Creative Ways to Use French Doors in Your Home
  • If you want the entrance to a room to truly stand
    out, installing some thin vertical shelves on
    either side of the French doors is a great idea.
    This makes the entryway look wider and adds
    texture and color to the space.
  • You can also use French doors as the doors for
    your closet. Since these doors have windows, this
    could motivate you to keep your closet tidy,
    since you can see the contents of the closet
    before you open the door. You get a small closet
    for coats or a separate area in your home for
    your wine and aged liquors.
  • If you enjoy the farmhouse style of decorating,
    you can give your home an antique feel by having
    French doors installed with a horizontal window
    positioned on top of the doors. This is
    reminiscent of an older style of architecture and
    can make the room feel more open and inviting.
    This French door option is ideal for farmhouse
    kitchens or sitting rooms that are positioned
    close to the kitchen, since the door can lead to
    your porch or backyard and let natural sunlight
  • If you want French doors in the master bedroom,
    these can be beautiful when the doors lead to the
    balcony of your room. This can provide a romantic
    element to your bedroom space, and if your
    balcony is big enough for furniture, you can add
    a bistro table and chair so that you can enjoy
    breakfast or dessert on the balcony. You can also
    drape curtains made from thin materials around
    the French doors for a more dramatic effect and
    to bring the rooms décor together.

Ways that French Doors Can Improve the Look of
Your Home
  • French doors that lead outdoors can make the
    indoor space look larger. You can also ensure
    that the French doors are in the same direction
    as the sunrise so that the room will be filled
    with natural lighting throughout the day. This
    provides an appealing visual effect while helping
    you to save on electricity bills. A door on the
    balcony of your master bedroom or near the porch
    makes it easy for you to get outside and enjoy
    the weather, read a book or enjoy a meal with
    easy access to your bedroom. You can also
    position the French doors in your kitchen so that
    they lead to the backyard or porch. This is a
    great way to create more open space when youre
    entertaining guests and want to bring a pleasant
    breeze into the house. To add even more light
    into your room, you can purchase shorter French
    doors and use the top paneling area of the door
    space for a horizontal window that is reminiscent
    of antique architecture.
  • You can also use French doors to accent a certain
    design feature in your home. If you have an
    impressive wine collection or want to show off
    the impressive dishes or souvenirs youve
    acquired from your travels, a small closet or
    cabinet with French doors is a great way to do
    this. You can also use accent lighting inside of
    these small closet spaces to bring more attention
    to them and to add to the ambience of the room.
    Replacing the doors of your clothing or linen
    closet with French doors can also make the room
    appear more open and will encourage you to keep
    the contents of your closet neat and presentable.

Sliding Door Ideas for Your Home
  • A sliding door that will separate the den from
    the living room is a great way to include two
    decorative styles in one space. If you use the
    living room as the main gathering area for your
    family and the den as a more formal area where
    you entertain guests, a sliding door made of wood
    will make the area look like two separate rooms.
  • You can also use a sliding door to separate your
    garden from the rest of your yard, or to separate
    the sunroom from the porch and outdoor area. This
    gives you a protected area for growing flowers
    and edible plants, and provides a separate
    sitting area for when you want to get some fresh
    air but still want to be protected from the harsh
    rays of the sun.
  • Sliding doors can also separate the kitchen from
    the dining area. These doors are great for hiding
    the mess in the kitchen when youre having a
    dinner party and creates a dining area that you
    can decorate with a slightly different color
    scheme than the kitchen. Of course, when you open
    the doors, youll create more seating for your
    friends and loved ones and make the area look
    more inviting.
  • A sliding door for your closet adds a design
    aesthetic that is minimalist and elegant. You can
    choose doors that have mirrors on them so you can
    get a full-length look at your outfit as you get
    dressed and before you leave the house. The
    sliding door can also separate your bedroom from
    your bathroom, or you can have a sliding door
    installed for your shower to coordinate with the
    modern décor of the space.

Which Sliding Doors Are Right for You?
  • One of the first things youll need to do is take
    a look at the colors and décor in the room where
    you want to install sliding doors. If your goal
    is to add more color, be sure you are referring
    to a color wheel and choosing colors that are in
    the same color group or on opposite ends of the
    color wheel. For instance, if you want your
    bedroom to feel warm and invigorating, shades of
    red and pink for a sliding door are ideal, since
    these hues are on the same side of the color
    wheel. However, if you want a contrast, an orange
    sliding door will stand out against a blue wall,
    and vice versa. If you want to add a sliding door
    to your childrens play area, you can make the
    doors a functional part of the décor by choosing
    glass or wood that is decorated in primary
    colors. This is especially practical if the color
    scheme in the room on the other side of the glass
    doors will coordinate well with the door colors
    youve chosen.
  • Sliding doors are also a great way to partition
    certain areas of your home. If you want to make a
    distinction between your causal living room and
    formal sitting area, a sliding door is a great
    way to do this. You can get the door in a French
    style with small windows that allow you to easily
    see into the other room, or choose frosted glass
    so that the formal sitting area will appear
    slightly more refined. When you want to separate
    the kitchen from the formal dining room, sliding
    doors can help you improve the design aesthetic
    of the space. The doors can also help to hide the
    meal preparation process from your dinner guests,
    which could make the meal more impressive.

Selecting Bay and Bow Windows for Your Home
  • If you have a bay window or bow window in your
    bedroom, you can make the space even more
    inviting by making it into a sitting area.
    Position a chaise in front of the window and add
    a decorative throw blanket and pillows. Sheer
    curtains are a great way to control the
    brightness of the light that comes into the room,
    and theyre an elegant accent to your sitting
  • Uniform window treatments are another great way
    to bring the right type of attention to your bay
    or bow windows. You can install Roman blinds on
    the windows, so that the entire space looks
    seamless, even though you have to measure three
    different blinds to decorate each window. If the
    blinds are all one pattern, it will look as
    though you purchased one window treatment that
    fits your bay or bow window perfectly.
  • You can also decorate each window in the bay or
    bow window set individually. This design choice
    works well for a kids bedroom, where you may want
    to display a variety of shapes and colors.
    Purchasing Roman blinds that showcase the main
    colors in the room, as well as customized blinds
    that include your childs monogram can make the
    window space more interesting. You can add
    finishing touches to the décor such as oversized
    pillows for sitting or a large toy chest under
    the window that is both functional and
    aesthetically pleasing.

Design Ideas For Bay And Bow Windows
  • The curtains and window treatments that you pick
    for your bow or bay windows are also important.
    If you want this design feature in your childs
    room, blinds that feature letters, numbers,
    shapes and bright colors can make the window
    space more attractive. You can also add oversized
    pillows, bean bags or a toy chest to the window
    space for seating and to store your childs items
    neatly. If the bay windows are in your master
    bedroom and youve decorated the rest of the room
    in monochromatic colors, curtains that have a
    pattern can make the space come alive.
  • You can also have additional paneling built on
    the sides and above the windows for a
    cottage-style window that will make your home
    more welcoming and quaint. The paneling can be
    made from medium or light-colored wood, and you
    can use sheer curtains to allow the sunlight to
    come through the windows without the light being
    too overwhelming.
  • If you dont want to use lots of color in the den
    or living room, you can have the bay window
    constructed in a way that features lots of
    angles. This brings attention to this section of
    the home and you dont have to worry about
    fitting the window for curtains or Roman blinds.
    Traditional blinds for these windows are ideal to
    control the amount of sunlight that comes into
    the home and to maintain your privacy.

Which Decorative Accents Should You Add to Your
Bay and Bow Windows?
  • Roman blinds are a great way to accent bow and
    bay windows. If you want to use the same pattern
    for all three of the windows, youll have to get
    measurements for each of the windows so that the
    blinds will look like one collective piece. Of
    course, you can also use three separate designs
    for the windows so that you can use a contrast of
    patterns and colors that will bring the entire
    look of the room together. For instance, if
    flowers and stripes are the decorative theme of
    the room, blinds that showcase these designs.
    This contrasts well against neutral or pastel
    colored walls.
  • A sitting area that is near the windows also
    makes the space more appealing and draws your eye
    to this portion of the room. If you have the bay
    windows in your room, you can place a rocking
    chair or chaise in front of the window and add
    decorative pillows or a throw blanket. If the bow
    window is in the kitchen, you can place a small
    breakfast table near the window space or have a
    bench installed in the window space. When there
    is seating by the bow or bay window, youll have
    more room to entertain guests, and a relaxing
    place to read your favorite books or listen to
    music while you enjoy the natural sunlight.

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